Thursday, April 12, 2012

That's my jacket ;__;!!!! + sailor moon sticker :D

Hello everyoneee!! Yesterday I got traumatized (mad) XD cause I saw 4 people at my school wearing the same Jacket as me!!! D:< grrrrrr I'm NEVER buying anything on sale at the mall!! 

And here is a pic of my new tights *__*!

Since my class was canceled my friend and I decided to go eat and we went to Tapioca Express *__* soo good specially the Milk Tea nom nom!
Then we went to the mall and my friend Catt got me a super cute Sailor Moon Stickerrr <3 :3
That's it for today!!
Don't you hate when you see someone else wearing the same clothes as you XDDD hahaha??
Bye bye!!


  1. guapisima !!! Me encanta tu cinturon !

  2. awww cute outfit!
    Yes...happens to me a lot...i buy something and then...everyone has the same!! i hatee! i dont like "fashion" haha
    but were it with more style! of courseee
    kiss dear

  3. Yess! It's so damn awkward. D:

    Well unless you bought it together or something. XD
    So I guess to me it's only odd when a stranger, I see often (you know, around school or work) is wearing at the same time.

    And the first person to call ''TWINSIES!'' gets hit by me with a brick. There is always some idiot who does that! -.-

  4. XDDD hahaha yeah I hate thattt!.. but yeah I think I wore it best lol!! haha XD

  5. yeah I got me mad cause we were all wearing the same jacket at the same timeee, fuuuu XDDD we all looked like copy cats and unoriginal people.. -___-... and I also saw 1 girl at my class with the same jacket but in brown XDDDDD!! seriously, I mean the jacket was cheap no so wonder why everyone got it -___-U meeeehhh!! But I'm glad no one said "twinsies" XD..
    And every time I saw a girl with my jacket I would look away and pretend I didn't notice her >.>.... I don't know what to do with my jacket it's soo overrated at my school, I don't want to wear it anymore ><...........

  6. aaaah me encantan tus piernas!!! hahaha sorry tenia que decirlo!!! SIII!!! a mi una vez me paso y te juro me queria quitar todo y quedarme desnuda frente a la clase hahahaha ya que la chica que llevaba la misma blusa que yo me caia super mal r_r grrrr hahahaha desde entonces no la use jamas para ir a la escuela!

  7. Qué chulas las medias!! *0*
    A mi no me gusta nada llevar la misma ropa que otros, por eso evito las tiendas mas frecuentadas, que ademas son caras para lo que venden ¬¬
    Pero tranqui que seguro que tú luces mejor la chaqueta que los demas, hum!!! :P

  8. =0 Que horrorrrr!! ODIO DE VERDAD cuando veo a chicas con mi misma ropa! Por eso me gusta mucho comprar mi ropa por internet>_< Me gusta mucho sentirme original...
    Si te sirve de consuelo seguriiiismo que a ti te esta mucho mas mejol *^* <3!! Me enamore de esas medias..son super glam! Me enchantan!! *^* yo quisiera unas asi...pero nu me atrevo porqu soy tan torpe y las rompo tan rapido que pienso que no las merezco XDDDD

  9. omg!! you look so pretty!~ ooohhh i want those stickers ^^ they are so cute~

  10. uggh, same thing happened to me in school, i remember i just wanted to dissapear!, I never work that sweater again.
    your tights are so pretty!, where did you get them from?

  11. Ahahah yesss, me too. I had a bikerjacket in blue and the girl from school had a brown one, and you know, I didn't even notice it at first, it was some bitch in my class who was like ""ohhh you and another girl at school wear the same jacket, but in a different colour! Look''. Soooo embarrassing!
    That's why I avoid popular stores like h&m and stuff, since most people shop there right?

    I know your pain! :C Especially when it's a pretty jacket, then you just feel bad that you can't wear it all the time.

    But you could wear it to other events, or you could modify it a bit by stitching on some awesome things?! :D

  12. Aaargh I hate that feeling so much D:
    I love your tights! ^^

  13. siiii XDD por eso eh decicido que de ahora en adelante comprare todo por internet y tiendas no populares XDDDD!! La originalidad es importante.. quien quiere verse como todos!!!D:? nosotras no XD que aburrido.
    hahah! Sii de hecho tengo miedo de romperlas tambiennnn -__-U... soy horrible cuidando mediasss.. siento que me van a durar 6 veces a lo muchoooo ;___;!! mehhh!

  14. Aww graciasss!
    Nopeee es horriblee, yo me siento como una copia barata del monton XDDD!! </3
    Aunque si creo que se veia mejor XDD *ego mode on* haha

  15. XDDD hahaha gracias Miccahhh !!! ashhh noooo se siente peor cuando es alguien que te caee malllllll!!! D:< ! XDDD

  16. omggg what a bitch D:<!!!
    But yeah I think I'm going to start avoiding the mall xD.. cause the store where I got it is not even popular it's called Vivi fashion (or some weird name I don't remember) and it's small.. -___-U
    I guess I'll just get a new jacket xD, cause this one is "too normal" and I don't know what could I add to it to make it different :/ cause the design by itself is not that great XD!
    And yeah I'll just wear that jacket when I'm out of town XDDDD too make sure no one else has it hahahaha.

  17. I remember once I brought this cute green coat from Charolotte Russe for a very cheap sale price, and the next day, I saw at least two other people wearing green coats and thought they were the same as mine, I was worried they were the same exact jacket so I stalked them around for a bit and found out that it wasn't ahaha, but it is awful. >___<

    Really awesome sailor moon sticker and your tights are really pretty.

  18. A mi también me suele pasar!! xDD
    Pero no se, si la chica que lo lleva no me cae mal, no me desagrada del todo.

    Por cierto, ese cinturon me tiene enamoradaaa! *_____*

  19. That Happened to me once. I had bought a dress from Kohl's and the next day a girl in my english class had on the same one XD The outfit is awesome<3

  20. kirakiramidnightcircusApril 14, 2012 at 1:28 PM

    Wow, I love those stockings!

  21. I knowww righttt ;__;!! It also happen to me in high school and I never wore the hoodie again ><.. In fact I have it to my sister's friend XD hahah! I got the tights from Dream V (rakuten) I was trying to find the link but didn't find it ): so I don't know If they are still available...

  22. I knowww grrr XD!
    Thank you! :D

  23. hahahha I can totally picture you stalking them XDDDD! But good it wasnttttt!! :D!!
    Thank you soo much!!

  24. XDD awww siii es super molesto cuando la persona que lo lleva es una de las que te caen malllll!! D:<! trauma XD! haha!
    Aww graciassss guapa! *0*!! <3

  25. Dx yeah in my art class the girl wearing the brown jacket was sitting in front of me XD so I was hoping she wouldn't see me XD!.. I think she didn't ... but still.. ):

  26. I love those stockings! ♥ And awesome Sailor Moon sticker! And bubble tea ♥

    ~ Kieli ~

  27. I love those new tights!

  28. Yaaayy :D

    LOL I'm so late on this post, were you talking about that girl who was wearing the same jacket as you!?

  29. I don't know what "girl" you are refering to xD. I'm just talking about random girls I saw at school xD, and one of them was in my art history class, but I don't know her neither @_@U

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