Saturday, September 29, 2012

Downtonw SD+ I'm a WaCow charming girl!

Hello everyone!! The other day I went out with Christina ^0^! 
we went to a Hookah place in Downtown San Diego!
We had gelato (Italian ice-cream *¬*) and hookah lol!. We were there for hrs! and Christina tried to teach me cool hookah tricks! But I'm a fail ;___;..
 need more practice o___o! We had blue something flavor (forgot the name) after that we walk around Downtown San Diego!!

omg!! it took us forever to get a descent pic, I closed my eyes in most of them ;___; I don't know why, but that's been happening to me a lot lately -____-U
Funny face xD
(eww my black roots are showing ><... don't worry I already re-touched them :'3)

My outfit, I ended up leaving my shirt out cause it was hot @__@
I had a good time chilling with Christina! we have so much stuff in common, can't wait to see her again soon :D!

And omg xD! Elly just posted this:
Yepp! that's all of us (Cindy, Stephanie, Michi, Kayo, Elly, Tricia and I) in a Chinese magazine called Wacow haha! We are charming girls ^0^8! so cute <3

That's it for today!! 
Bye bye!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Shooping day with Rosie ^__^!

Hello everyoneee! The other day I went out with Rosie ^__^!!
(We both had pink hair xDDDD! haha)
First we went to Fashion Valley and bought stuff at forever 21! , 
after that we got hungry so we ate sushi *¬*! <3, then we went to the Japanese book store where we bought magazines and then to other 2 Japanese stores were Rosie bought lashes and then we bought Hello kitty Stuff!

All the nom nom food we ate (^0^)8.. it was too much, 
we were super full at the end @__@!

And here is my outfit! I love my leopard wedges ^0^!! and I'm so happy that Rosie and I are the same height, so I don't look like a giant with them on. I don't usually wear high heels cause everyone is shorter than me ;____;, and I don't like looking too big xP.

Oh well we also filmed a video for our collaborative youtube channel "Gyaru America Latina TV" the first part is in English and the second part in Spanish lol. Everyone thinks Rosie's Spanish is better than mine ;____;! even tho my first language is Spanish and Rosie  just started learning Spanish not too long ago XDDDD I'm a retard!! also the way I laugh is sooo annoyingggg xDDD omg! hahaha!

That's it for today ^__^ 
bye bye!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vassem Lily 3 Tone Brown Review + GIVEAWAY! [sponsored by]

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing well ^__^
This is the second part from my sponsored review by
Last time I review the Vanssen Rainbow Eyes Greenish Blue!

-Colour: ★★★★★ -Aww I think I'm officially a fan of Vassen! the colour is so vibrant and pretty *__*, since I saw Sayoko Ozaki and other Nuts models wearing lenses of this colour I been wanting to get them!! the colour is super pretty more like a gold colour I think xDD, I don't know but I love them!
-Comfortableness: ★★★★★--As the other lenses, these are also so comfy *__*
-Enlargement-★★★★☆-These are perfect if you don't want to make your eyes super huge!
-Overall ★★★★★-I love themmmm *___*!!

And here are some pic:

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Plus each pair comes with a FREE animal case and a face or eye mask ^__^

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Vassen Rainbow Eyes Greenish Blue sponsored review by

Hello everyone!! The other day I got a super cute package from
they packed everything so nicely in cute fancy boxes *__*!!and they sent me a super cute thank you note <3 definitely the cutest packaging I've ever receive from a Circle lens store :D!
Ok so they sent me 2 pairs of Circle lens to review ^__^! the Lily 3 tone Brown and the Rainbow Eyes Greenish Blue (both by Vassen). 
In this post I'll be reviewing the Rainbow Eyes Greenish Blue!
Super cute packaging *__*! <3

-Colour: ★★★★★ -Love it!  the color is so vibrant and is perfect for dark eyes, cause it shows up really well!! And I love the yellow colour in the center !!
-Comfortableness: ★★★★★--Really comfy! I wore them for 9hrs and didn't bother me!
-Enlargement-★★★★★-These make your eyes look big and pretty, without looking like an alien!, people at the store told me I had beautiful eyes ^0^! haha
-Overall ★★★★★-I'm really in love with these lenses, the color, design and everything is perfect!, these are my mom's favorite lenses xD haha!

And here are some pics ^__^! (without flash)!. 
You can see the colour shows up really well even indoors *0*!

They are soo pretty *0*! If you like them you can get them HERE!
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Stay tuned for my next review on the Vassen Lily 3 Tone Brown + a surprise ^__^!

That's it for todayy 
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Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm in a japanese website + shinny nails!!!

Hello everyoneee!!
Hope you are all doing well! *0*!
 Ok!, so Kayo, Tricia and I are models for a Japanese circle lens online store XDD lol! I think is funny, would have never expected I was going to end up in a Japanese site xDDDDDDDDD! haha! Here is the screenshot of the page :D!

Alsooo! I got new nailsss!! can't wait to wear them omg!!!
(plus they smell like strawberry lol)

And here is a random creepy pic from yesterday XD!!
 I always wanted a twin sister ;_____;
That's it for todayyy!
Bye bye!! ^0^!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dolly Wink Pencil eyeliner in black review! (sponsored by Artie)

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all doing well ^__^!
Today I'm going to review the Dolly Wink Pencil eyeliner in black that kindly sponsored!
This is the package *____* soooo cute!
It has a big bow and Tsubasa's face xP! I couldn't throw it away, so I put it as decoration in my room XD! haha!

This is how the eyeliner looks like when you first get it! soo cute ;___;!

1-You can make thin or thick lines!

2-It doesn't smudge at all, not even with water o__o! I don't  know if it's supposed to be waterproof, but I think it is, it took me forever to get it off my hand with water! and even though I was rubbing it really hard, it didn't smudge *0*!

Here how it looks on my eye, it is more like a charcoal color :/, not as black as I expected.

Packaging ★★★★★ -Cutest packaging everr! so pink and pretty *___*!
Color ★★☆☆☆- It is too light :/ I guess is good if you are aiming for a soft look
Texture ★★★★★- Love it, very soft! it applies smoothly and evenly
Plus I love that it does not smudges and is waterproof!

Overall- ★★★☆☆

I you liked it you can get it HERE
And if you spend $20 or more at  Artie you can get 10% off by using the
CODE: Yummy

That's it for today!!
Bye bye!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

GAL VIP the first gaijin gyaru magazine is finally out!!

Hello everyone!! this past week I been working with Rox designing model layouts for GAL VIP magazine!
And the magazine is already out and FREE to download!!!
everyone is so exciting cause it looks amazing and everyone worked really hard to make this happen!!
All the pages look super good and the models are super pretty and gorgeous and handsome in Daniel's case lol!

So here it is! please enjoy ^__^!


********Password to access: galvip109 (no caps)********

And here are my two pages ^__^
That's it for today!!
 Let me know If you liked the magazine *__*!

Friday, September 7, 2012

GAL VIP magazine preview! xD!

Hello everyone!! I'm so sorry I haven't blog in a long time TmT I been super busy with Gal VIP magazine! we are all doing a lot of work since the first issue is going to be released this Monday!!!
here is the official facebook event page please join ^__^ we have a special surprise for everyone in the first issue! So Exciting!

Oh well I been doing model layouts XD!! mine are so pink *0*! plus all the models look soo good *¬* omggggg!! I love gaijin gyaru!

here is a little pixelated preview of one of my pages XDD hahha!
I'm really excited and nervous for Monday >0< omg!
and here is a random pic of Elly and me xD:

Oh well that's it for today !
Bye bye!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sushi + random stuff XD!

Hello everyone!!! Yesterday I went to the mall and bought lots of leopard stuff at forever 21 and ate sushi *¬* <3 nom nomz
This is seriously the best sushi in SD XD! I been addicted to it since I was 18 lol! soo good!

This is the Play Boy roll! it has lots of cream-cheese, avocado, salmon, shrimp and cucumber *¬* so good!!

And this is the Geisha Roll! is sweet and fried *__*!
and it also has lots of cream-cheese XD!

Today the neighbors were having a garage sale XD and my mom bought this cute hat for me! the neighbors were really happy we bought it instead of a stranger, cause this hat belonged to her grandma, they want to see me wear it hahaha XDD!
I love itttt *0*! can't wait for winter!

Lately I been inspired by Sayoko Ozaki,  so yesterday I decided to try a makeup inspired by her xD
I feel I look super weird @__@U I don't know...

Oh well, this was my outfit XD

That's it for today ^0^
 bye bye!