Sunday, April 28, 2013

Purikura!!! :D

Hello ^w^!!! hope everyone had a great weekend :D!!
Yesterday my friends and I went to Round 1 to celebrate Anthony's bday!! Round one has a bunch of fun things like Karaoke, lots of arcades, billiard, bowling and my favorite of all Purikura*___*!! <3
Courtney and I
I love this machine cause it makes your eyes HUGE O___O!!!
Look at Courtney's hairrrr, sooooo cool and colourful *¬*!!!

Rosie and I!!
Our theme was "kitty" ^w^=! so we did the cat ear hairstyle (even though my "ears" ended up looking like bear ears instead ¬¬). We also wore the same Hello Kitty shirt from the HKxForever 21 collection!!
 We took a bunch of purikura together, too bad there
 weren't any full body purikura machines T^T, our outfits 
looked soo cuteee!

And more purikura with Courtney and Rosie *w*!!
I <3 purikura soo much!

That's it for today, next time I'll review the
double eyelid tape, since a lot people have been asking about it :D!!
Bye bye!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Neww lashesss *v*!!!

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing well, today
 I went to Marukai (the local japanese store)
 and bought some things ^__^:

I got these natural looking lower lashes

Decorative Eyelash!
I love this brand, they are really good quality and 
have cute designs ^__^!

An eyebrow pencil!

And a Free Dolly wink pamphlet thing, as some of you might know
 I don't like Tsubasa ¬¬U..but I thought it would be a good 
present or something for someone that does like her XDD
     After going to Marukai my sister and I went to eat
 ramen and Takoyaki *¬* omggg!
It was delicious, but I'll have to exercise a lot tomorrow 
to burn all those calories T^T.

Here is my makeup, I tried something different >.>U...
I don't think I like it too much @_@...

And my outfit, simple cause I'm lazy XD.

That's it for today!
And thanks to everyone who nominated me for 
the Gaijin Gyaru Awards *w* <3!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gal VIP magazine new issue!! the first gaijin gyaru magazine

Hello everyone!!
The new issue of Gal VIP is already out!! For those who don't know about GAL VIP, 
is an online magazine created for Gaijin gyaru, by gaijin gyaru and
 I'm one of the designers and models xD!
So I hope you guys like it

And here is my makeup tutorial :3
Like our FB page to stay updated

Let me know what you think ^__^!!
bye bye!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Los Angeles!!

Hello everyone!! yesterday my friends and I went to
 Los Angeles to see Kyary *0*!! 
We (Rosie, Christine, Kathy and I) left San Diego around 12pm and got to L.A at 2pm, we met with our friend Sachiko there and walked to Club Nokia together *__*!. The concert didn't start until 7pm, so we chilled for 5hrs XDD! We got interviewed and photographers took our pics for the official Kyary website and tour video O.O!
Ok now PIC TIME ^0^8!!:
With Rosieeee!!

With Sachikoooo!!

With Kathyyyy!

There was a Laker's game going on, so there was a lot of basketball fans everywhere!
We stood out from the crowd and A LOT of people wanted to take pics of us !
Here you can see how tall Rosie and I are. xP
Credit to Sachiko
While we waited in line kathy did her makeup! OwO!
 she looks soo cuteee doing her makeup!

And we also camwhored XD haha
Sachiko taking a pic of me taking a pic of her taking a pic of me........XD
And here is my outfit!
The Barbie t-shirt says "Plastic and Proud" XD.
Cameras were NOT allowed inside the venue -___-U.. 
So I couldn't take pics of Kyary TmT!!
But we were super closee to her O__O!! and we were all jumpinggg and moving our arms, it was soo much FUN , and she was super cute ^0^8!!

The concert ended late so on our way to the parking lot we got invited to a socialite party >.>U..It was weird cause we were all colourful and everyone inside was fancy, plus there were photographers and REAL models O.O (I say "real" cause nowdays everyone thinks they are models, but these were the ones that appear in high fashion magazines). Everyone wanted a pic with us XD omgg seriously we got our pic taken by like 20 people, kind of awkward @_@...
Credit to Sachiko
We got home around 3am xD, it was definitely a fun day I'm never going to forget !!
Oh well that's it for today!!
Bye bye!!