Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'm BACK! ^__^8!!

Hello everyone! Sorry I closed down my blog, I did it cause lately I have no time to post anything. I'm super busy with school @_@!!! But oh well, I decided to open it again since I have a bunch of reviews people might find helpful ! Lately I've done a bunch of stuff, so I'll post about that this upcoming week ^_^!!
Meanwhile here is a pic of me!!
Got my hair professionally done for the first time lol.. I was so happy with the result, I say "was" because that was like 1 month ago and I already retouched the roots by myself XD, still looks nice but not so professional xP!!
Oh yeah and I got the Sayoko Ozaki Circle lenses!!
I'm obsessed with them, they look soo pretty *__*
A couple of weeks ago I went to Extraordinary Desserts !! 
Here are some pics of the desserts we ordered: 

They decorate all the desserts with natural flowers, so pretty!

Ok that's it for today ^__^
Bye bye!!