Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stop giving me the "look" XD!

Hello everyone!! Ok so today I want to talk about looking "normal" and how society sucks XDD. While reading Sui Princess post she mentioned that "normal" looking girls were being rude to her and her friends just cause they looked different from everyone else.
I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this -___-... unfortunately people are so close minded, and criticize people that look out of the "normal" standards of society.

Here are some of the negative things people have said to me:
-Are you going to a carnival?
-Is not halloween yet!
-Aren't you cold in that little dress?
-You look like Nicky Minaj
-Are you trying to look like Lady Gaga?
-Cheetah girl !!

Fuuuuuuuuu!! XDDDDDDDDD

But at the end I think I get more compliments:
-You are so cute
-I love your lashes
-I like your outfit
-I love your hair
-You are so fashionable
-I like your nails
-You look like a  playboy bunny XDD haha


Still, people should stop saying negative things about our appearance!! -___-... I rather look different than "normal".... so if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all XD!!

Oh well the point is that: I refuse to look "normal" XDD! and people should be nicer and open minded....

and here is a funny pic XD
That's it for today! I'll reply to the comments from my last post as soon as I have time XDD!
I been doing homework.. I feel so smart I received a letter from my school saying that my GPA (grade point average) places in the top 3% of all students from my college *__* ! so they placed my name in the Honor List  *__*!
Thanks for reading!! and please tell me what you think about looking like everyone else  and if someone has called you names because of the way you look XD

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Belinda's look alike o__o??? XDDDDD

Hello everyone! today I didn't have school so
 I decided to practice some hair styles lol..
This one was inspired by Rox's post  "copy the look". Mine is obviously with straight hair XDDD
I think I look weird without my bangs XDD plus I was playing with the shape of my lower lashes and ended up looking weirder o__o!
I don't look like meeeee XDD:

I was going to show my sister but there is a Mexican singer/actress  called Belinda that has the same hair style ;__;so she was provably going to make fun of me XDDDD!
Darn it !!now I'm Belinda's look alike ;___; ....
Oh well I used to watch her "Telenovelas" (soap operas). XDD  "Amigos x Siempre", "Aventuras en el tiempo" and I don't remember more lol!! they were entertaining .___. ...... ok I admit it, I loved them! I used to know the lyrics of the songs and everything XDDDDD I denied watching them for a long time (I don't know why XD), but now everyone knows the truth o___o!!
Did you watch soap operas when you were little??
Do you know who Belinda is?? 
Uhh By the way!! look at what my friend Danny from made for me :
A super fancy signature!!! *0*!!! 
seriously thanks so much Danny <3! she always makes super cute graphics and I love her blog! she writes so professionally o__o! <3 <3 
That's it for today!! eat cake and be happy!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Movies+ Japanese candy=*__* ★★

Hello everyone hope you are all doing super good!!! 
Omg!, It's been a while ;___;! been so busy with school wahh!
Ok so on friday I went to Gabby's house!! and basically we ate a bunch of Japanese candy lol, watched movies and had a ninja adventure XD!

Nom nom candy *__*!

We ate enchiladas and had sparkling soda *__* 
to celebrate our late bdays :3 !

On Saturday the neighbors were having a "Quinceañera, which is like a sweet 16, but for latin people! so we dressed up to spy on them and see If we could crash the party XDDD!
We saw that everyone had dark hair so they were provably 
going to notice us lol! (since we are both have light hair)
This is my friend Gabby, as you can see she is super blonde!

We watched "Dinosaurs", "Bridesmaids", "Riding in Cars with Boys" and "Snog, Marry, Avoid" XDD I was a super lazy weekend of eating candy and watching movies XDDD!, I feel like I gained 3lbs hahaha !jk!
Oh well everyone that's it for today! and here is a picture I took on my way back home
Pretty sunset *__*!,
 but there was a crazy man in the train talking to himself o__o scary! XDD hahaha he said he was a secret agent lol!

Have a nice day everyone *0*8

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gaijin Gyaru Awards Nominees 2012 *__*!

Hello everyone!! omg! I'm super happy, today the results for the gaijin gyaru awards were released and I got nominated in 4 categories ;__;!:

★Best eye make up
★Most improved
★Best Style (newcomer)
★Sweetest Gyaru XD

I didn't expect to be nominated at all ;__; so this means a lot!
Thank you so much !!!
for nominating me, it really means a lot ◕_◕
Here is the link to vote for your favorite Gaijin Gyaru ^_^
Congrats to all the nominees and thanks to Lhouraii for making this,
they are all amazing

Friday, February 10, 2012

L'oreal extra bleach blonde review! *0*

Hello everyone!! yesterday I dyed my sister's hair! I used  the "205 extra bleach blonde by L'oreal" It was around $8 at Target!.
And since my sister's hair is long we got 2 boxes!

Each box comes comes with this: (and gloves +instructions XD)

This is the before pic! as you can see her hair is brownish/gold and her roots black:

We left the hair dye for 45minutes!

And this was the end result! as you can see it turned out super light!

Before and After
★It doesn't damage the hair as much as bleach does
★Easy to use
★Price is ok
★Doesn't take that long
★No need to use foil
★The top thing to apply the hair dye (cap) got clog!  so I had to pour it in a container and use a brush to apply it.

★Since this works as bleach, we are going to apply blonde hair dye to make the colour more vibrant and uniform (we'll provably do it next week)
★ Be careful with clothes, carpets and skin (specially if you have a tan XD) this will stain anything!

Here are some pictures of my sister's hair: 
****As you can see she had super black hair in December, 2011, then she got her hair professionally bleached at a salon, It took 4 hrs to turn it brown. 
And now it's finally blonde!
 I do NOT recommend to bleach it yourself if your hair it's super dark, get it done at a salon and then you can use a product like the one we used to make it lighter.
That's it for today and hope this review helps if you want blonde hair :D!
Have a nice day and be happy *0*!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

15 years from now *__* !

Hello everyone!! hope you are all fine and healthy!, I'm not ;__;, got the flu yesterday so my nose is watery and gross! TmT wahh!.
Oh well, have you ever wondered about the future? where are you going to live? where are you going to work? are you going to marry and have kids o__o?
I do ><... but since I don't know for sure all the answers I imagine the life I would like to have in 15 years from now! XD:

A nice house in the suburbs!, somewhere in Los Angeles, California :

I'll drive a Pink convertible car *__* Porsche!

★I'll have a Pomeranian!!
★I'll work at Pixar or Dreamworks *___* (doing 3d animation stuff)
And by then I'll hopefully be married XDDDD, so I better have 1 girl and 1 boy hahah!
Do you ever think about the future??
Where do you imagine yourself in 15 years from now o__o?? 
Please let me know!!
I hope in 15 years from now I can read this post and say "Yes! I accomplish everything I wanted *__*" that would be awesome! *0*!
That's it!! have a great day ^_^ and thanks for reading :D <3

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My big muscles XD

Hello everyone ! ok so today I was camwhoring and when I saw this pic I noticed my muscle (right  arm) o__o!! The gym is working yay !!! *__*

Hope I don't end up like this o__o I'll be soo madd:
Oh well here is a funny pic XD:

What do you think of super muscular women and men? hahah
Have a nice day *0*!