Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sponsored review: Morning Glory Violet (WFL-A31)

Hello everyone!! hope you are doing well *__*! I'm sick ;__; wahhh, I'm so mad cause I was telling my friend last week that I didn't get sick the whole year D:!
Ok so now lets move to the review which kindly sponsored :)!

The lenses where shipped 12/20/2011
and arrrived: 12/23/2011
They came with a case :D and it was my fav color pink yay!

Quick info:
Color: Violet (WFL-A31)
Series- Flower
Water content:42%
Life span: 1 year disposal

Without flash

With Flash

Natural light

You can get them HERE 

I'm sure these purple lenses would look soo much better in lighter eyes! cause my eyes are really dark and you can't really appreciate the beautiful design ;__;. What I love is that you can tell they are purple, but do not look scary!

Now picture time XD(I tried looking not so sick lol)

That's it for today! and omg o__o almost 500 followers XDDDD wahh! so excited.
And uhh it's almost 2012! I still don't have any plans for new years eve ;__; wahh.
 Thanks for reading :) 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Feliz Navidad!!!

Feliz Navidad everyone! hope you all had a great xmas and received lots of presents o_o!! I didn't get any ;__; since I got all my xmas presents in november XD (iMac, $$$, Disneyland trip). But here is a pic of the presents my family got XD!

We got a little xmas tree from my mom's friend so I we were trying to decorated it!

And here is how it end up looking XDD super HUGE xmas tree!!! hahaha

And we had dinner! my parents invited 4 marines, and one of them was a girl and she was really weird o__o she was 20 and said to me "you are very beautiful", awkward... she was masculine looking too XD wahh! 
I took some pics of me but I did my eye make up really catty looking XDD so I look weird o__o
Oh well, got these lenses from so I'll review them next time! *__*  can't wait to try them on XD purple !

That's it for today! and omg!! it's almost 2012 o__o! I have no idea what I'm doing for new year's!! wahhhh!!
Please tell me what you got for xmas and what did you eat!! *__*

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I "saved" a lot money *_* $$$$$... XD

Hello everyone!! yesterday I went xmas shopping!! I thought It was going to take like 5 hours but forgot that I don't have a big family lol,
so it only took 2 hrs :3
I bought pajamas for everyone XD, so creative!!!!
It's funny cause according to jcpenny I "saved" $78 hahaha!!! They put the prices really high and then do the "Discount" which in my opinion is the real value of the stuff -__-. According to them one of the pajamas
original value was $60 and I got them for $19! XDD
(which is provably the original price lol)

My outfit *_*
I was going to wrap everything today but found out that I forgot to buy clear tape XDD so I'll do it tomorrow -__-
That's it for today! and tell me:
How much did you "save" XD?, Are you done wrapping all your presents *__*?
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random pics+ traditional xmas food nom nomz :P

Hello everyone!!! *__* are you ready for xmas!!?? I'm not!! o____o!!!!! I haven't buy anything  XDDD awwwwwww I really need to do some xmas shopping tomorrow! xP wahh.
So the other day I got these Minnie mouse ears but didn't have  cute pictures with them so I took some yesterday :3:

I look so happy :3
Ok enought of random pics XD!!
Don't you miss being a little kid in xmas time ;__;??
I do, I stopped believing in Santa when I was 14 ;___; wahhh, and that's only because my mom told me he wasn't real! T___T </3 it was a sad day I'll never forget XDD.
Every xmas before that happen my sister and I would get up at 4:00am  and open the presents!! *__* and play the whole day! fun fun fun!
When I lived in Mexico grandma used to send us Hallacas every xmas!, a traditional Venezuelan food that we eat only in the holidays!!
They have 3 different kinds of meat, olives, raisins and other stuff I don't remember ;__; I haven't eat them in sooooo long (7 years) and haven't find a place where they sell them, and even If I do I'm sure they won't be as good as grandma's ;___; wahhh miss them.
When I have a family I'm going to make them :D, they are a lot of work and take forever to make >< but I want my kids to enjoy them as much as I did!
Another food grandma will always send was the "Torta Negra" soo good !! 

Let me know what kind of traditional food you eat in xmas!! *__* and at what age you stopped believing in Santa ;__;
That's it for today and thanks for reading my blog :D!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quick update! *___*

Hello everyone!! sorry I haven't post anything in a while XDD I been super busy with finals ;__;, but it's finally over!! yayay I'm free! today I took my last final *__* hope I did well :3! and hope I pass my business class XDD (I took it cause I wanted to learn ;__; a.k.a a class I don't need for my career lol, and I'm never doing it again D:!). Also I hope I don't get a C in tennis class, people are going to know I'm super lazy XXDDDD!!...

Uh and thank you to everyone that commented in my eye makeup tutorial video *__* I'm so happy I got soo many positive responses!!! It means a lot ;____; <3 love you all!!

Yesterday I got inspired and decided to make an activity with the Latin American community call "Before and after, year 2011"!
and here is my 2011 improvement!  *_____* 
Antes- Before, March 2011   Ahora-Now XDD

That's it for today!! I'll update often in the next weeks ! since I'll be free ^0^8 ! 
Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My gyaru eye makeup tutorial! *_*

Hello everyone!!! some of you have been requesting me to do an eye makeup tutorial, so I finally did it XD. It's my first tutorial ever and yeah I'm wearing my pajamas (I always do my make up first and then get dress up and do my hair lol)..Oh well hope you find it helpful XD and I'm kind of bad at explaining things so hope you understand my instructions XDDDDDD hahah

Let me know what you think ^_^, and If you have any questions feel free to ask! *_*

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happiest place on earth! *_*

Hello everyone!!! *_* how was your weekend? hope it was fun! Mine was tons of fun fun fun!! I went to Disneyland!! yay I was so excited XD since It was my first time there (I know weird since I been living in California for a long time XDD).

My friend Gabby and I in the happiest place on earth!
Me trying to get into the little house *_* (It was a fail, the door was locked XDD)
Me in a giant Tea cup!

My favorite part was the Christmas parade *_* It was so much fun!!!! and I felt the xmas spirit!

My favorite ride was "It's a small world" *__* soo pretty! and in xmas they decorate it for the holidays!! so it's even better! If you come to disneyland you HAVE to go there! it's so magical!!

The haunted mansion was awesome *__* it was decorated specially for xmas !

And my friend Gabby gave me a bday present! *__* omg lots of cute stuff and the little pink bag was filled with Japanese candy!!! my favorite!! nom nomz! (I already ate half XD)!
I had so much fun!! I went in a lot of rides, the lines moved super fast *__*! which made me really happy, in most of them I had to wait only 25 minutes!! and it was a Sunday so yay for Disneyland!!
Grrr we wanted to take a pic with Cruela Devil but she was being a bitch and walked away, meanie!! she is evil ;__;!
Oki that's it for today!!  *3*

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Geo XCM-212 Super Size Angel Blue review

Hello everyone!! *0* hope you are all doing really well. I'm excited cause I'm going to disneyland tomorrow >///< can't wait. Ok so 2 weeks ago I won free circle lenses from *0* It's the first time I win something XD! and they finally arrived *__*.

Quick info:
Water content:38%
Life span: 1 year disposal
With Flash

Without flash
Natural light
Colour: ★★★★★ -I love them!! they are super blue! and don't look scary *__*
Comfortableness: ★★★★★-Really comfortable, I couldn't feel them at all the first 3 hours XD
Enlargement-★★★★★-These are a little bit bigger than what I usually get, and I'm really liking this size *____* <3
Overall-★★★★★- I seriously love these lenses I think I'm going to order them in another colour too ! very happy :D!

And here are some pics of me wearing them!!

If you want blue eyes I would definitely recommend these *__* they are so blue and don't look scary XD. Yay now I'm blonde and have blue eyes XDDDD!.
Uhh and I finally dyed my hair, It's lighter *0* !!! And thanks to everyone that said happy b-day in my last post!! <3 haha! 
Thanks for reading my blog ^_^8
****I also have these in GREEN, click HERE for the review *****