Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dolly Wink Pencil eyeliner in black review! (sponsored by Artie)

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all doing well ^__^!
Today I'm going to review the Dolly Wink Pencil eyeliner in black that kindly sponsored!
This is the package *____* soooo cute!
It has a big bow and Tsubasa's face xP! I couldn't throw it away, so I put it as decoration in my room XD! haha!

This is how the eyeliner looks like when you first get it! soo cute ;___;!

1-You can make thin or thick lines!

2-It doesn't smudge at all, not even with water o__o! I don't  know if it's supposed to be waterproof, but I think it is, it took me forever to get it off my hand with water! and even though I was rubbing it really hard, it didn't smudge *0*!

Here how it looks on my eye, it is more like a charcoal color :/, not as black as I expected.

Packaging ★★★★★ -Cutest packaging everr! so pink and pretty *___*!
Color ★★☆☆☆- It is too light :/ I guess is good if you are aiming for a soft look
Texture ★★★★★- Love it, very soft! it applies smoothly and evenly
Plus I love that it does not smudges and is waterproof!

Overall- ★★★☆☆

I you liked it you can get it HERE
And if you spend $20 or more at  Artie you can get 10% off by using the
CODE: Yummy

That's it for today!!
Bye bye!!


  1. I agree, the color is really light. But looks really good anyway. but I think with eyeshadow it wont be seen anymore xD

  2. I have it but Im not such a big fan of this eyeliner >.<
    I prefer the Jill Stuart liner <3

  3. The color is light but it does look like a good liner. Is it darker with buildup? I heard the liquid liner was kinda crappy though XD

  4. Yeah I wish it was darker :/....

  5. Yeah me neither, I only like the packaging xDD! <3

  6. yeah the quality is really good and I love that it doesn't smudges!! but is disappointing that is not too dark... I went over it twice and it didn't get any darker :/ ...

  7. I dont like pencil liners because they always turn out too light. But it does seem like good quality. I'm sure the liquid liner is much better!

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