Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Extraordinary Desserts + patriotic outfits!

Hello everyone! Yesterday I went out with Courtney and Rosie!
First we went to Extraordinary Desserts *¬*! and I ordered a Dulce de Leche Cake!
It had a lot of chocolate, sugar and provably 1000 calories T__T! oh well it was delicious!
After eating we went to Fashion Valley !
My outfit :3!

They had a lot of patriotic clothes at forever 21, so we decided to try some just for fun!
First I tried this on! Lots of Stars ★★★★★★!!!!
 I liked the shorts but didn't get them cause I have no idea what I can wear them with :/

This is the 2nd outfit I tried on, super American, 
the shirt says "I vote to party" hahha!

And here is what we had at Extraordinary Desserts *¬* <3!!
Super yummyyyy!

We also went to the sushi restaurant!, 
I had the playboy roll! cause it's sexy and yummy XD! bahah!
and we also had deep fried green tea ice cream for dessert!*o* soo good!
After that we went to Rosie's place and played with her new puppy!! >0< 
soo cutee and small ><!!
Then at night we got hungry again and got Mexican food *¬*! 
omg I love Mexican Food so much!

That's it for todayy!
Bye bye!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Good newsss!! *0*8 I'm so happy!!

Hello everyoneeee! I'mmm sooo happy todayyyyy!!
but before I tell you why, look at my new blog header!! Do you like it *m*??
And did you notice I dyed my hair XD? I tried doing ombre hair, but the brown colour already faded on the top >.>U.. I'm never buying cheap colorsilk hair dye again ò__o!
If you like the eye makeup I have you can watch the Gyaru eye makeup tutorial I made "VIDEO"
I know the title says "dramatic", a lot people don't think is dramatic xD but like 80% of the gals I've seen wear "natural" makeup... even I wear natural makeup sometimes on regular days. So I guess this is my going out with friends eye makeup lol?. I don't know..

Ok so here is the reason why I'm soo HAPPY *v*!!!
I passed my driving test!!!!! OMG!! and I got 100%  soo happyyyy!!
My sister is a good teacher after all ò__o! <3 love herr!

And this is the car I'm getting *__*:
Just kidding, I'm not that rich XDD
But I'll be getting a car hopefully during this or next week *0*8!!
And other GOOD NEWS! I'm finally graduatinggg! Yayyy
Hope the school doesn't make any mistake and I really graduate this May ¬¬U...
And I'm totally attending to my college graduation ceremony *__*<3 so excited to wear a graduation hat, I'm going to decorate it ^0^8!!!
 I didn't attend my high school or middle school graduation ¬¬, but I'm definitely attending my college graduation XD yay!!

Oh well that's it for todayyyy!
Bye bye!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dramatic gyaru eye makeup tutorial!!

Sorry I been such a bad blogger (ノ;Д;)ノ !!!!!!!!
I promise I'll blog more oftennnnn!! especially this week cause I'm on spring break!!
so that meansss freee time! (kind of, cause I have a bunch of math homework T__T!)

Oh well!
Here is tutorial of my gyaru eye makeup! this is the updated version caus ethe other video I have on my youtube channel is over a year old @_@U..
So yeahhh.
Hope you like it *0*!

Let me know what you think!!
Bye bye!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello Kitty and pink presents *w*!

Hello everyonee!!
Today I got a package from my aunt *m*, it was full of Hello kitty and pink stuff omg!
She knows me so well >0<8
She also gave me some pink lip gloss, a cute pink watch with rhinestones, HK pencil, cherry blossom shower gel, thingy to file your nails and a pink notepad >0<8!! soo happy!
Also today while I was running I found $10!!!! xD 
Yayy my lucky day! I bought lotto tickets >.>, hopefully I win it OwO!! meheh $$$

That's it for today
Bye bye!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New half wig!!

Hello everyonee!! Hope you are doingg well. Last week I received a half wig
 I ordered from Rakuten *0*! I was very excited >0<! but when I opened it, it was 
darker than my hair colour T^T.. But luckily I own a brown wig that matches the
 colour of the half wig *__* yay!
So here is the result of my wig+half wig= Volumee o__o! I really like itt.
Plus I trimmed the bangs of my wig :D and I think I like it better this way ^__^!
What do you think *__*?
And here is the "before and after" pic xD!
Oh well I'm going to the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert next month *_*, So I'll wear this wig and will try a Hime dress or something lol. I'm still not sure xD!
And here is a random outfit!!
That's it for todayy 
Bye bye!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Purikura+food+more food=fun fun!

Hello everyoneee! Hope you are all doing well and aren't sick.
 I been sick since friday T0T soo sad..Oh well sickness didn't stop me from
 going out with my friends yesterday!
Last week was Rosie's Birthday and to celebrate we went to Costa Mesa ^___^!!
First we went to Mitsuwa, it wass big o__o!!
Then we went to a purikura place!! the purikura machines were kind of old @_@,
 so here are few of the purikura I liked xD! Not that many >.>U..

Me, Courtney and Rosie showing our purikura ^0^!!
We were all wearing hats haha soo funny xDD!
But I think it was the perfect occasion cause it was sunny :D!

After that we went to a bakery and I tried a maccaron for the first time ever o__o!! 
I always see them in pics, but never had the chance of buying one before >.>U. 
And all I can say is that it was yummy *¬*!<3 <3.
And here is a pic of some of the yummy stuff they had *m*!!

We also had Ramen and other yummy stuff *__*.. I think I gained a bunch of weight T___T.. we ate a lot of nom nom food!!!!!

my outfit
At night Rosie, her boyfriend and I went to the Casino ..I didn't win anything T^T lamee. Oh well I wanted to take pics but there were not pics allowed ¬¬U grrrr...Oh well I only lost $8 xD, so I don't feel bad!

That's it for todayy
Bye bye!!