Friday, March 30, 2012

New header!! :D!!

Hello everyone!! Yesterday I got super excited for 2 reasons:
 -My new stuff arrived *m*
 -Got a free photoshop 30 day trial :D!!
I decided that it was time for a new banner/header!! and took some pics XD Forgot to curl some parts >.> oh well nobody is perfect XDDDD I fixed my hair after seeing the pic, but I look like a robot in the other pics -___-! meehhhh!!

I really like this pic XD It's like the typical pose (close eyes) >.>...
 it looks like I'm sleeping lol

That's it for today and hope you guys like my new header :D...
I wasn't creative enough to change the whole design XD.
(Before )
Goshhh I'm supah creative DX
Bye bye!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

New stuff :D!! Addicted to bows XD!!!

Hello everyone!! I'm so happy, today my package from DreamV arrived!

I ordered this super cute.... dress/hoodie XDDD
And this leopard dress *__*! I think it's my favorite! It came with leg warmers but I don't think I'll wear those XD!
This summery jumper/dress?... omgggg I suck at naming clothes XDDDD!

These sandals!! omgg I love bowssss!! they fit perfectly! *m*!

These superrr cute boots XD <3
Ok so basically all I ordered has bows lol!! I think I'm addicted to bows *m*!!!
I also ordered two thighs XD, soooo out of season(since it's supposed to be spring lol)... but sometimes it gets cold so hope I get to wear them soon *__* they are so pretty!!
That's it for today!!! have a super nice day :D!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Contest entry =FAIL XDD!!

Hello everyone :D!!today I feel like a loser ;__;!! lol..
I woke up early, watered the plants, ate and got ready to take my pics for the Kawaii.i spring/summer coordinate contest XDDD. 
First I took pics with this outfit :

But I thought It was too simple and boring  -___-, so I decided to change XD!

This was my second outfit XD!

I thought: "Ok it looks presentable, I'm going to summit the second outfit as an entry to the contest, but first I'm going to check out the other contestants" There's when I realized my outfit didn't look like something you'll wear in spring or summer XDDDDD!! FAIL (plus my outfits look like crap compared to the other entries >.> mehhhh)
DARN it!! I don't have spring clothesssssss I really need to go shoppinggggg!! and all my clothes are black cause white and light colours look bad on me!!! ;__; .. or maybe I'm just not a summer/spring person -___-... I like boots and dark colors XD!
Oh well that's it for today :D!!!
And sorry I haven't reply to all the comments from my last entry ;__;!! I'll do it as soon as I can!
Now I need to study for math >< grrrr!! 
bye bye!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Me back in 2007 o___oU

Hello everyone!!! today I was looking at my old pics and omg XDD! found some from 2006-2007!!!!
I though I was super cool back in the day lol..

 ***Me from the past- I'm a metalhead !!!, I'm super rude and mean so don't mess with me or you'll get hit  >:D
Actually I never got into a fight o__o! I think it's because I looked "scary" and walked like a man, plus everyone thought my boots had metal inside lol. Such a weirdo! but now I analyze my pics and realize I don't look as scary as I thought I did XDDDDDDD! wahh!

This is the first time I dyed and cut my hair all by myself XD

I used to have green and purple contact lenses :3
(and obviously a shitty hair straightener XDDDD)

If you had a weird style back in the day and though it was cool
tell me about it :D!!!
That's it for today!!!
Have a nice day
Bye bye!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello everyone !! as some of you might have noticed g_s is full of post in spanish and of "latin gals".  A week ago I decided to leave the Latin group on facebook, I was the administrator and created that group with the purpose of being united and helping one another improve in the style. But apparently most of them started turning into real catty bitches. I would give them concrit and they would think I was calling them ugly and was being an elitist, then they started to attack me anonymously in g_s, COWARDS!!!
They also said that I did so many bad stuff to them and was evil, in other words they are perfect innocent angels and I was the crazy one saying evil things to them for no reason XDDD!!! I'm not going to lie I kicked several girls from the group (3 XD) cause we had rules, and if you don't follow the rules you get kicked out. Well anyways there are only like 15 latin gals and the other 150 members just "like the style" and didn't do anything to get better, instead of that they decided to go on g_s to post a bunch of bullshit on me and other girls that are super nice!!
I remember when I defended them saying they were not retarded, guess I was wrong!! and I feel stupid for even posting valentines about them to cheer them up, if at the end they were the ones backstabbing me.

Not all the latin community are like that, there are few that are worth it, and I'm happy we are friends :). And I really hope Hani and Miccah would stop being the administrators of such a catty group, cause those girls are not worth their time. Miccah is way too nice and optimist to deal with them and their stupid complains.
So to those posting all that bullshit, work on your style instead of posting stupid secrets!!!!

That's it !!
bye bye XD!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Questions about me XD!

Tirin and  Rebecca tagged me to answer this XD!, check out their blogs they are both gorgeous and I really look up to them!! :)

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag
Me mad XD (old pic)


1-I love almost all kinds of food!! except peanut butter and peas ><
2-I'm going to be a 3-d animator
3-I'm scared of unleashed dogs and humans
4-I am a dreamer!!
5-I have a younger sister and I love her to death!!
6-I'm super honest -__-, so I tend to hurt people's feelings
7-I think my voice is annoying.
8-I can't hear really well :/
9-I have the worst memory ever!! D:
10-I cry when I get superr madddd!! D:<
11-Fav foods-Mexican, Japanese, Italian *__*

1. If you could choose a country that you would have been born in, what country would it be?
-Provably England XD, I love their accent!

2. You are going to a desert island, alone, for a week, and you get to bring one personal item. What do you bring?
-My blanket :D!!

3. What's your favorite candy/snack?
-Panda cookies *__*

4. If you had to choose one sense to lose for the rest of your life, which would it be?
-The sense of touch XDD

5. What do you like most about yourself?
-My creativity :)

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
-In a big house in Los Angeles, I'll have a Porsche, a pomeranian and hopefully by then I'll be married

7. If you had to choose between facing your biggest fear for 30min or letting your closest friend/bf/gf/family member facing their biggest fear for 40min, which would you choose?
-My biggest fear are humans... I deal with them everyday, so It wouldn't be hard XDD

8. What is your favorite childhood memory?
-Staying late at night with my sister and mom waiting for my dad to come home from work, cause he would always bring us yummy food (Pizza, Tacos, French fries, hamburgers XD)!

9. If you could undergo plastic surgery, for free, with no complications, would you do it (and what would you fix?)?
-OMG!! I would get a nose job!! I hate my nose it's broken and ugly -__-.. But I'm getting one this May!!!! *m* omg omg!

10. What is your weirdest nickname?
-Ninoshka Shashenka Marel XDDDDDDD!!!

11. If you could change just one thing about your life, what would you change?
-Have better memory ;__; so I could remember everything


1.What are your favorite colours?
2.If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?
3.What's your best childhood memory?
4.If you could marry anyone, who would you pick?
5.Do you ever want to have kids? If yes boy or girl?
6.What are your thoughts on Karma?
7.If you could change any body part of your body, what would you change?
8.If you could time travel, which period would you like going to?
9.If you had superpowers, would you be the hero or villain?
10.Favorite food?
11.If you win the lottery tomorrow, what would you do??

And I give these questions to the following bloggers XD:



That's it for today :) !!
Bye bye and thanks for reading XD!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New stuff!! plus D.I.A inspired belt made by me :D!

Hello everyone!! Today I'm going to show you some of my new stuff! :D

First this D.I.A style belt I made XDDD!

I think it looks cute XD!!! I been wanting to get a D.I.A or Skinny lip belt since a long time, but I'm afraid they wont fit ;__;! (got traumatized cause the other day I ordered a belt online and it was too small XD wahh!. So I'll just have to go to Japan to try them on and make sure they fit X3 !!! so excited there's a high chance I'm going to Tokyo this year :D!!!

Then I ordered this super cheap fox tail from ebay XD! <3

Got new shorts!! yay!

I found this super cute hair accessory, I love it!
 (looks better in real life XD, it has lace :D)

And this Tiffany inspired/replica necklace XD!

Also I been looking for cowboy like boots for a long time! (since mine are broken -__-) and finally found someeee!! yay! they are so cutee! I love boots <3
That's it for today!!! :D
Thanks for reading ^__^

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adventure in L.A :D!

Hello everyone!! hope you are all doing fine! :D Yesterday I went to ""Japan. Endless Discovery" in Los Angeles with my friend Rosie!!
The first thing we did was taking a pic with Hello Kitty XD.
Our outfits were supposed to be Hello Kitty inspired *__*! we even got matching HK purses :D

We took a bus to get to Los Angeles and it took forever!! ): so we were starving and our hair was a mess D: wahhh!! we didn't have any hair spray to fix it ;__;! no volume=boring hair XD
(a cute guy with a sexy European accent took this pic *__* and called us beautiful girls hahahaha)

We ate at the Cheesecake factoryy, sooo yummy!!, we didn't finish our Alfredo Fettucini cus we got full with bread and butter XDDDD!

After that we saw a "drum show"??? XD forgot the name wahh ;___;

Then I had ice-cream!! :D

The "Japanese Street Fashion Show" was at night D: so sad cus there wasn't enough light and all the pics I took look shitty ):. My birthday twinnie June was at the fashion show she looked soo pretty!! *-*, but I was sad that there were only 3 gals in it ;____;.

And here is a pic of Rosie and I :D!! my hair looks like $hi* ;_____;..
 oh well XD we had fun!!
Next time we are not taking a Taxi D:< we hate them so much! they are expensive and drive super slow to charge you more grrr!!  and we'll provably have to carry a hair spray bottle with us to fix our hair XD! anyways our purses were sooo heavy!! D: my arm hurts from carrying it ;_____; </3

That's it for today!!! :D
hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Como hacer que tu maquillaje dure mas tiempo!! :D! +sushi

Hola a todos!!! I made a video for Gyaru America Latina tv!
 about our "makeup secrets!"
It's in spanish XD!, basically I explain how to combine lashes and how to make your make up last longer using hair spray :D!

(Pics from last week ><)
This is the outfit I was wearing XD!
 it was cold and windy D:

and after filming I went to eat sushi with my friend! :D

If you are wondering why I been taken outfit pics lately, it's because I finally fixed the lighting in my room XDDD one light bolt wasn't working and I didn't notice for a super looong time (a year XD), no wonder why my room was always dark XDDD wahh! oh well I'm excited cause I can finally post my outfits! :D!
That's it for todayyy!!
y espero que el tutorial les sirvaaa *0*!

Bye bye!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New hair extensions!! :D!

Hello everyone!!! the other day I got new hair extensions!!!
And finally today I had the chance to wear them!! :3
(before going to the mall)
I been looking for 20" hair extensions for a long time, and finally found them at Sally's!! they were super cheap XDD
Since they are synthetic, they were super shinny!! so I washed them with fabric softener and then added baby powder :D! here you can see the results!
After (left) and Before (right)

Close up, w/flash (After and before)
click to enlarge pic :D
As you can see it worked really well!! so happy *__*!!
That's it for today!!! have a nice day!!
and agrrr school tomorrow, too lazy -__-!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rosie's bday!!- Yummy Japanese BBQ! *0*!

Hello everyone!!! hope you are all super happy XD!
 Last week I went to Rosie's bday dinner ! It was at a Japanese BBQ and the food was delicious!!
This was her cake soo yummy and cuteee *m* !!

Yummy food!!
 we ate a lotttt!! I seriously feel like I gained weight XD!!, but it was worth it! *0* !

This is my friend Rosie! visit her BLOG :D!
she is super cute and funny XDD!
I took pics but I look bad ><... I'm never trying a new kind of bangs for the first time when going out... D: wahhh!

That's it for today!!! hope you have a fun fun fun weekend!!!  :D!!!