Friday, August 3, 2012

My "natural" gyaru makeup tutorial!

Hello everyone!! I made a video tutorial of  my "natural" gyaru makeup! the instructions are in spanish but I'm sure is not that hard to
understand what's going on xDD.
And yeah this is hopefully the only time I'll let the world
see me without make up, ewk @__@!

This is the result XD
I think this is quite "natural" compared to the dramatic makeup I usually wear @_@
Oh well hope you guys like it!
And if you have any questions let me know!


  1. I think you should blend out the brown eyeshadow a little more for a natural look. You still look beautiful, though! ^.^

  2. I knoww! I noticed that after I was done and watched the video xDDDD! I don't know why I didn't see it when doing my make up!

  3. Haha a makeup-less face isn't something to be ashamed of! The tutorial was nice, I enjoyed it haha

  4. You're pretty with and without makeup ( `ω´) !
    Your makeup is really cute ( ・ω ・)/ ~

  5. Nice tutorial! I was wondering what lashes you were using? :3 They're very pretty.


  6. Thank you so much okashi for doing these tutorials, i really appreciate it.

  7. Wonderful tutorial! Such a pro :D Thank you Okashi! <3

  8. Great tutorial! I have to try to put eyeliner under the eye too, i never do that (mostly because i'm bad at drawing eyeliner..>>) You look really cute both with and without makeup!

  9. u're pretty without make-up too~ ^^
    thanks for tutorial =)

  10. hi! thanks for the tutorial, it gives me idea on how to have that natural look on the eyelashes :DD

    check out my blog and follow me if you like and i'll follow you back

  11. I can't believe the transformation, you look amazing! Lovely Tutorial. Would love to see one in English, it went a bit fast for me so I got a bit lost, but the result was lovely. good job. :)

  12. You look amazing! x3 Your eyes are beautiful!

    You have so, so beautiful blog! :)
    I follow you.