Saturday, December 29, 2012

Xmas party at Rosie's :D!

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing well ^0^! So last week Rosie and her boyfriend hosted a mini xmas party at their place! 
This is their xmas tree *__*<3 soo cuteee it has tons of sanrio characters omg!
We had a lot of food and drinks >.>!

We also had a mini "photoshoot" xD
Courtney and I :3! 
omg Courtney is so photogenic she looks good in like every picturee >0<8!!

With Rosie! I love her MA*RS dress soo cute *__*!

After drinking the guys also decided to have a mini photoshoot xDD
We had a good time xD!
That's it for today
Bye bye!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Camwhoring inside the purikura machine XD!

Hello everyone!! sorry I haven't blog in a long time, I haven't had time! So here is a quick post with pics of our camwhoring inside the purikura machine, the lighting inside is awesomeeee *__* I want to have a purikura machine in my house XDD

Extreme angle!!!!

That's it for today!
Hope everyone had a happy xmas ^__^!!

Bye bye!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Purikura!!!! :D

Hello everyonee!! ^0^ Saturday I went with Rosie and her boyfriend
 to Round 1 and took lots of purikura! I love purikura soo much!! 
 Here are the purikura we took ^0^! :

(they had stamps with phrases in Spanish xD, super random haha)

Oh well that's it for today!
We took more pics inside the purikura machine cause the
 lighting inside is amazing *__*)
I'll write more about the weekend and show you pics in the next post ^___^!!
Now I have to study for my final exam tomorrow @__@

Bye bye!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New header!

Hello everyonee! ^0^! I changed the heather of my blog!
I want to adopt a "mature" style kind of thing XD.. I don't know, I think I look my age in the main pic... I don't want to look 16 anymore -___-U..
Sorry I haven't blog in a while I was super busy with finals and an evil art essay o____o!! luckily is almost over! so I'll be free again!!  and hopefully will have the time to do some makeup reviews!!

Here is a cute xmas image!

omgg I do not know what I want for xmas this year T___T, 
I think I have everything I want.. kind of weird.

Oh well let me know want you want for xmasss *__*! <3
maybe I'll get inspiration on what to ask for xD
bye bye!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My gyaru make up ver 2.0 Video!

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing well.. I have super long essay due next week T__T and I just realized it yesterdayy! wahhh!.. 
Oh well good luck to everyone that's on finals :D,
 study hard and get good grades!
So I made a new Gyaru Make up tutorial ver 2.0, since I haven't
 uploaded anything to my youtube channel in ages o__o!
WATCH in HD (I don't know why the video looks way darker in youtube
 than my movie editor ¬¬ grrr)
I just realized I spelled "fro" instead of "for" @__@ on my video.. I seriously need to start checking my spelling .___.U.. oh well..
BTW, I'm selling some stuff on my facebook ><

 take a look and see if you like something
That's it for today
bye bye!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bday celebration! Presents, Jap BBQ, Karaoke!

Hello everyone!!! hope you all had a great weekend ^__^!
Last Thursday was my bday, but I couldn't celebrate it cause I had to go to the museum and school until 9pm ;____;.. Oh well when I came home my mom and sister gave me a cake :D!
On Saturday my friends kidnapped me xDD and we went to the Japanese BBQ *0*8
After that we went karaoke!!
It was fun except that my sister made me mad and when I get mad I usually stay mad at that person for a long time ¬¬U. So yeah I wasn't in a very good mood .____.U.

Here are the presents I got ^__^
(click pics to enlarge)

From my sister: lots of cute pink and shinny things *¬* <3 plus Juicy Couture set!

From Rosie! OMG!! we went to the mall the other time and I wanted to buy this TmT, but I ended up not getting it after thinking about it for a long time >.>!!
I think is perfect: HK+Sakura+ pink Kimono=<3
I'll seriously keep this forever!

From Gabby: OMFG!!!! she got me a bunch of "Too Faced" makeup!! I don't know how she found out I love Too Faced XDD wahhh sooo happppppyyyy *¬*8

From Kathy: She got me this super cute HK set perfect for school >0<8!! omggg soooo cuteeeee and useful!!! and she also got me stickers to glue my fake nails on ^m^!! I been wanting to try it, this way I won't ruin my nails with super glue >.>!
And my mom gave me $$$ :D yay
I'm so happy with my presents!! everyone knows me so well xD, or maybe I think I've made it clear  I love anything Hello Kitty, pink and shinny haha*¬* <3

Here is a pic of the Jap BBQ *¬* soo good! omg we ate a lottttt!!
Group pic at the Karaoke ^0^
(Kathy, Yoshii, Rosie,Me, Courtney, Gabby)

My outfit ^___^
Sorry I didn't take many pics >.> the lighting sucked, plus I was mad ¬¬U.
That's it for today ^0^!!
bye bye!

Monday, November 26, 2012

DollyEye Gothic 3 Tones Sapphire Sponsored review

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing well :D! was kind enough to sponsor me a pair of Circle lens ^__^!!
All circle lens orders come with a  FREE cute animal case to store your new CL!
-Colour: ★★★☆☆- These are really good if you want a natural look!! ^__^ 
I prefer vibrant colors XD!!
-Comfortableness: ★★★★★- Really comfy :D!!
-Enlargement-★★★★☆-As I said, these are perfect if you are going for a natural look!, 
so they do not make your eyes "alien" looking, yet they still enlarge your eyes :D!
-Overall ★★★★☆I really like these if I'm going for a natural look or to go out
 with my parents :3!

Now Pic Time!!

If you like them you can get them HERE!!

That's it for today
Bye bye!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Updates!! Outfits, shopping, magazine!

Hello everyone!! hope everyone in the U.S had a great thanksgiving!!
I did XD!. ate lots of turkey and mashed potatoes *¬*
This was my outfit! ^__^!

Random pic >.>

And last week I went with Rosie and Courtney to get the new
 Hello kitty x Forever 21 collection!!
I got lots of cute Hello kitty clothes *___*!! I'll show you 
some outfits in the next posts! ^0^8
And here is the super super colourful outfit I wore that day >.>!

And a pic of me, Rosie and Courtney! ^__^8! We had lots of fun that day!, after shopping we went to chill at Rosie's apartment! And her boyfriend and her cooked Nabe *¬* it was deliciousss omg! then we drank and had few tequila shots >.>. We spent the night over and the next day we went to an amazing Ramen placeeee!!  I got an order of 16 Takoyaki and Ramen (I shared the Takoyaki, but I ate most of them @_@), then we had  boba milk tea ... goshhh everything was soo good, but my stomach hurt so bad the whole day T____T!! guess I ate too much ;___; I could hardly walk. Fatty mode on.

Oh well That's it for today!
and don't forget to download the new issue of GAL VIP magazine
***Password: galvip109

Monday, November 19, 2012

Inspiration post: Sayoko Ozaki!

Hello!! omg lately I been sooo in love with Sayoko Ozaki!! she is sooo damn perfect!!
*________* <3

I just wanted to share these pics ^0^!
That's it for today
Bye bye *__*!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sephora Haul!! + cute drawings *__*!

Hello everyone!!
Today I got a bunch of makeup from Sephora!!
 Can't wait to try everything *____*!!

[please click image to enlarge]

A-HD complexion Starter Kit (HD primer, HD foundatuon, Kabuki Brush,HD Micro Finish Powder)
B-Sephora Brush Set
C-Sephora Eye Shadow palette Nº10
D-Too Faced Primmed and Poreless (face primer)
E-Urban Decay All Nighter
F-Sephora concealer
G-Makeup Forever Lipstick Rouge Artist Natural N34

And I also got these pretty drawingsss*__*
This one is from Macarena! Is Rosie and I with our Kigurumi *___* <3 sooo cuteee!!

And this one made by Thabasa*__* with my super cute boots omgg<3 <3 <3
I love themmmmmm! so much!! T____T!!
Thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!

That's it for today ^0^!
bye bye!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

My weekend!!! *0*!

Hello everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend ^___^!!
On Friday was Courtney's bday partyyy!!
I arrived a earlier and I didn't know many people there so I was smoking hookah with random people until Rosie arrived XD. We tried to dance for a little bit, but people were lame and didn't want to dance ¬¬U...oh well we had fun!!!

We decided to leave the party around 12am and went to Rosie's place to chill xD!, we were talking about gal stuff with her boyfriend and other friend, I think is pretty cool that her boyfriend likes gyaru!!!!!
Oh well at 1am we got hungry so we went to a Mexican Place xD! Rosie ordered a Carne Asada torta and I got Carne Asada Chips!! omggg they were soooo freakingggg goooodddd *¬*!!

Since it was too late I spent the night at Rosie's XDD! we were all so tired ><U..
She let me borrow super cute Hello Kitty pajamas *__*!! yayy!!! So cuteee and warm! <3

The next day we went to a Ramen place, but it was grooossss! omgg D:< we were all so mad
Never going back to that place T__T!..To feel better about our bad ramen experience we went to the Japanese market to buy makeup! *v*8!!!
xDDDD we spend over $140 on this @___@!!! omggg.

After that we went to the mall and bought Fancy hats XD!!!!!
We also bought stuff at Victoria's secret and  got a purse at forever 21*__* <3

I had fun haging out with Rosie on the weekend!I'm so glad we don't live too far from each other *__*<3  Also having a gal pal comes in handy when you are not prepare to spend the night over lol! I didn't bring any makeup with me cause it didn't fit in my miniature purse XD.  So I used hers and everything turned out gooddd ^0^!!! yay!!
That's it for today
Bye bye!!