Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bday celebration! Presents, Jap BBQ, Karaoke!

Hello everyone!!! hope you all had a great weekend ^__^!
Last Thursday was my bday, but I couldn't celebrate it cause I had to go to the museum and school until 9pm ;____;.. Oh well when I came home my mom and sister gave me a cake :D!
On Saturday my friends kidnapped me xDD and we went to the Japanese BBQ *0*8
After that we went karaoke!!
It was fun except that my sister made me mad and when I get mad I usually stay mad at that person for a long time ¬¬U. So yeah I wasn't in a very good mood .____.U.

Here are the presents I got ^__^
(click pics to enlarge)

From my sister: lots of cute pink and shinny things *¬* <3 plus Juicy Couture set!

From Rosie! OMG!! we went to the mall the other time and I wanted to buy this TmT, but I ended up not getting it after thinking about it for a long time >.>!!
I think is perfect: HK+Sakura+ pink Kimono=<3
I'll seriously keep this forever!

From Gabby: OMFG!!!! she got me a bunch of "Too Faced" makeup!! I don't know how she found out I love Too Faced XDD wahhh sooo happppppyyyy *¬*8

From Kathy: She got me this super cute HK set perfect for school >0<8!! omggg soooo cuteeeee and useful!!! and she also got me stickers to glue my fake nails on ^m^!! I been wanting to try it, this way I won't ruin my nails with super glue >.>!
And my mom gave me $$$ :D yay
I'm so happy with my presents!! everyone knows me so well xD, or maybe I think I've made it clear  I love anything Hello Kitty, pink and shinny haha*¬* <3

Here is a pic of the Jap BBQ *¬* soo good! omg we ate a lottttt!!
Group pic at the Karaoke ^0^
(Kathy, Yoshii, Rosie,Me, Courtney, Gabby)

My outfit ^___^
Sorry I didn't take many pics >.> the lighting sucked, plus I was mad ¬¬U.
That's it for today ^0^!!
bye bye!


  1. Happy (Belated) Birthday!! You look like you got a lot of nice thing and your outfit is nice too! Shame you didn't enjoy it as much as you could have but at least you got in a little celebration!

  2. que de regalitos bonitos !! y tu que guapa !!

  3. Happy Birthday (afterwards) ;D
    Besides: I love your Outfit <3 It is Ma*rs ; isn't it? :D

  4. Happy belated Birthday ^___^
    Lovely outfit and seems that you had a great birthday!

  5. Hope you had a nice birthday, and I would be excited if someone gave me all that Too Faced products..!

  6. oh ilove your haul!!

    xoxo Wengie

  7. la hello kitty y los calcetines OuO me muero >u<

  8. Wooooow! que cutes los regalos de tu cumpleaños!
    Y estabas muy guapa, me encanta el outfit <3

  9. How lucky!! I love too Faced too!!!

  10. Que bonitos regalos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y que bonita te ves en tu cumple *m* felicidades nino preciosa!

  11. Happy late birthday! Your presents look nice. Have some good 22.

  12. Happy belated Birthday! Those gives look awesome~ I would to receive as many gifts as you did this year. Hehe. Everything is super cute! And your b-day outing outfit was just great, it really suited you~ (n_n)

    Hope you have a pretty nice week! Bye bye!

  13. que boni toodo! feliz cumple atrasado xD jajaja, todo esta muy lindo y esa ropa.. oh jesus *O*

  14. Cute outfit! Hope you had a great birthday :3

  15. Thank youuu! :D! yeah next year I'm not inviting my sister ¬¬.. this is the second time she ruins my bday.. grrr!

  16. Yess it is MA*RS ^__^ <3 Thank you so much!!!

  17. Thank youuu so much dear! :D!!!!

  18. Thank youuu!! *__* yeah Too Faced is my fav makeup brand so farr!!

  19. Graciasss hermoza Miccah *0*!! <3

  20. Thank youuu sooo much ^0^! hope ou receive lots of presents on your next bdayyy! <3 ^__^8!!!

  21. Happy belated birthday :)! How old are you now?
    Cute girly gifts hihi, my bday was yesterday and since you got many HK stuff check my blog for my Hello kitty cake.


  22. omggg!!! yayy we are both Sagittarius! I already posted something on your post *_____* sooo jelly of your nails and cake omg!! <3

  23. happy birthday! awww.. im sorry that you were angry during your birthday party. but you have such nice friends.. and even a nice sister!! thats so sweet of them to all take you out and for your family to get you a cake :)

    my family usually forget about my bday.. haha!

    - sarah -

  24. Ooohhh noooo! I'm sure she didn't mean it! :( Or... I hope she didn't...