Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beach=fun fun fun!

Hello everyone!! yesterday I went to the beach with my friends!
It was fun fun fun! First we went to a Mexican restaurant *0* I ordered a Soy chorizo torta, it was huge!!! and then we went to the beach :D! It was soo pretty!!
Even though I live near the ocean I barely go @__@! but I think I'll start going more often, plus I want to tan more XDD
Pic taken from Kathy! :D
With Chritine! she is so pretty!! Visit her BLOG!

With Courtney!! omg I love her hairrrrrrr!! <3
Everyone!!! I love Christine's pic so much XD!
That's it for todayy!!!
And I'll have an awesome post next time *__*...It's so awesome I don't even know what is it about! xDD! but I'm excited for it :D!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HD eye o__o! + comic con!

Hellooooo!! Today I filmed a video for my youtube collaborative channel G.A.L tv
I'm going to start adding english subtitles to my videos *0* the new season starts in July so I'm excited for that :D, I'll post the video here as soon as is ready, here is a little hint of what is going to be about *tutorial*!
Oh well here is a pic of my eye makeup today!!
 omggg the lighting in my backyard is amazing grsfdgsh XDDDD I love itttt!!
look at the High Definition of my eye o__o!! <3

 And here is a comic inspired edited pic XD
And aww Comic con San Diego is almost heree!! so excited I'm going to meet Bouncy Brown she is so nice!! also If you are coming to the area contact me so we can meet up!! *__*8!

That's it for todayyyy!!
bye bye!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

2 outfits! xD

Hello everyone!! Today I went to the movies with my parents XD.. I usually don't get super ready to go watch movies with them @__@ but today I felt like dressing up.. provably cause I been home, so I haven't had the chance to do my make up and hair xP. Getting ready makes me happy for a weird reason, I enjoy doing my make up and hair so much XD! hope that's not weird >.>!

Don't worry I took off the giant bow at the theater xP, I would hate if someone came with a huge bow and sat in front of me D:<

First I was going to wear this outfit but it wasn't too comfy for the movies @_@

Oh well the Avengers was amazing!! so happy is still in theaters XDD
I ate too much pop corn and chocolate *¬* nom nomz
That's it for todayyy!
Bye bye!!
*I love the tittle of this entry so creative xP

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My room tour!! *0* so much Pink and hello kitty!

Hello everyone!! some of you have requested me to do a room tour post, so here it is *0*.. I was sure I had an entry about my room xD.. but apparently I don't @__@!!!
As you can see I love PINK and Hello Kitty *m*!

I seriously hope I have a girl in the future @__@ I don't want to get rid of my precious stuff when I'm old ;___;!!
That's it for today :D!
bye bye!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brown wig *__*!

Hello everyone!! Sorry I been soo bad and slow at replying to the comments ;____;!I promise I'll do it today and tomorrow XD!! Oh well! Today I finally went outtt! @__@ feels soo good after being  home for 2 weeks without any sunlight xD!. We went to the "Country waffle house" to celebrate father's day...
but I'm dumb and forgot my cam ;___;.
Oh well I bought a brown wig two weeks ago and I was finally able to wear it :D!!
What do you think?

I always wanted to have brown hair and green eyes >.>!
 dreams do come true xDDD haha!
Oh well I felt so good doing my make up and getting readyy ;__;! after two weeks of being home xD! yay!!
That's it for todayy
 bye bye!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My rhinoplasty questions *0*!

Hello everyone XD! so a week ago I got a rhinoplasty. 
here you can read my last post about it.
Here are some of the questions:

★★Did it hurt?
A-Not really xD, the surgery took 2 hrs but it felt like 2 min cause I was under the influence of anesthesia @_@! and after the surgery it only hurts if you move your upper lip too much!!

★★Did they have to break your nose?
A-Yes Dx, because my nose was already broken so they had to finish breaking it @_@...but even if your nose is not broken they might have to break it.

★★How much was it?
A-The cost depends on your location, here in San Diego the average is between $6,000-$8,000. I heard in San Francisco is $11,000 and in Chile is $3,000 so it all depends on where you live :)!

All my medicines and Vitamins + presents from the Doctor and staff *0*!
★★Where you in pain after the surgery?
A-Nope, I could walk and think perfectly fine :D but even though I was feeling "good" I needed to rest plus the pills they give you for pain make you fall asleep @_@U..The first day of surgery my friend Gabby took care of me, and the second day I stayed all by myself but my mom left lunch in my room and then my sister came to feed me xD. But I could go to the bathroom and stuff without any problem :D! so there was provably a 5% pain lol!

★★Did you get bruises or raccoon eyes?
A-I did not! I was very surprised I didn't get anything @_@! I thought I was going to look like a raccoon! I just got swollen, so I would apply packs of ice over my eyes 2 times a day :3 !

★★Does it take a long time to recover?
A-After the second day I could cook and go down stairs and after that you just have to do quiet activities for a week; watch tv, use computer, stay in bed all day and be lazy xDD. Even though the Doctor already removed my cast (1 week after surgery) he said that I could not do too much stuff such as shores and walk a lot for the following 3 weeks xD yay!!  cause my nose can get swollen by over doing something.
With my cast on xD and my nose right after the cast was removed (that's why it looks shinny Dx)
★★When are you going to be able to see how your nose will look permanently?
A-I read that after 7months -1 year.. I need to ask my doctor xP. But the nose I have now and will have for the next couple months is not the final result, since it takes time for the skin to take the shape of your new nose :D!

Extra facts:
★It doesn't hurt but it's uncomfortable cause you have to breathe through your mouth for 1 week >0<
★You have to drink water through a straw xD
★You have to sleep with your head elevated for 1 month (2+ pillows)

So yeah basically that's it! so don't be afraid of getting a rhinoplasty it doesn't hurt as much as you think!.. and research your doctor very well before getting one D:!!! look at the pictures of his/her previous work, his/her resume, all the schools he/she went to etc. And I recommend getting someone that specializes in facial plastic surgery :D!
That's it for today and hope that answers all your questions!
Bye bye!! *0*

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Las Vegas weekend (PIC heavy!!!)

Hello everyoneeee!! xD I'm feeling so much better! *0*!
Oki so last week we went to Las Vegas for 3 days! My friend and I were so excited cause it was our first time there being 21 !!, so we were able to do lots of things without age restriction XD! yay!
We stayed at the Imperial Palace, which is right in the strip! the Hotel was under renovation so I didn't take any pics cause it looked ugly xP!
Here is a pic of the New York New York!! it has a roller coaster and I went in it!! soo much funn and it goes super fastttttttt! *0*8 I screamed a lot XD!

The day we arrived we got ready and went clubbing xD! we got free tickets to get into "The Bank" at the Bellagio. We didn't stay long xP!! haha!

Camwhoring at the Hotel's bathroom after coming back XD!!

We were able to finally get into Margaritaville and get margaritas!! *0*!! nom nomz
(last year we tried but they didn't let us in cause we were not 21 Dx!)

The Excalibur!! looks like a castle!! *0*!!

The Luxor!!! super Egyptian! and at night a huge light comes out of the pyramid! *0*

Me gambling XDDDDD! I won $1.40!!! omgg!! oh well I only spend $5 xD, so yeah. next year I hope I become a millionaire XD hahah!

The mall!!  *0*! they have a huge forever 21 xD!

Inside The Venetian! one of the best Hotels in the world! *0*! I really love this Hotel it's soo prettyyy and has so many storesss,
plus it always looks likes it's day time XD.
I want to take a gondola ride someday XD

Me in front of planet Hollywood!! tons of shops! and they also have a really good sushi buffet, but it was closed ;___;, so we didn't go wahhhhh!!

We went to the Sugar Factory!!!! the milkshakes areee soo gooddd! and they have tons of sweets and nom nom stuff *___*! But I wanted food so I ordered a Blue Cheese burgerr! nom nom nom!

I LOVE Las Vegas!! there's so much stuff to do and a mall in every Hotel XD!!!! plus all Hotels are pretty and fancy *0*!! 
If you ever get the chance to go to Las Vegas I recommend taking the bus! it has Air Conditioner and there's a stop every 5 min or so, even though the Hotels seem close together they are far and your feet will hurt if you decide to walk @_@!
Oh well that's it for todayyyy!!
Have a happy weekenddddd!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rhinoplasty, quick update!

Hello everyone XD! I'm super happy cause I got a Rhinoplasty 2 days ago. I been wanting to get it since the Doctor told me my nose was broken -___-U..(which was when I was 12 years old). Here is an image of how my nose looked before and how it's going to look after *__*! I still have a cast on my nose and I look like sh*% xD.. but I'm happy cause I didn't get raccoon eyes *0*, and it doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would.

Can't wait until the doctor takes off my nose cast so I can see the results *___* soo excited!
That's it for today I'll give more details and take pictures in the future.. wish I could write more but I have to rest!
I also went to Vegas so I'll blog about that as soon as I feel better :D!
If you have any questions about Rhinoplasty feel free to ask and I'll try to answer everything in a future post with more details about my surgery ^__^!