Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hard earned stuff!! ♡♡ *w*

So as I mentioned in my last post I had to replace my sister at my mom's store, so I got paid!! yay $$$ I made bank XD haha (not really but I got money!). So today I went to the mall with my mom! and bought lots of things with my own money!! :D I'm proud XD haha.

I bought this necklace at a new store called Charming Charlie, that store was like heaven!!! *w* it's huge and they have 1000s of cute accessories!!! I wanted to get the whole store XDD.. haha. I ended up buying this cute necklace, 2 rings (black sparkly flower and cameo), a bow belt, and sparkly bow shoes :D

I wanted a little purse since last year XD, one time I found one but my wallet didn't fit , so I didn't buy it :/, but now I have a smaller wallet XD so I bought this one at NY&C, and the best thing is that it was 40% off!!

I bought these pretty sandals!!!! they are sooooo pretty!!! and i wanted sandals like these since march! so Yay!!

This is the bow belt I bought at Charming Charlie too :) , I don't really have clothes to wear it with.. :/ so hopefully I find something XD  but I couldn't resist XDD ash

I also bought these shiny bow shoes at Charming Charlie *w*
These shoes are so sparkly and cute!! I got them at NY&C too !!

I love this Burberry sunglasses!!!!!!! I felt in love!! they are huge and cover 1/2 of my face! love them so much!! I couldn't resist!! XD

My mom recommended me this perfume and after smelling it I totally loved it!!!!!!!! it is sweet but strong XD I'm bad at explaining! but I love it!

And I was wearing these 3D nails I made the other day and as usual like 25 people ask me about them XD they even ask If they could touch them LOL, and in a shoe store like 12 people surrounded me and were asking about my nails haha. And they complimented my big bow headband too!  :D

And I also bought 2 Hello Kitty pajamas and underwear XD, they are cute :), but was too lazy to take pics LOL.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a nice day

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm still alive :D plus popteen magazine cover haha

I haven't been able to post anything for a week, sorry XD. I been working at my mom's store since last Friday, I'm helping her this whole week and then I'll have free time to do fun stuff, and post tutorials! :3. My sister is in Texas, she is the one that works at the store, so I'm replacing her until she comes back! I hope soon -__-, I don't like working with my mom, since I take everything too personal XD so when she tells me I'm doing something wrong I feel like she just wants to make me feel stupid ): (which I know is not the case). Plus customers are dumb XD, and make stupid jokes that offend me.. grrr. Today a customer asked me If  I was going to a carnival?... seriously WTH!!?  just because I was wearing my big flower headband!, I gave him the look and said NO.  (plus i was already in a bad mood LOL)
And when people ask me about diamonds, gemstones, gold etc, I don't know what to say T__T, since I don't know a lot about jewelry,  so I feel stupid wahhh! I would like to learn but I have a really bad memory -__-, so it is hard to remember the names of all the gemstones and kinds of diamonds we have at the store. Oh well I hope to get paid XD, I want/need money $$.
Other news, I made a "cover like" picture for a contest in a Facebook page. I made it in GIMP (free) XD, since I don't have Photoshop or those fancy programs to edit pictures haha. So basically I took a Popteen magazine (my favorite mag *w*), selected the stuff I wanted in my cover and copy, paste!! hahaha the professional way to do it :D  and this is the result!
(Obviously I have NO idea what it says XD, I don't speak Japanese D:)

And I just found this XDDD omg we look alike in this pictures XD. Weird haha

And that's it for today,
I'll post exiting stuff in the future XD! haha Thanks for reading :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Comic con 2011

Yesterday I went to comic con, I was exited since I got the tickets on re-sale! (I was lucky haha) and it was going to be my first time attending so yay. I went to 4 panels, one was about how to motivate yourself to achieve your goal,  the 2nd was about 3D animation programs and tricks, and the other 2 were about Anime XD so I got previews and a Sailor Moon poster! so exited they are going to release Codename Salior V!! in 6 weeks I think XD.. I want to get it! is going to be 2 volumes yay!!. I wanted to go to Guillermo Del Toro's panel but the line was hoooorrrible!! so I didn't go. Comic con was crazy! according to local news 120,000 people attended yesterday!!. There was lots of amazing things to see!! and I played  Just Dance 4, but the stupid girl gave the main controller to a 7 year old... so she picked an slow, boring song -__-.. so I didn't have too  much fun :/. Then I bought onion rings and made fun of a guy paying $3.50 for a 24oz water bottle XD loserr!! (I took my own food, but everything was sweet, so I needed something salty). There were a lot of celebrities, but didn't recognize anyone XD.. and stupid twilight cast was there.. ewww I hate them!. I had fun and a free Slurpee! :)

Now, picture time!!:

Me and Kassem G!, His Youtube Channel

Pokemon!! I got a free hat! haha Gotta Catch 'em All
Terminator behind me!! ahh!! XD
Hotter version of He-Man XD
Me and pretty destructive machine! love the bunny!!

Funny sign I found in the Trolley (train) Station XD

Wednesday (a Day before comic con) waiting in line to get my badge :D

Thanks For reading!! :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deco den+ comic con+ bow+ pink comforter= ♡♡

Yesterday I made some roses with clay, I was going to use them to decorate a frame but at the end I decided that It looked weird XD, so i didn't use them haha. I'm thinking of making earrings with them :D, I may sell them in the future when I get the materials and stuff. Since I didn't use them for the frame I decided to decorate my mirror XD hahah, it looks way better in real life!, So shinny!!!!!! *w*
This are some 3-d nails I made last month, I haven't use them since I forgot them at my friend's house. I got them from her house last week and I'm happy I did, since I'm going to comic con and I'll be able to wear them!! (I haven't finish the nails I was supposed to wear XDD ashgrrr)
I made this bow yesterday, It looks like the one I already have... but this one is bigger XD, and It looks better than the other one :/ (I made the other one in like 7 min, so It was starting to come apart haha)
Aww my new pink comforter came yesterday in the mail!! I'm so happy, It looks super pink XD and the light pink part is super soft and has engraved hearts!! Now I only need new white furniture :D

2 days left for Comic con!! I'm so excited! Can't wait to see Guillermo del Toro!!. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my badge!! So I'll provably take pictures of me in line :/ haha I'll post about comic con on Friday ;), I hope to have time to take pictures and hopefully I get lots of freebies XDDD

Other NEWS!:

OMG!! Josie Stevens replied to my comment!! 
She really is one of my biggest inspirations!! and I love her haha.
I case you don't know who she is:
She appeared in a reality show called "Married to rock". When I saw her 3d nails and hello kitty bows I knew she was fantastic! Her wedding was super pink and full of hello kitty!! I want a wedding like that! everything was super perfect! love her so much
Click in the pic to enlarge

Thanks for reading my blog!! and be Happy!!Photobucket

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Natural Beauty??

"High heels, makeup, fake eyelashes.
Look at you, you're so damn plastic!
Acrylics on with orangey skin.
That Lipo really made you thin.
Tease it, spray it, make it big.
Your hairs so big, it's like a wig!"
 Millionaires- I like money

I am NOT a big fan of  "natural beauty" and I actually do not believe in it XDD. I think everyone looks so much better with make up on!. So If you are a fan of "natural beauty" you won't like this post XD haha.
 Make up
-I started wearing make up when I was 12, I started with eyeliner then mascara, lip stick, foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and recently fake lashes. I'm a big fan of make up and all the wonders you can do with it!. Sometimes when I see girls not wearing make up I think that they could look so much prettier If they had make up on!.
-The first time I dye my hair was in high school, I was 14. I decided to dye it light brown, cut it and straighten it, since I didn't like my curly dark hair :/. After I was done, I looked at myself in  the mirror and thought that I look really pretty,  I been dying and straiten my hair ever since. 5 months ago I decided to get hair extensions, since I love long hair!! but mine never grows ):. The first day I wore them I got a lot of compliments! everyone seem to like my new hair, but the most important think is that I felt prettier than before :). 

If  you don't like something about you, change it!!  
And even if you look good natural, you can always look better XDD. Grr I dislike when people tell me that I look so much better without make up on, or when guys say that they like girls that do not wear make up, I think they are lying, when you ask them about their dream girl they always say some celebrity name and they ALL wear make up!!!  and 70% have hair extensions and have had plastic surgery!
*And If you are planning of getting plastic surgery, please get it done with a professional.... you don't want to end up looking worst than before XD, that will suck!!
 Here are some before and after pictures
Don't tell me that they look better without make up haha XDDD!!

Please tell me what you think about "natural beauty" and your first experience with make up :D. Thanks for reading ^^

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playboy Pajama + Katana♡♡♡

Last week I went shopping with my mom, and I found a Playboy pajama XD, I felt in love hahaha. I think is super cute and it makes me look skinny XD.
Fun story time!!:
1 month ago I went to help my mom at the store, I wore a big black bow. Then one customer came in and told me that I looked like a playboy bunny XD (he was like 75, awkward!), and his friend agreed too LOL. After 2 hours another customer told me that I looked like a playboy bunny too!!! and then after he left another customer told me that I looked like a bunny!!!. My mom says that is because they thought I was wearing bunny ears (my big bow) and had long blonde hair XD..
I'm a fan of playmates XD : Holly Madison,(I know she wasn't a playmate but I think she is super pretty) and Bettie Page. For a long time I thought playmates were expensive prostitutes, but my stepdad told me that not all of them are, and that there are few virgin playmates too.
So that's the story of why I bought this pajama XDD
**Sorry for the bad quality pics, my camera was being stupid XD

PhotobucketIn Other news I got a Katana yesterday!!!! and it's pink!!  and it was on Sale!!! Perfect!! I wanted a Katana since I was 11 XD and  I finally got it ho ho!! So don't mess with me ;) .. XD haha

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pink is ♡♡♡

As some of you have notice it, I love PINK!!, (the weird fact is that I don't like how it looks on me...XD I never wear pink XD). My goal for this year is re decorate my entire room!! I want new white furniture, pink curtains(got them today XD), a pink comforter, pink rug etc etc.(I would love to paint the walls pastel pink but my mom won't let me T__T). Most of my decorations are already pink!! so I don't have to spend money in that ! :D ♡
I made this thing in my Design class last semester :D, now I use it as a Kleenex clover thing!

I bought this jewelry thingy last week, I feel in love when I saw it and the best thing is that it was 50% off!! (I don't have a lot of jewelry, but when I do I'll fill it up! XD)

I bought this frame at the same place I bought the jewelry thing !, Love the design!! and colour!! It's just perfect!!
I bought a clear make up organizer and then I decorated it!!!!, pink+deco den=perfect!!♡ It  turned out pretty cute and pink XD. (I have more make up obviously LOL, and the pink kabuki brush is from forever 21, so pretty!) 

**And this are the curtains I got XD, I got them in the mail 30 minutes after I post this haha
(picture taken from
I have more pink stuff XD!, but I'm too lazy to take more pics haha. I'll provably take pictures of my whole room when I get new furniture!, ( hopefully before the end of this year :)!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday cake!!! Baking with Ninoshka 101!

  Today is my mom's Birthday! so I decided to make a cake!!!, this was my first time making one XD, but It turn out pretty good!! So I'm going to teach you how to make your own!!
If I can Do It, ANYONE can!! haha!!
1-  (Ingredients)
 -Cake mix! (Devil's food pillsburry cake mix)
-3 eggs
-1 1/4 cups of water
-1/2 cup of oil (I used olive oil XD)
-Chocolate Frosting
(Stuff you will need :D)  
-Big bowl to mix ingredients (plastic)
-Bowl to bake XD (?)
-Colourful sprinkles (optional)
-An Oven XD
-Gloves to grab hot stuff (ash..forgot the name)
-Preheat oven! at a temperature of 350 F°
-Pour all ingredients in the plastic bowl! (do NOT pour the frosting !! XD)
-Mix for around 2 min (use an electric mixer, unless you want to make some muscle)
-Spray Cooking spray XD in the baking bowl (I sprayed a lot :D)
-Pour the mix in the baking bowl!
-Put it in the oven (Using the baking gloves)
-Leave it in the oven for around 25-30 min at a temperature of 350 F°.
-tic toc....wait... and before taking the cake out of the oven poke the cake with a knife and if it comes out clean that means it's ready!
-Wait 30 minutes for the cake to cool down and then add the frosting!
-Decorate it with sprinkles and pretty candles!
-Optinal-when the cake cools down cut it in half and add frosting in the middle! (this will make it more sweet and yummy!

★★★ Enjoy!!★★★