Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hard earned stuff!! ♡♡ *w*

So as I mentioned in my last post I had to replace my sister at my mom's store, so I got paid!! yay $$$ I made bank XD haha (not really but I got money!). So today I went to the mall with my mom! and bought lots of things with my own money!! :D I'm proud XD haha.

I bought this necklace at a new store called Charming Charlie, that store was like heaven!!! *w* it's huge and they have 1000s of cute accessories!!! I wanted to get the whole store XDD.. haha. I ended up buying this cute necklace, 2 rings (black sparkly flower and cameo), a bow belt, and sparkly bow shoes :D

I wanted a little purse since last year XD, one time I found one but my wallet didn't fit , so I didn't buy it :/, but now I have a smaller wallet XD so I bought this one at NY&C, and the best thing is that it was 40% off!!

I bought these pretty sandals!!!! they are sooooo pretty!!! and i wanted sandals like these since march! so Yay!!

This is the bow belt I bought at Charming Charlie too :) , I don't really have clothes to wear it with.. :/ so hopefully I find something XD  but I couldn't resist XDD ash

I also bought these shiny bow shoes at Charming Charlie *w*
These shoes are so sparkly and cute!! I got them at NY&C too !!

I love this Burberry sunglasses!!!!!!! I felt in love!! they are huge and cover 1/2 of my face! love them so much!! I couldn't resist!! XD

My mom recommended me this perfume and after smelling it I totally loved it!!!!!!!! it is sweet but strong XD I'm bad at explaining! but I love it!

And I was wearing these 3D nails I made the other day and as usual like 25 people ask me about them XD they even ask If they could touch them LOL, and in a shoe store like 12 people surrounded me and were asking about my nails haha. And they complimented my big bow headband too!  :D

And I also bought 2 Hello Kitty pajamas and underwear XD, they are cute :), but was too lazy to take pics LOL.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a nice day


  1. I SOOO love all of this!! Awesome *_*
    The belt is so gorgeous!!

  2. So cute! You must've got paid loads! I'm working two jobs at the moment, one pays monthly and the other pays weekly lol, I can never resist temptation to spend on payday :P I usually just end up buying make-up~ or cute, useless things on ebay haha

  3. El cinturon y las gafas me encantaron! =D El perfume me gusta, se ve que huele rico xp yo ahora uso el de incanto jeje

    Muy bonitas compras! ;D

    Te sigo, guapa!

  4. El cinturon es un amor >.<!! lo quiero haha todo esta genial y tus nails me gustaron mucho *.*

  5. the nails are lovely! asjhbdasdhash i wish they had this kind of accessories here in Portugal for my nails : <
    the perfume looks good too, i pay a lot of attention to packing design you know ^^ i obviously don't know if the fragrance is good or not but at least the perfume has a nice packaging
    xoxo, Monstros no Armário

  6. hola, primera vez que me paso por aqui, ame las uñas, muy comestibles n.n

    saludos ce chile :3

  7. Thanks everyone for your nice comments :). I'm sure I'm going to enjoy all the stuff I got XDD haha. :D and thanks for reading :p

  8. Me encantó todo lo que te comprasteeeeeeeee ^_^ yayy bien merecido por tu trabajo :3
    Disculpa que anduve re colgada y no me pasé más por tu blog, está hermoso *o* y me encantan tus entries ♥ besitos Nino/Okashi haha ^w^