Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Como hacer que tu maquillaje dure mas tiempo!! :D! +sushi

Hola a todos!!! I made a video for Gyaru America Latina tv!
 about our "makeup secrets!"
It's in spanish XD!, basically I explain how to combine lashes and how to make your make up last longer using hair spray :D!

(Pics from last week ><)
This is the outfit I was wearing XD!
 it was cold and windy D:

and after filming I went to eat sushi with my friend! :D

If you are wondering why I been taken outfit pics lately, it's because I finally fixed the lighting in my room XDDD one light bolt wasn't working and I didn't notice for a super looong time (a year XD), no wonder why my room was always dark XDDD wahh! oh well I'm excited cause I can finally post my outfits! :D!
That's it for todayyy!!
y espero que el tutorial les sirvaaa *0*!

Bye bye!


  1. you have so lovely voice :D and spanish sounds nice :3

  2. aww thanks :D!!! I think I have an annoying voice lol! I'm glad you you think otherwise XD! <3 haha

  3. Me encanta el video cielooo *O*
    Seguire tu consejoo!!
    Un besoo :D

  4. Nice outfit! And the sushi looks delicious!

  5. que buena pinta el sushi !! mmm que rico !!!

  6. Como puedo hacer que mi maquillaje dure mas? PUES CON SUSHI!!! :D hahahahahahahahha me encanta tu outfit!!!! y video bueno ya sabes me encanto y ese sushi diooooos! si no fuera porque ya comi... te diria que se me antoja xD

  7. Couldn't understand anything since I don't speak Spanish but you looked really pretty throughout the video, I love the scarf you're wearing with your outfit !

  8. WOW WOW!! Muy util! Lo de la laca del pelo en la piel lo habia oido en "leyendas urbanas"...pero ahora que se que se puede hacer de verdad tal vez lo pruebe sin miedo, jajaja
    Tas monisma! Como siempre! y la musiquita del video de mecano!!! ME enchanta (soy una enamorada de ellos...a pesar de que son de la epoca de juventud de mi madre,jajajajXD)

  9. Lol its so funny how you hair spray your face
    I would of never thought of that lmao.
    Love your outfit :3

  10. awww gracias!! me alegra!! :D!

  11. Thank you! and yeah the sushi was good! :D!

  12. siii estaba bien, no super wow pero si yummy *__*

  13. hahaha ovbiooo el sushi soluciona todo XDDD!
    Y graciassss Miccahh!! <3 love youuu!!

  14. XDD si resulta, yo tambien lo escuche y dige, voi a tratarlo o__o!!. aww si me encantaba ese grupo y en especial esa cancion y la de cruz de navajas! XDD!

  15. hahaha my sister told me about it and I thought It was really weird lol... but it really works XD!