Sunday, April 28, 2013

Purikura!!! :D

Hello ^w^!!! hope everyone had a great weekend :D!!
Yesterday my friends and I went to Round 1 to celebrate Anthony's bday!! Round one has a bunch of fun things like Karaoke, lots of arcades, billiard, bowling and my favorite of all Purikura*___*!! <3
Courtney and I
I love this machine cause it makes your eyes HUGE O___O!!!
Look at Courtney's hairrrr, sooooo cool and colourful *¬*!!!

Rosie and I!!
Our theme was "kitty" ^w^=! so we did the cat ear hairstyle (even though my "ears" ended up looking like bear ears instead ¬¬). We also wore the same Hello Kitty shirt from the HKxForever 21 collection!!
 We took a bunch of purikura together, too bad there
 weren't any full body purikura machines T^T, our outfits 
looked soo cuteee!

And more purikura with Courtney and Rosie *w*!!
I <3 purikura soo much!

That's it for today, next time I'll review the
double eyelid tape, since a lot people have been asking about it :D!!
Bye bye!


  1. Courtney es muy hermosa me pasas su blog si es que tiene?

  2. Noo tieneee!! ya le dige que hiciera uno XDD pero no creo que lo haga! pero este es su tumblr XD

  3. omg you look so cute! Rosie and Courtney also do!~

  4. Awh you two look so cute! I love that hairstyle on you~
    And wow you're right, that machine makes you eyes look huge! o_o

  5. Ninoshka you are just so pretty :3 my hearts melts because you're so cute

  6. The purikura's look cute!!
    All of you look absolutely stunning!
    This machine that emphasizes the eyes is very popular now!

  7. Ojalá hubiesen máquinas de purikura aquí donde yo vivo ;w; estáis guapísimas en todas!

  8. Thankk youuu! is Bear ear style instead of cat ;__; oh well hopefully next time I can do it right XD! <3

  9. dsgfhsdga awwwwwww!!!! thankkkk youuuu *3*!! but I'm sure the purikura editing helps a lot XDD! <3

  10. Deveria existir alguna ley que haga las maquinas purikura mandatorias en cada ciudad ¬¬U.. es tann divertidooo XD pluss la mega edicionnn hace que te veas bien en cada toma XDD! meheheh!

  11. waaaaah, you look so cute in all the purikura *^*
    i really like your hairstyle <3

  12. For rreaaalall,, i wish they had Purikura in the NL :*( I cant travel alll the way to Germany there is a pk booth. Mehp.

  13. Thankk you so muchh Rosee *w*<3

  14. T___T!!!! yeah purikura is one of the best things everrr!! maybe someday someone will open a purikura place near your city XD!

  15. Awww thank youu so muchhhh *3*<3

  16. Aww, I love Purikura! ♥ I wish there would be a machine in the area where I live. ;~;

    Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to your double eyelid tape review! :D

  17. I knoww I wish I had a purikura machine closer, this one is 2hrs away from my house T^T! wahhh! oh well! and I already have the eyelid tape review up :D!!<3