Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy halloween! y suscribanse a nuestro canal de youtube! *0*

Hello everyone!! Happy Halloween!! hope you had lots of fun! :3
Today I dress up and gave candy to the little kids *0* they were so cuteeee!!, but took all the precious candy away from me ;__; sadddd.
Oh well as I mentioned before I'm in this super awesome youtube channel called Gyaru America Latina TV. With these super pretty gals *0*

This week we are going to talk about how we celebrate Halloween/Day of the death in our country :). I already made mine! I talk about how I celebrate halloween in California and show some clips and pics from the gal-loween event :D. (and yeah it's in Spanish XD..)

And here is the fan page for Gyaru America Latina TV FB Fan page  
Asi que si hablan o entienden espanol suscribanse XD! jeje!

Sean felices y coman muchos dulcess *0*

Sunday, October 30, 2011

House of Blues adventure! *0* SD

Hiiiiiiiiiii everyone!!!!!! hope you are all having an awesome Halloween weekend! *0* fun fun fun party party party!! hehe. The other day I went with my friend Gabby to the House of Blues, for a show! :3 It was my first time going there so I was excited!!

We got hungry so we went to a sushi place we found at downtown San Diego XD. It was happy hour! so we got sushi for cheap yay!!! we order 3 rolls!, the restaurant was really nice *0*

This is me eating XD..I wanted to take a pic with my friend but she wasn't being photogenic that day lol.. I wasn't neither -__-  I look  like shit tired (since I went to sleep at 3am the day before XD).

This is the "Viva Las Vegas" roll it was good and fancy looking XDDD

Four bands played! but my favorites were "Transit" and "Bayside". Seriously Transit has amazing vocals!! and was provably the best live band I've ever heard!

It was tons of fun!! *0*8 Can't wait to see Transit again! and go to the House of Blues when I'm 21, since I'll be able to sit in the second floor XDDDDD fancy lol.

And don't forget to check out Gyaru America Latina TV!! and subscribe, we have an amazing "cast/reporters" XD
this is my video >//<, I laugh a lot cause I'm nervous lol

Daniela will be writing a weekly recap in English in her blog every Sunday! *0*
Click here
Thanks for reading my blog *0* <3

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gal-loween event *0* fun fun fun!!

Hello everyone!! XD ashh haven't post anything since last week >< sorry I been super busy ;__; . Oh well as some of you knew there was going to be a gal-loween event in LA, so I went XD, here are some pics :):
Marissa and I, she always looks so cute >//<  she also won the category "Cutest costume"!! *0*
I met June for first time! we were both sailors!! cutest sailors evah :3 <3!! she won best "Gal-loween".
Me and my friend Gabby!! I invited her to come! she was the little mermaid XD we dyed her hair red!
Me, Gabby, my Sister and  Rachel!!. Hahah my sister and Rachel were the only ones dancing lol. they looked funny xP
Me and sweet Tricia! bunny powahhhhhh!! haha <3
Gabby, me and Risa. I met Risa for the first time (my friend Gabby already knew her haha) her costume was so sexy!! *0*

I also meet Amy! she wass so adorable >//<
Mooma, a Japanese singer performed at the event!! she was sooo cute and really talented *0* <3 so glad I got to take a pic with her!
Me and Michi! She and Tricia did an amazing job at hosting the event! everything was perfect! and everyone had so much fun!

I wish I had more pictures to post, but I'll just take them from other people lol.. maybe next week (If I find cool pics). Hahaha have fun celebrating halloween!! and thanks for reading my blog! *0* <3 love ya all and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYX lashes REVIEW, re-use them up to 10 times!!! Fav lashes ever! *0*

Hello everyone!!! hope you are all ok!! I'm fine, but I'm feeling weird since 2 of my classmates are going through a tough time U.U I don't really know them personally but the Design teacher keeps us updated about them, one of them tried killing himself last week, but didn't die and now he can't talk or move and the other one was diagnose with Cancer, now he is in Chemotherapy.  It is so sad ): . I send my best wishes to them and their families.
Well enough of sad stories D:.
A lot of people ask me what kind of lashes do I use, so I decided to make a review of my
Favorite lashes!! NYX EL123 and EL129
The lashes come in a presentation like this! and YES it includes glue!! so extra points for that!! The amount of glue is 1g/0.04fl.oz, which it's enough for 10 uses. It doesn't irritate my eyes and becomes tacky really quick!, not watery at all!
Model :EL129 Extreme measures
What I like: they are not very long but are voluminous and perfect for everyday use :)
Me wearing them!
Model:EL123 Bondage
What I like-These are long! so they are very noticeable!  love that! 
 Me wearing them!

And when I want to have long and voluminous lashes I combine them!! XD <3

★★PROS!! ★★
★★"Re-usable up to 10 times"-The package says that, and It is NOT lying!! you can really use them up to 10 times, the band it's super strong!! To clean them I usually just pull the glue out of the lash (do not try doing this with other lashes XD), "regular" lashes usually break or lose their form if you do that, but these stay intact  0_0 <3 I have use mine more than 10 times and they still in really good condition!
Easy to apply- It takes me 2 min to apply them yay! (something I can not do with other lashes since the stupid band does not cooperate D:!). As I said it before the band it's really well designed, it takes the form of your eye and does not pop out of the lash line.
★★Very Comfortable- These are light weight! so they are very comfy! perfect for people like me that wear a bunch of things in their eyes XD 
★★Price$$-I think the price it's good! I paid $4.50 for each pair in their website, which I think it's worth it! it's like paying $4.50 for 10 lashes *0*(since you can re-use them). I've seen them in regular stores and they are $6.50 I think (which is still a good price)
★★Storage-If you don't have an eyelash case, you can easily store them in their original package :)

★★Small amount of glue included- If you want the glue to last do not make mistakes and try to use the exact amount you'll need -___-... seriously they should include more glue XDD.

And that's it for today!
Love my lashes ;__;, I don't know what I would do without them XD hahaha.  Same goes to my followers (replace "lashes" for followers lol)
Have a nice day and eat healthy!!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gyaru America Latina TV (GAL tv) *0*

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Hello Everyone!! Some amazing Latin American Gals and I been working in a a new youtube channel called Gyaru America Latina Television (GAL TV) So if you speak or understand Spanish you should definitely SUBSCRIBE!!  haha we will be talking about life, gal stuff and a bunch of other fun/random things XD <3 

Chil - blog
Kokoa - blog
Daniela- blog
Miccah - blog
Valentina - blog

They are all super pretty and nice *0* <3, I'm really glad that I have the opportunity to collaborate in this project with  them  :).  
The first episode will launch October 24th and each one of us will post a video once a week, so yeah that's a total of 24 episodes per month *0*8. The day each one of us is going to appear it's TOP SECRET! so you'll  have to watch If you want to know which day I'll appear XD haha so excited :).  
I want to thank Daniela for doing such an amazing job with the video and the super cute animated gif ^ 
That's it for today! now I need to do homework -__-.
Bye bye! and thanks for reading :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

EOS Candy Green lenses review and photo shoot preview *0*

Hello everyone!! hope you are all doing fine!! the weather here in California it's crazy!! today I went to the post office and it was hot and sunny in the morning so I wore a summer dress and sandals, but after 1 hour it became super cloudy and windy!! D: wth!?! plus a crazy supeeerrr fat lady was talking to her candy and then called me beautiful wahh ;__; so traumatized!Ok enough of craziness! now onto the review!

Quick info:
Manufacturer: EOS
Water content:38%
Life span: 1 year disposal

Without Flash
With flash

Colour: ★★★★★ - I really like these lenses! they look green and natural!*0* , they also blend in with my natural eye colour so well!!. Even though they have no special design I think they are really pretty!!
Comfortableness: ★★★★★- These are very comfy! In general I think EOS makes super comfy lenses I can wear them for 8 hours without the need of eye drops!! love them!
Enlargement-★★★★★-They do enlarge the eye :D and as I said before 14.5mm is my perfect size!
Overall-★★★★★-Love them!! 

They look dark in the pics, in real life and natural light they look brighter and greener! *0*)
Ok so last week I had a photo shoot with Michael Cabusi XD It was my first photo shoot so I was kind of nervous since I don't know how to pose ;__; .. This is a preview, we took a lot of pictures XDDD. The theme was summer :).

Isn't he (Cabusi) great!?? I don't look as awkward as I thought I would ^0^ yay <3 Can't wait to see how the other pics came out!  I'll post them when I get them! :)
Thanks for reading my blog I really appreciate it! *3*  and thanks to my old an new followers! Love you all!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

My halloween costume!, gal-loween, yummy food and I still suck at tennis ;__;

Hello everyone!! hope you are all doing well!! Today the tennis coach called me Lazy ;__; because I didn't run to get the ball XD, and according to her I wasn't playing with enthusiasm and I didn't pay attention to the instructions (that she's been repeating for the last month, I'm too slow to understand stupid tennis rules XDDDD), but according to me today I did my best and I'm serious, usually me and my partner take 20 min water breaks LOL, talk and stand around doing nothing lazyyyyyy, so yeah the teacher was right XDD, I'm lazy, but next time if I don't run after the ball she is going to make me run 1 mile D:!!! scaryyy!
Oh well! Yesterday I went to the mall with my mom, sister and brother in law XD!
We spend like 6 hours at the mall XD so we obviously got hungry!!
Yummy food! and sushi from the mall XD, we told the people at the sushi place that we wanted fresh sushi and they were like take that one, it's fresh! and then after my sister ate it all we read that the sushi was made at 12pm! and it was 5pm!! liars!! that it's not fresh D:!
My mom bought shoes and 3 dresses!, my sister got a purse and shoes and I got my halloween costume!! *0*8, so excited It's super cute, but instead of the sailor hat I'm wearing bunny ears XDD so I'll be a Sailor bunny! OMG can't wait for Halloween! I'm going to the gal-loween event with my sister and other friend! and it's going to be sooo much fun!! If you live in California near the L.A area you definitely have to go!
And this was my outfit from yesterday! *w*

Thanks for reading!! and please tell me If you are excited for halloween!!? what are your plans? what are you going to wear! :3?

Bye and have a nice day!! *0*

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Latin American Gyaru Awards Winners!!

Helo everyone!! :D ok so I finally made the video to announce the winners of the LAG 2011!!! 
If you didn't watch the LAG 2011 nominees video watch it!
Sorry I couldn't make it on time, school is consuming my life XDD!! Sorry no subtitles ;___;.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!!
Check out their blogs :):
Best hair- Kokoa Sanchez
Best clothing-Chiil Kwon
Best nails-Kokoa Sanchez
Best general make up-Kokoa Sanchez
Best eye make up-Valentina Socrates
Best Gyaru mama-Rina Takehisa
Best blog- Kokoa Sanchez
And thank you to everyone that supported these awards!!
I also hope these awards become bigger and better next year!! ( have a good program to edit the video XDD)and that the Latin American Gyaru community grows! we need more Latin American Gals!! *0*
Be Happy and eat yummy food!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Giveaway WINNER and Gal meet up :D!!

Hello everyone!! sorry I been a bad blogger U_U, I been super busy D:! Oh well now I will announce the winner of my giveaway! :D and the winner is
Congratulations! I'll be sending you an e-mail soon!

In other news, last Tuesday I went to L.A to meet up with some gals :),  they were all superrr nice!!! and all of them looked super pretty!! *0* <3 Now I have another reason to move to LA haha XD.
I'm so dumb so I forgot my camera -___-,
these are pics taken from Chris Noda.

Group picture! :D.. I just notice that 4 of us are wearing white haha!
Me looking at the "Baby foot" treatment thing,  It's supposed to get rid of the dead skin on your foot! I bought it for my mom! and she was really happy! we'll try it today!!  :D
So that's it for today!  Congratulations to the winner and thanks for participating in my first giveaway :)
Have a nice day and be happy!!