Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm still alive :D plus popteen magazine cover haha

I haven't been able to post anything for a week, sorry XD. I been working at my mom's store since last Friday, I'm helping her this whole week and then I'll have free time to do fun stuff, and post tutorials! :3. My sister is in Texas, she is the one that works at the store, so I'm replacing her until she comes back! I hope soon -__-, I don't like working with my mom, since I take everything too personal XD so when she tells me I'm doing something wrong I feel like she just wants to make me feel stupid ): (which I know is not the case). Plus customers are dumb XD, and make stupid jokes that offend me.. grrr. Today a customer asked me If  I was going to a carnival?... seriously WTH!!?  just because I was wearing my big flower headband!, I gave him the look and said NO.  (plus i was already in a bad mood LOL)
And when people ask me about diamonds, gemstones, gold etc, I don't know what to say T__T, since I don't know a lot about jewelry,  so I feel stupid wahhh! I would like to learn but I have a really bad memory -__-, so it is hard to remember the names of all the gemstones and kinds of diamonds we have at the store. Oh well I hope to get paid XD, I want/need money $$.
Other news, I made a "cover like" picture for a contest in a Facebook page. I made it in GIMP (free) XD, since I don't have Photoshop or those fancy programs to edit pictures haha. So basically I took a Popteen magazine (my favorite mag *w*), selected the stuff I wanted in my cover and copy, paste!! hahaha the professional way to do it :D  and this is the result!
(Obviously I have NO idea what it says XD, I don't speak Japanese D:)

And I just found this XDDD omg we look alike in this pictures XD. Weird haha

And that's it for today,
I'll post exiting stuff in the future XD! haha Thanks for reading :)


  1. Hi! I like your blog! Nice to meet you!

  2. Uh~ I don´t like to work with my mother, too! >.< Some customers seems to be really annoying x.x
    aw~The cover looks so cool!

  3. Cute magazine cover~! I've always thought there was an easier way to make those covers other than Photoshop. XD I tried to PS once but it just took way too long and I got lazy haha

  4. te quedo muy bonita! si la vi en FB n.n

  5. it really looks like you in the cover, so pretty *o* and get what you mean, about needing money to go shopping D:
    i like your blog, it's really adorable!
    xoxo, Monstros no Armário

  6. OMG !!! You really look alike haha ^^ Nice cover btw ^^

  7. Cool~! You should be on a cover a magazine!
    or better yet be in the Popteen magazine x3