Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Belinda's look alike o__o??? XDDDDD

Hello everyone! today I didn't have school so
 I decided to practice some hair styles lol..
This one was inspired by Rox's post  "copy the look". Mine is obviously with straight hair XDDD
I think I look weird without my bangs XDD plus I was playing with the shape of my lower lashes and ended up looking weirder o__o!
I don't look like meeeee XDD:

I was going to show my sister but there is a Mexican singer/actress  called Belinda that has the same hair style ;__;so she was provably going to make fun of me XDDDD!
Darn it !!now I'm Belinda's look alike ;___; ....
Oh well I used to watch her "Telenovelas" (soap operas). XDD  "Amigos x Siempre", "Aventuras en el tiempo" and I don't remember more lol!! they were entertaining .___. ...... ok I admit it, I loved them! I used to know the lyrics of the songs and everything XDDDDD I denied watching them for a long time (I don't know why XD), but now everyone knows the truth o___o!!
Did you watch soap operas when you were little??
Do you know who Belinda is?? 
Uhh By the way!! look at what my friend Danny from Alternativekei.com made for me :
A super fancy signature!!! *0*!!! 
seriously thanks so much Danny <3! she always makes super cute graphics and I love her blog! she writes so professionally o__o! <3 <3 
That's it for today!! eat cake and be happy!


  1. Nino te ves preciosa!!!!! OMG!!! *O* I used to watch those novelas too, and I'm partial to her music.. me gusta mucho la de "Muriendo Lento" con Moderatto.. and my least favorite is Lolita! xDD pff, I had respect for her til she did the whole plastic surgery crap and redid pretty much her whole fckn face =___=

    Mi favorita novela has to be Clase 406! I wanna rewatch it... I just might!

    & de nada, Nino!...SPANGLISH FTW!!! <3

  2. you look so cute! :) <3 wish i could understand you're telenovelas.. i used to watch some filipino ones when i was younger, but they were very cheesy sometimes..lol

  3. REally sweet!Just as the mexican singer!
    Don't know her, but is really beauty *^*

  4. I don´t know her, but she looks very pretty! And you look look like her younger sister! =3

  5. You looks really pretty!!
    I think the looks is really gyaru XD
    So lovely.

  6. You are so cute :3

  7. I like this hairstyle :]
    And ahh yes, there is one novela I just love to this day! Al Diablo Con Los Guapos :D I am not sure if you know it, but I love it<3 haha
    And I also love Belinda, so I am probably going to check out the novelas you mentioned. I have some of her songs on my ipod<3

  8. I love your hair like this! :) You're so pretty as always~ When I was younger I used to watch Australian tv shows religiously, every day after school I'd watch Neighbours (know the song too haha) and the Sleepover Club :L xo

  9. Nino i think the that hairstyle looks adorable on you ^^. I used to watched belinda's novelas too, i loved them, i knew all of her songs by heart hahah, i denied I liked her for the longest time xD

  10. I love your blog so much, I am now following!


  11. Super cute Signature!! I totally love it!
    And your hair looks pretty good! ^^ ♥

  12. lol Belinda is beautiful as always and your look is awesome, I love it actually! :D

  13. I like your braid better than Belinda's.
    I do this hair style in the summer. It helps keep your bangs in place at the club so they don't get scattered and sweaty looking!!

    AND~ that's the reason I don't do my lower lashes droopy.. it doesn't look anything like me...And, I don't need it to make my eyes look larger. You look cute though :)

  14. qué bonito!!y mejor que Belinda xD yo aquí la conozco de algún disco que sacó y alguna peli la verdad que es wapisima n_n

  15. I can never do this braid because I cut my hair off (tear lol). I always see those braided hair head bands but they never have them in a color that match my actual hair. They are usually light brown or blonde....smh....diversity people (maybe next year when my hair grows back). http://www.roros-world.com

  16. Your braid is waaaay cuter!!! How do you make your hair grow so long? Help me D:

  17. Siii cuando yo era niña también veía las novelas jijijiji, creo que el estilo de peinado de belinda en la foto es muy lindo y la trensita que te hiciste es muy bonita también !!

  18. lol i used to watch the novelas too ^^

  19. I think that you do not look weird at all with your bangs like that!
    It suites you really well^^