Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fav Gaijin Gyaru part 1

Hello everyone!! Today I'm going to show you my favorite gaijin gyaru!^__^
This is the first part, since I have so many gaijin gals I admire and I don't want to make this post really long XD!
(hope they don't mind me taking their pics xP):

She is the first Fav gaijin gal I had xD, when I saw her in I wanted to be like her someday! She was always so helpful, nice and looked like a barbie XD! <3 
She is just awesome!

She is an Spanish gal and always makes silly faces XDD!
She is so funny and her coordinates are super cute *__*!

Another of my fav Latin gals!! she is super niceee *__* and her style is sooo cuteee!!
She has improved really fast too, which I really admire ^__^!

She is soo cute and sweet! plus all her coordinates are awesomeeee
*__* another gal that really puts effort in her style and improves super fast!

she has like the perfect face XDD! seriously, her eyes always look soo cool *0* and I'm a big fan of her hair skills XD !

She is sooo sweet and pretty ;___; <3 I love her coordinates and when I become a gal mama (in like 7 years XD) I want to look as amazing as she does XD! (hopefully lol)

I really love her style sooo muchhh! her coordinates are amazing and she has the perfect body XD!
Plus her hair is so voluminous and perfect!

That's it for today I'll make a part 2 someday XD
cause I still have a bunch of fav gaijin gals to add to the list lol XD!
Bye bye!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meeting Canadian gal Kathy +Purikura *0*!

Hello everyone!! Yesterday I met Kathy
a super pretty Canadian Ga!
I went to L.A with Kathleen and we meet up with  Cindy, Kathy, Tricia and Marissa at Round 1 to take purikura :D!!

Since the Purikura machines have awesome lighting we too some pics inside XDD!:

Me and Kathy!
Pretty Kathy and my weird face @__@U

Cindy and I!!
We played Fast and Furious and the first time I won and she ended up in 2nd place, so we played again and Cindy won and I got 2nd place XDD.  Next time we'll have a deadly race to see who wins! o___o!!

Me and Kathleen! She looks like a doll XD <3
I look sleepy for some reason @__@

Cindy, Kathy and I :D!

And here is the Purikura we took!!!

And this is what I bought xD

That's it for todayy!!
Bye bye!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 simple outfits + random Little Tokyo Video!

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing fine!
I started school 2 days ago D:. I wasn't excited to begin with, but now I'm mad, I was on the math waiting list and there wasn't enough space for me, so now I have to go an extra semester just to take that class grr, I was supposed to graduate this semester but thanks to that I'll graduate next year :/ Plus my Art history class is online and I'm not good at online classes, cause I get distracted, but that was the only class available thanks to budget cuts. And on top of that the only class I'm taking on campus is Graphic Design production from 7pm-9pm !!!!! too lateeee!
This semester sucks -______- I hate budget cuts. Oh well..

Here is what I wore the first day of school xD
Simple, comfy and fresh :D

Outfit I wore the other day!
It was sooo hot and humid D:!
And here is a random video we took at Little Tokyo the other day XDD
We were having way too much fun @w@!

That's it for today XD 
Bye bye!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sponsored review by GEO Xtra Sakura WI-A24

Hello everyone!!
Today I'm going to review the GEO Xtra Sakura WI-A24 ,
kindly sponsored by

Quick info:
Water content:38%
Life span: 1 year disposal
They come with instructions of how to take care of them and a FREE cute animal case *0*!
With natural light

With Flash

Without Flash
Colour: ★★★★★ -In Love!! I been looking for brown lenses for over a year XD and I finally found the ones I like *__*!
Comfortableness: ★★★★☆--They are comfy!
Enlargement-★★★★★- I love the way these enlarge my eyes!!!
Overall ★★★★★- I love the design! is simple but cute and it blends in with my natural eye colour so well!! I really like these lenses :D!

Now pics of me wearing them :D!

I love these brown lenses!!
And also LENS VILLAGE is having a SALE!! 30% off GEO lenses
to celebrate that GEO is the first Asian brand to get US FDA approval!!
You can get them HERE :D!!
HURRY offer ends August 31st!

That's it for today!! Bye bye!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Meeting Kayo in Little Tokyo! +1000 followers, thank you!

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing well!
Last week Kathleen, Christine and I went to Little Tokyo to meet Kayo! a super cute Japanese gal that's traveling around the World!
She is sooo pretty and sweet *__*!
I also meet Koko and Melissa!! her son was adorable and
 handsome XD <3 haha!

Tricia, me and Sachiko *0*!

Pic with everyone XD!!!!!!
Top: Koko, Michi.
Bottom: Sachiko, Christine

We ate lots of nom nomz *¬*!
Group picss!!!
Top: Koko, Me, Kayo
Bottom: Koko, Sachiko, Melissa, Kayo
We had a mini photoshoot in front of a cool Graffiti XD hahah!
Top: Koko, Kayo
Bottom: Christine, Kathleen
Kayo and I :D!

Group Pic at night being silly!! lol

We had so much fun as alwayyys!!! *0*!!
I'm going to miss Kayo so much!! But I will see her again when I go to Japan :D! so yay!!
That's it for today
Bye bye!!

Also I finally reached
omg! I'm so thankful *__*
It means a lot so thank you ^__^!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gyaru eye makeup tutorial!

Hello everyone!! I made a Gyaru makeup tutorial
Here is the link to reblog it on tumblr if you want ^__^!

 I'll reply to all the comments from my last post on monday ^__^!!
Bye bye
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Make your own purikura!!

Hello everyone!! Today I created my first home made Purikura XD
If you have photoshop download the purikura kit
I love purikura so much, but I can't always take it @__@, so this is perfect for people that do not have a Purikura machine near home or can't go to one ^__^

-Photoshop the shit out of your pic! since purikura machines do this xD, and you want your home made purikura to look as close as the real purikura!
-Make your pic super bright!
-Use liquify to make your eyes big like some purikura machines do!!
-Increase the contrast!
-Decorated it with a bunch of stuff ^0^!!

Here is the original pic:

And here is another one XD
Even though is not as fun as the real purikura, you can get similar results ^__^!
Hope you have fun creating your own purikura!

And yeah next post will be about our meeting with Kayo!! a super cute japanese gal that's traveling around the world!! ^__^

Monday, August 6, 2012

Evangelion x Hello Kitty collaboration!

Hello everyonee! today I saw a pic my friend Natt shared on her Fb of Hello kitty x Evangelion collaboration! I have 2 words for it "Sooooo Cuteee!" *0* omgg Evangelion is one of my favorite animes of all time and if you haven't noticed I love Hello Kitty! so this is perfect!!

I want a shirtttt!! but they are already sold out ;____; hopefully I'll be able to get one in the futureee sooo cuteeeeeee >0<8 omg!!

That's it for today
Bye bye!!