Sunday, October 30, 2011

House of Blues adventure! *0* SD

Hiiiiiiiiiii everyone!!!!!! hope you are all having an awesome Halloween weekend! *0* fun fun fun party party party!! hehe. The other day I went with my friend Gabby to the House of Blues, for a show! :3 It was my first time going there so I was excited!!

We got hungry so we went to a sushi place we found at downtown San Diego XD. It was happy hour! so we got sushi for cheap yay!!! we order 3 rolls!, the restaurant was really nice *0*

This is me eating XD..I wanted to take a pic with my friend but she wasn't being photogenic that day lol.. I wasn't neither -__-  I look  like shit tired (since I went to sleep at 3am the day before XD).

This is the "Viva Las Vegas" roll it was good and fancy looking XDDD

Four bands played! but my favorites were "Transit" and "Bayside". Seriously Transit has amazing vocals!! and was provably the best live band I've ever heard!

It was tons of fun!! *0*8 Can't wait to see Transit again! and go to the House of Blues when I'm 21, since I'll be able to sit in the second floor XDDDDD fancy lol.

And don't forget to check out Gyaru America Latina TV!! and subscribe, we have an amazing "cast/reporters" XD
this is my video >//<, I laugh a lot cause I'm nervous lol

Daniela will be writing a weekly recap in English in her blog every Sunday! *0*
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  1. Looks like a lot of fun!
    Yummy sushi:)

  2. My sister always told me people under 21 are not allowed in the House of Blues because of the drinking D: All those times we could've went! lol

  3. we are like twins! we like all the same things !! *0* i was watching it and i was amazed :o we even have the same goal to go to shibuya and spend a lot of money lol~~

  4. I'm extremely jealous XDD! I was DYINGGGG to see my favorite band Saves The Day play, and even Bayside.. I'm such a fan ;___; Ne, you're so lucky!!!!!

  5. aw las pocas veces que e ido al house of blues me a encantado ^^ !! y ese lugar de sushi suena bien =p haha n.n Besos chikaa TKM <3

  6. What an awesome night! Looking cute as always!