Thursday, July 10, 2014

New instagram account! Follow me ^_^!

Hello everyone!!
Sorry I haven't blog in a while! I'm super busy with school and life xP!!
Just writing this short entry to let u know I finally made an instagram XD!
I will update it as much as I can ^_^
You can follow me if you want :D!

Wells that's it! 
Hope I have time to blog soon @_@!!
Bye bye!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fake eyelash + cat eyeliner Review! (sponsored by

Hello Everyone!
Today I'm going to review some beauty products!
Kindly sponsored by

Cross Volume Fake Eye Lash #HW-8 


•These have become my FAVORITE lashes to wear to school or work!
•These are SUPER COMFY, I can't even feel I'm wearing fake lashes!
•The band is great, super easy to apply and really strong, I've already worn 1 pair over 15 times and it still looks good XD!
•I'm really in LOVE with these, perfect for everyday use and really natural looking

Get them HERE

Natural Volume Long Tail Fake Eye Lash #B20 


•The design on these lashes is really pretty they look natural but voluminous at the same time! I'm not sure how to explain that xP! but I really like the design!
•The band is a little thick which makes them a little uncomfortable at times!

Get them HERE

Cute Cat Eyeliner Pen 


•Super CUTE packaging!!
•I really like "marker-like" eyeliners! these are great, specially to line over the fake lashes XD!

•I'm giving this eyeliner a 3/5 because it's suppossed to be waterproof >.>! but as you can see in the pic below  it is NOT ):, so I guess it's fine if your eyes aren't watery or if you are not planing on getting your face wet xP!
• I think it works good ^_^!
Get it HERE

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Have a great week :)!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vassen Butterfly Gray and Vassen Butterfly Green Review! [sponsored by]

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well :D!
Today I'm going to review these two pairs of Circle Lenses!
Kindly sponsored by

Colour ★★★★★ SUPER vibrant! if you like vibrant CL these are perfect! 
If you are a cosplayer  I think these will also be fabulous for it! *__*!
Enlargement ★★★★★ Good enlargement!
Comfort★★★★☆ Not super comfy xP so I wouldn't recommend these for a loong day!
Overall★★★★☆ Even tho I haven't been into vibrant colours lately xP, I really like these! 
the yellow ring in the center is so pretty and the gray tends to look blue-ish which I really like!

Colour ★★★★☆ Really vibrant! not a fan of the green tonality on these lenses,
 I think the green looks a little bit florescent >.< ? I don't know, maybe it's just me XD!!
 but I think they would be perfect for cosplay :)! 
Enlargement ★★★★★ Good enlargement!
Comfort★★★★☆ Not super comfy xP so I wouldn't recommend these for a loong day!
Overall★★★★☆ Good! and really vibrant! definitely not a model you could wear everyday! 
maybe for special occasions or if you want your eyes to look super vibrant green!

If you liked these Circle Lenses you can
 Get them HERE 
They are also available in purple, brown and blue ^0^!

And this is everything that came in the package! is always so thoughtful T_T! I really appreciate the
 thought they put in the packaging, It makes me feel special T0T <3!! so cute!

That's it for today!
Bye bye!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Princess Pinky Eclipse Brown and Blue Review! [Sponsored by]

Hello everyone!! Last week I got these two pairs of Cicle lenses!!
Kindly sponsored by
The shipping was fast as always!
Customer service great, plus I got 2 cute animal cases ^__^!!
•Colour ★★★★★ I really like it! cause they look brown *_* sometimes brown 
circle lenses end up looking black on my eyes, so I'm really glad these look 
brown instead of black ^0^!
•Enlargement ★★★★★ I think these make my eyes super big!
•Comfort ★★★★☆ They are OK for a couple of hours!!
•Overall ★★★★☆I really love these circle lenses! the design is really cute
 and I'm loving the colour!

•Colour ★★★★★ Great!! In my opinion they are the perfect blue! they
 don't look super bright or too dark!
•Enlargement ★★★★★  Bigg cute eyes ^0^!!
•Comfort ★★★★☆ OK
•Overall ★★★★☆ I really like this model! the design makes your 
eyes big and cute *w*!!!!!

These lenses are also available in pink. green, gray and violet!
If you like them you can get them HERE

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To get a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gift

That's it for today!
Bye bye!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Beautiful Japanese Garden!

Hello everyone!
A couple weeks ago I went to the Japanese Garden with  Michi, Adri and Hiromi. 
It was super beautiful and relaxing.
So today I want to share with you guys some pics I took ^__^!
I definitely recommend visiting the garden, here is their website with all the details

We all had a great time!
Nature is amazing ^__^! It really fills you up with positive energy!

And here is a random pic of me I took the other day lol.

Well that's it for today
Bye bye !!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gyaru booth + Ramen show= Fun fun

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing great!
A couple weeks ago we went to the Japan Day Family Festival,
where they had the BIGGEST ramen show in the Unites States!!  *__*!!
We went there to do Gyary Makeup ^0^ it was so much fun and
also we got to eat Ramen and other super yummy japanese food *¬*!!!!!!!!

Michi, Adri and I eating ramen, this Ramen was from
Las Vegas and was delicious (✿ ♥‿♥)!!!!! nom nomz

The lines to get Ramen were super long @_@!!!
Hiromi stood in line for 1 hour to get this Ramen from Japan  ∑(O_O;)!!!!
It was super delicious (T▽T)
Michi, Adri, Hiromi and I *__*!!
Here is our colourful booth XD haha!
A lot of people got gyaru make overs and they all looked so cute.
We did makeup on little girls and even older women, the oldest one 
was in her 60s and was so happy with the result *__* I think everyone 
looked amazing with gyaru makeup XD!!
It was really nice seeing everyone smiling with the result T0T, they all
were amazed by the power of makeup and fake lashes *m*!
Ok now pics of some of the food! XD we ate all day!!!!!

Japanese Ramen

Ramen from Las Vegas + makeup XD

And we also tried a curry hot dog and seaweed french fries, didn't take a pic
 of that but it was the most amazing food ever 。◕m◕。!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so much fun ^___^ definitely a great day!!
That's it for today
 bye bye!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Liz Lisa photoshoot!!

Hello everyone!! hope you are all doing well ^__^!!
Last month I helped my friend Sachiko with her school project, she decided to do a Liz Lisa themed photo shoot. Everyone who knows me knows I hate Liz Lisa, cause I got traumatized with it 3 years ago xD. But I decided to go ahead and help her anyways xD!

First we went to the botanical garden!!
Here are some pics! Pic credit to Sachiko! ^__^!

Then we went to a resort and on our way there we stopped to see the amazing view *__*!!
So beautiful!!!

After this photo shoot I don't think I look that bad in Liz Lisa XD!!
What do you think?

That's it for today
bye bye!