Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playboy Pajama + Katana♡♡♡

Last week I went shopping with my mom, and I found a Playboy pajama XD, I felt in love hahaha. I think is super cute and it makes me look skinny XD.
Fun story time!!:
1 month ago I went to help my mom at the store, I wore a big black bow. Then one customer came in and told me that I looked like a playboy bunny XD (he was like 75, awkward!), and his friend agreed too LOL. After 2 hours another customer told me that I looked like a playboy bunny too!!! and then after he left another customer told me that I looked like a bunny!!!. My mom says that is because they thought I was wearing bunny ears (my big bow) and had long blonde hair XD..
I'm a fan of playmates XD : Holly Madison,(I know she wasn't a playmate but I think she is super pretty) and Bettie Page. For a long time I thought playmates were expensive prostitutes, but my stepdad told me that not all of them are, and that there are few virgin playmates too.
So that's the story of why I bought this pajama XDD
**Sorry for the bad quality pics, my camera was being stupid XD

PhotobucketIn Other news I got a Katana yesterday!!!! and it's pink!!  and it was on Sale!!! Perfect!! I wanted a Katana since I was 11 XD and  I finally got it ho ho!! So don't mess with me ;) .. XD haha


  1. your hair is so gorgeous! i wish mine was that long ;~;

    and i looove holly madison <3

  2. @Ande Buy some hair extensions!! :D, when I don't wear mine, my hair is really short ):, it never grows T__T. Yeah Holly Madison is so pretty!!

  3. Omg love your katana! and your hair is sooooo pretty!

  4. You look so cute and I love your hair! But I am also a fan of the playmates! The woman are all so beautiful and Holly ist such a kind person! <3
    And it´s so cool that the katana is pink! =D

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    Please follow back me.

  6. The Katana is love!!
    ALso you look really great *_*!

    (I'll follow you :3)

  7. Aww how cute is you pajama!!! And I love the katana...I want one >w<
    I follow you~ <3