Saturday, September 24, 2011

Got Halloween Costume?

Hello everyone! ok so for halloween I want to be a playboy bunny, but since I can't find something that looks like the original costume I think I'm going to get this one!, If I can find it in black XDDD, I been looking for it but they only seem to have it in pink ;__;.

So If can't find that costume I think I'll be the bunny from Alice in Wonderland XD.

The truth is that I want to be Marie Antoinette ;__;, but the costume is so expensiveeeeee!!! and I'm not willing to spend $100 in a costume I'm only going to wear once!!. Halloween costumes should not be that expensive grrr, I mean you only get to wear it one time and then next year you have to get a new one!( since everyone will remember your costume and you'll have pictures with it XD outfit repeater much?)

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do in Halloween @_@, I might go with my sister to a party or trick or treating XDDD (love free candy!)
What are you going to be for halloween?? Do you have any plans!? :D let me know!
Thanks for reading! *w*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

San Diego mall :D !!

Hello everyone! how are you doing! :D Hope you are all doing well!! Ok so today I woke up at 5:30am as usual to go to school, I got to my first class at 8am and oh surprise! the class got canceled because the teacher was sick! Ahhhhhh! I woke up early for nothing D:<. So since my next class was until 12pm I decided to skip that class XD (I skipped tennis class so It wont affect me, I just didn't want to wait 4 hours at school doing nothing!). I went back home got ready and went to the mall at Downtown San Diego <3. My sister's husband went with me since he didn't have anything to do XDD
I was hungry XD so I bought some Indian food nom nomz, It doesn't look yummy but it is, so if you like spicy (lots of spices/condiment, not hot) food, you are going to love Indian food! *0*
And the mall it's an open mall so yeah you can feel the fresh air and sun :D! and it's super big!
Pretty buildings in downtown San Diego!
and more buildings!
T__T wahh I was sad cause I didn't find anything!! seriously wth! D:. I only bought some bracelets and this glasses from Aldo -__-.. ashhh. XD
So that's it for today! This weekend I'm going to the mall with my mom and sister I hope I can find something D: I really need new clothes!! T__T  
Have a yummy day and be happy!
Thanks for reading my blog :3
**Pretty ring!! I want it *0*

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gyaru improvement meme XD

Hello everyone!! :D today I'm going to show you my gyaru improvement meme XD. I took it from Lizzie a super cute gal and here is the link to get the format!
I think I have improved *w*, what do you think?
Ok, so  I haven't been a gal for a long time XDD (as you can see), but I can say this :ANYONE can be gyaru!!  just put effort in your make up and hair!:D
And yeah when I say ANYONE  I mean it: skinny, fat, white, yellow, black, brunette, blonde, ginger, tall, short, curly hair, straight hair!!  So be motivated and don't let other people bring you down!  Also having your own style it's important, you don't want to be a copy, individuality rocks! XDD haha..
Hope my weird newbie speech motivates you! :3.
Be happy!! ^0^  and let's improve everyday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Which one. 0_0.?? help me! decide!!

******* UPDATE- Thanks everyone for helping me decide :D I already made a new banner :D Hope you like it XDD <3 Love you all *w*
Hello everyoneeeee :D!!. As you noticed I changed my template, and as I mentioned in my previous post I want to change the banner also XD.  But I can't decide which picture should I use:/ .. So I need your HELP! Just leave a comment with the number of the pic you like better :D hehe:

Thanks for your help and have an awesome weekend! !!
): I wish I had a photographer or someone that could take pics of me T__T  I always have to take all my pics XDD wahhh.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Template!! +Disqus+ Pomeranian

Hello Everyone!! notice something different??, Yay! got a new template! :D hope you like it XD I do, It looks more.. humm white? haha Let me know what you think! ^0^. I also want to make a new banner *w* so maybe tomorrow I'm going to take some pics and then will post the 3 that I like the best here and you guys will help me choose the pic that I will put in my new banner ♡♡♡ yay! I also added Disqus! I love to reply to your comments, but the way I had it before wasn't practical XD. So yay :D
Uhh I also want a pomeranian XD, I'm so traumatized with those dogs, they are soooooo cute!! I want a teacup  ♡♡ but my mom says that I can't get one until I get my own place T__T wahh. I need a friend XDD

Uh uh! so today I got my tests results and got an A in both, math and business! yay I'm so smart XD ♡
What a random post LOL.. Oh well thanks for reading my blog!! ♡♡♡♡ and keep eating yummy food *w*..
Aww Italian, Japanese and Mexican= Favorite food ever!!!

Random**My dream car hahahaha

Monday, September 12, 2011

Buffet= Fattie mode on!! ♡♡ + Formspring

Today was my step dad's b-day, so we decided to take him to a fancy place!! XDDD (not really), a buffet place that we all love, since the food it's really good and all my family, including me eat like pigs XDD! so it's perfect XD haha.
The super fancy 5 star restaurant XD...not!!!! haha. The person standing near the door asked us for a cigarette and we said that we didn't smoke, so she said "that's why you girls are so pretty" :D <3 so don't smoke XD
My sister's plate! Her food was organized and the presentation was yummy, mine was all in a pile XD and looked gross, that's why I'm posting her food instead of mine XDD. Anyways I ate 4 plates of food, fattieeee!! XD <3 (I seriously feel I gain like 4 lbs XD)
 That's me drinking lemonade!.( ash my nails are so grosss!!! XD) The buffet was full of Thai people, and one of them was taking pics of me without my permission XD, oh well I hope I look good XDD haha

And then we drove home super fast!! to get home before my step dad and get the cake and presents ready ! I made that b-day card ! :D It has lots of glitter, but you can't see it D: grr..
Oh well that's what I did today! Uhh and I have a formspring thingy ----------->
So ask me anything!! I'll answer, except if it's something really vulgar!! D:<, and I also have an e-mail , you can contact me there... XD If you have any questions, suggestions, or other weird stuff!!  but don't send me stupid e-mails saying that I won $100,000,000 and that I only need to pay you $150 to be able to get the check XDDD I'm not that dumb -__- ..
I'm super full!! Thanks for reading my blog and eat yummy food! :D

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

EOS candy magic brown Review

I been looking for brown circle lenses since last month, I bought the Geo Bambi Chocolate (Princess Mimi) last month and they looked really bad, so I decided to buy the EOS candy magic brown, since it's really popular, has good reviews and they look really cute in the popteen models. So I got them 2 days ago and I'm kind of sad, they are not what I was expecting :/, they look too dark.
Quick info:
Life Span- 1 year disposal
Water content-38%

With Flash
Without flash

Colour: ★★★★☆ - You can appreciate them better in real life, the design it's cute, but I was expecting my eyes to look lighter XD. They also look very natural.
Comfortableness: ★★★- They were confy :D
Enlargement-★★★★★-They do enlarge the eye :), I like 14.5mm not too small or big.
Overall-★★★★☆ Just because I thought my eyes were going to look lighter XD, but they look natural so yay <3

Now I have to study for a test -__-  grrr and I have a headache and it's freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!! wth? I thought it was supposed to be Fall already! D: .
Yesterday was raining in the morning so everyone was wearing fall clothes XD and then It became suuuuuuuper hot!! like 90°F!!!  everyone was dying! including me, I was wearing tights, boots and long sleeve!! seriously I couldn't breath T__T wahhh ok.. enough!! I really need to study XDD
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Uhh and If you know some circle lenses that would look "Light brown" in my eyes please tell me the name! :D I need to know!! ><...
Ashh got distracted again D: oki Bye everyone have a nice day and don't trust the weather channel!! I'll study now >< lazyyyyyyyyy

Saturday, September 3, 2011

★★★My first GIVEAWAY!!★★★

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all doing well! :D. As you can see this is my first giveaway! I reached 200 followers!! in a short period of time, since I first posted in July 6, 2011. I feel super special T__T thanks everyone for reading my blog!♡♡ . I want to thank you all by doing this giveaway :)
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-Ed Hardy 2 year planner
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This giveaway is OPEN internationally !!
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Good Luck everyone :D!!!!

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