Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello Kitty kitchen!!!

Hello everyoneeee!! Hope you are all doing fine!
My sister moved into a new apartment the other day and she decorated her kitchen with a bunch of hello kitty stuff!! omggg!! sooo cutee !! *__* now I want my own apartment! xD!  hahahah!
Here are some pictures :D!:

I want a hello kitty kitchen too! so jealous!  I'm happy she moved there cause they have a pool and summer is coming up *____*! hahahaha
 Please let me know:
If you could decorate your kitchen with any theme, which one would it be?
I think mine would be hello kitty too or Marie Antoinette xD
That's it for today!
bye bye!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Serina inspired eye makeup tutorial :)!

Hello everyoneee!! I made an eye makeup tutorial inspired in Serina's eye makeup :D! (mine is lighter than hers xD!).
Hope you like it :3

Monday, April 23, 2012

Some awesome gets ♡♡♡♡

Hello everyoneee!! :D!I'm supah happy cause I went shopping !
Ok so on Sunday I went to Fashion Valley with my family :D
I think it's my favorite mall so far, they have a lot of nice stores *__* !!!!
I bought makeup! xD
this palette is perfect it has a bunch of coloursss! *0*!

Too Faced Bronzer!! and Bronzer brush :D!

Lots of perfumes xDD  Givenchy Dahlia Noir *__* (sweet flowery), Burberry (yummy and sexy), Viva la Juicy (I have no description xD but I love it)

And my Betsey Johnson dress *____* It was love at first sight and couldn't resist xD. I'm going to wear it for a charity event I'm going to next month :D!!
This is how it looks, but it looks better on me cause my hair and 
makeup are better than the model's xDDD
That's it for today!! next post I'm going to show you my sister's Hello Kitty kitchen! sooo cutee I'm jealous XD!!
Have a nice day
Bye bye!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yakyudori!! nom nom food! :D

Hello everyoneee!! hope you are all happyy xD! I am, cause yesterday I went to Yakyudori a super yummy Japanese place in San Diego *¬*!!

We order lots of food XD I obviously didn't take pics of each but we ordered like 10 different things, super yummy!!
Fried chicken! nom nomz
My sister and her husband  (he is trying to look like he is drunk) xDD
Takoyaki! I bought frozen Takoyaki the other day, but they obviously don't compare to these ones!
Here is a picture of me trying to smile with my mouth open xDDDD!
 Does it look like I'm really smiling or like a fake smile >.>???
And my outfit :D!!
Seriously what's wrong with the weather, it's 
supposed to be spring already D:<
That's it for todayyy!!
Have a great weekenddd!! :D

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some school outfits and gets XD

Hello everyonee!! hope you are all ok!!and thanks to those that already entered my giveaway ^_^!  yay!
Sorry I haven't post anything, hopefully I'll be able to blog more once I'm out of school -___-U and since school is consuming my life here are some outfits I wore to school these past days XDD! Yeahhhh not too fancy >.>...
My nerdy look lol!
(wearing my over rated jacket, I need to get a new one xDD)
Today xDD sorry for my room I have no time in the morning to make my bed -___-

And this is the outfit I wore to the Japan endless discovery event last month xDD before my hair turned out flat and ugly ;__;!
And here is some stuff I bought Friday the 13th xDD! can't wait to try out the new lashes, specially the eyemazing, these are my first eyemazing lashes ever xDD so excited.
That's it for today xDD I promise I'll post exciting stuff soon ><.. only 4 weeks more until school is finally overrrrrr, can't waitttt!
Oh well this is it for todayyy
bye bye!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

GIVEAWAY time!!! :D ★★★

Hello everyoneee!! hope you are all doing well!! I been wanting to have a giveaway since last month xDD but I was too busy to go to the store >< ! So yesterday "Friday the 13th" I reached 666 followers XD! (nope I don't believe in bad luck, but thought it was funny XDDDD).. So I'm having a giveawayyyy!!! :D yay yay! I love giveaways, it's so much fun :D!!

Here is what's on the prize *__*:

1 Eyemazing 501 Harajuku Doll by Kyary Pamyu
1 Eyelash case for your new lashes :D!
1 Hello Kitty key cap
1 Hello Kitty bubble gum
1 Package of glue on nails
1 Bear envelope set
1 Dolly wink nail catalog 
Flower's kiss candy XD nom nomz

All the rules on the widget :)!
You can earn up to 8 entries :D!!!!
This giveaway ends May 31st, 2012 !

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, April 12, 2012

That's my jacket ;__;!!!! + sailor moon sticker :D

Hello everyoneee!! Yesterday I got traumatized (mad) XD cause I saw 4 people at my school wearing the same Jacket as me!!! D:< grrrrrr I'm NEVER buying anything on sale at the mall!! 

And here is a pic of my new tights *__*!

Since my class was canceled my friend and I decided to go eat and we went to Tapioca Express *__* soo good specially the Milk Tea nom nom!
Then we went to the mall and my friend Catt got me a super cute Sailor Moon Stickerrr <3 :3
That's it for today!!
Don't you hate when you see someone else wearing the same clothes as you XDDD hahaha??
Bye bye!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Diamond Lash Princess eye, my fav lower lashes REVIEW and care guide!

Hello everyone!! omg it's been a while ;__;!! sorry I haven't had time to do anything T__T even on my "spring break" I was really busy!! I was home doing art homeworkkk D:, lameee ><..!!
Oh well a lot of you always ask what kind of lower lashes I wear
so today I'm going to review them and give you some tips of how to take care of them :D!!
Diamond Lash Princess Eye! :)!

Price ★★★★★- I can get them at my local store for $13 so I think it's a really good price for 5 pairs!! way cheaper than Dolly Wink XD!. But If you want to get them online they are $18-20 +shipping ><....
Design ★★★★★- My favoriteee sooo far!!, well I haven't try another design yet cause I'm in love with this one XD!
Comfort ★★★★☆- Since these are big you can feel them, specially the first time you wear them, so when you get use to them you won't have any problem :)! (it also depends on where you place them).
Durability ★★☆☆☆- These lashes are so freaking delicateeee!! D:< you have to be super CAREFUL grrrrrr. You cannot remove the glue cause they break easily -___-U. You can wear them a maximum of 7 times.

-Since they break really easily do NOT try to remove the glue, they
will break D:!!!!
-Be careful taking them out of the package -___-U....(yep I destroyed my brand new lash ;__;! so sad)
-Apply them using tweezers :D

And here is a guide I made XD:

That's it for today!! hope that helps XD! I promise I'll blog more often as soon as I'm out of school ;__;! meeehh!
Bye bye!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Geo Super Size Angel Green review!

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all doing well :D!! The other day I bought the Geo Super Size Angel Green!!, I also have them in Blue and they are my favorite so far!!

Quick info:
Water content:38%
 Life span: 1 year disposal 

With Flash
Without Flash
Natural Light

I'm giving these 5/5 I love the colour, enlargement effect, and they are super comfy (once I wore the blue ones for 11 hours lol, without any eye drops XDDD) *__*!!

 I also got a "Flying cat" (gato volador :3)
 It has wingsssssss, omg so cute haha! XDDDD!
That's it for today!!!
bye bye!! :D