Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Favorite Cartoons of all time! :D

I'm sure we all have a favorite cartoon/cartoons XD, I used to watch a lot!!! But these are the ones that bring  good memories. (Not in particular order):
Sailor Moon!! who doesn't love Sailor Moon!!? (If you hate it don't say anything XDDDDDDDDDD). My favorite Sailor Scout was Sailor V ♡♡ She was super pretty! and had a white cat hahaha.

Hey Arnold! omg I miss Nickelodeon from the 90s soo bad!!! they had awesome cartoons that I could watch all day XDD. As told by ginger, Rocket Power, Generation O, etc ! good times, now all they have are weird series with real people grrr!

Neon Genesis Evangelion: So good!! My fav character is Rei Ayanami, she is so cute!♡♡♡

South Park!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ genius! I still watch it XD specially when I feel like laughing hehe. My Fav character is Eric Cartman, he is so evil XD LOL

Family Guy! before this semester started I used to watch it every night!, but now I have to go to sleep early T__T wahh. Fav character Stewie XD ash I like evil characters that want to dominate the world LOL

Card Captors Sakura: I was so into it XD I had the dolls, posters, CDs, stickers, special edition magazines, coloring books, mangas etc (weirdo XD). So yeah that explains how much I loved it haha.
Digimon 1,2,3,4. All of them XDD I just liked it. I used to have an imaginary Digimon XDD And I used to be in love with one the characters in every season: Koji, Koichi, Matt, Ken LOL.. I was a freak XDDD Too much imagination hahaha

And here is a pic of me XD before going to Michaels (fav store evah!). LOL.

Oh well those are my Favorite Cartoons of all time!! What are yours!? Do you still watch cartoons ? I would love to know :D. So have a nice Day and be happy!!
And OMG! almost 200 followers *w* in less than 2 months, thank you so much XD I'm so excited. I have an special surprise for all of you. I'll post it during the weekend! I'm sure you are going to love it ♡♡♡

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am a bad girl XD !

Hello everyone!!. Today I was a bad girl XD.. not really but I skipped math class D:, I'm going to hell!! XDDDDDDDD jk.. Nah, it was worth it!, plus I'm in "stupid math" (pre algebra XD) and they are teaching us how to add and subtract T__T wahhh I feel dumb, anyways I hate math since I was born. I'm not bad at school, only at math and tennis XD! (I have a 3.3 GPA, proof that I only suck at math). So, why was it worth it to skip math?  Here is the answer: *sha shan!!*
We went to an Asian Market!! and they had lots of pretty stuff!!!!!!!!! I felt in heaven (XD kind of), So I grabbed a bunch of stuff and when It was time to pay I didn't have my debit card!!!! ahhhhhhhh!! I was pisseddddddddd!! I always have it with me! except for today, because I left it home! D:< ashgrrr!! T__T so that's all I could afford with the cash I had, wahhh!, now I need to go back and buy all the stuff I couldn't afford today, I felt poor -__-. After that we went to in-n-out and to drink some milky tea with boba nom nomz! <3 . I don't know but when I was at the Asian market I felt inspired to do a giveaway XD, so I may do one when I hit 200 followers or something XD <3.
Also there's a Korean Karaoke place near the Asian market place, I want to goooo!! I suck at Karaoke! so I want to torture people with my angelical voice >:D hehe evil me!

Also the other day I made sushi!! it was good!! we ate it all in 30 min XDDDD fatties.
By the way that little "biatch" in my tennis class (the one I talked about in my last entry) apologized haha, I told her that she was a cheater and that I didn't want to play against her because I hate cheaters and it's messed up to cheat in a beginners class. So she said she was sorry and that will never cheat again. She better do it or I'm going to be mad! XD. I hope she is telling the truth -__-.
So that's it for today! have a nice day and keep eating nom nom food!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Silly faces!!! :D Bored mode on

Hello everyone! today I went to school -__- lazyyyy!! I'm mad because I can't do my nails ):, I'm taking design and my hands get dirty!!, they made me work with wire today and last week D:. And I'm also taking tennis , and last week  the ball hit my nail and it felt XDDDD ash, It hurt D:< grrr. Oh well after I came back from school I didn't have anything to do XD.. Camera whore time!!  hahaha this is what happens when you are bored and have nothing to do LOL.
Silly Faces! @0@:

Cute pic XD <3

And this is my tennis equipment XD. I suck.... -__- and there is this little biatch that keeps cheating!! and today my team had to play against hers and she said "I like playing dirty" and keep adding extra points to her team.!. grrr Last class she told her teammate to send all the balls to me, because she knew I suck! D=<. WTH!!? I hate cheaters and people that play dirty...But now I have to become a pro at tennis, so I can hit her in the face with my ball!! :D <3  hehe.

Thanks for reading my blog!!, have a nice day and eat yummy food!
I love guacamole!! <3  nom nom

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gyaru Valentine :D thank you ♡

OMG!! I found this in Gyaru Valentine today! :D It made me really happy ♡♡ So thanks to whoever posted it!! :)

**BTW-Not my best hair day XDD ashgrrr...haha

Please go to ♡♡ I think we need positive communities as this one in the Gal community! and lets spread the word!! :)  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Picture and school time! :D

Hello everyone!!! Hope all of you are doing well! Today I started school again -__-, I had to wake up at 5:30am...and I'll have to wake up super early from Monday to Thursday, lameeee!! ashgr.. I love to sleep ):. This was my old routine: Go to sleep at 12am, wake up at 11am XDD.. But now I'll have to go to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 5:30am T__T wahhhh!
**Stupid story time!!:, I forgot my class schedule at home XDD, I was pissed!! I didn't remember in what room my classes were at, or what classes was I supposed to take XDD ashgr ):, so smart.. So, I had to grab a class schedule thingy and try to figured out my classes, luckily I went to the correct classes yay! I was late for the first one XD.. but I said that I got lost LOL.
Now pic time! I took these pics with my mom the other day, for some reason I like the weird lighting effect they have XD ♡♡

(Me and my mommy!♡)
(Me doing a weird pose XD)
(Super bright!!!*0*)
(I don't know LOL, but I will call it, Trying to hide my cheekbones XD)


Since I'm taking tennis, I went to the mall to buy stuff for the class and end up buying hello kitty slippers and other random stuff XD, I'll post about it sometime this week ♡♡
And for all of you that started school, be happy, eat healthy, drink water and don't forget your class schedule XDD!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My pretty sistah and her new circle lenses!♡

Hello everyone!! :D I hope you are having fun  since it's Saturday XD, I'm obviously home T__T. But I'm on skype talking with a good friend ♡ so I'm having fun haha. So, Do you remember the Geo Bambi Chocolate (Princess Mimi) review I made 5 days ago? If not then click Here.  
Well, the point is that I thought they look horrible on me!,  they made my eyes look red and evil XD, so I decided I would never wear them again!. But yesterday while looking at some pics my sister said "I wanna see how I look with circle lenses", so I was like "Uh! I have an extra pair! try it on and If you like them, then I'll give them to you". So she tried them on and we both thought she look really cute XD (jealous mode on T__T).  
This is how she looks with them!
So pretty!! hahaha **By the way do not accept used circle lenses from strangers XD it's antigenic. She is going to wear them tonight for a party! haha her husband liked them so much that he didn't want to let her wear them to the party, since he is not going hahaha. Oh well, since I'm talking about my sister, I'll post some pics of us ♡♡♡♡
(In Vegas!!)
(With our toys XD, we were spoiled brats XDDD hahaha)
(I'm the big one XD, yeah my hair used to be curly :$, haha we were so cute!)

Oh well, I go back to school on Monday -__- lazyyyyy!! 

Have a nice day, be happy  and thanks for reading my blog :) ♡

Monday, August 8, 2011

Geo Bambi Chocolate (Princess Mimi) Review

Hello Everyone!! :) Hope you all are doing fine!!...Next week I'll start school again T__T I'm gonna have to wake up at 5:30 am from Monday to Thursday ! aggggrrr. I love to sleep!! ):. Oh well, I bought the Geo Bambi Chocolate circle lenses princess mimi), I decided to buy them because I saw several reviews and they look cute!, plus I wanted brown circle lenses since last month :)
I ordered them from, they were cheaper than in other places ($19) plus they gave me 10%off  with a code (it expired already XD). I also ordered a cute traveling case to put my circle lenses!

(With flash)

(Without flash)
Colour: ☆☆☆☆☆ - They look horrible on me ):, my eyes look red, and I also think they look super fake. In my opinion they make me look scary and mean D:
Comfortableness: ★★★★☆- They were confy :) (I only wore them for 2 hours XD)
Enlargement-★★★★★- These are 15mm, so yeah they do enlarge the eye!

I took lots of pictures and I looked scary in all of them ): I'm sad, I wasted $$ T__T 
I know I won't wear these lenses again :/.. I have seen other people wearing these, and they look cute!, wahhh! I guess I'll try another kind of makeup or something :/. And sorry for my hair XDD It was being stupid and didn't want to curl -__-

Yay I reach 100+ followers!! thanks everyone! It's been a month since I first posted :) I feel special XD. Love you all!! I  promise I'll to post lots of interesting stuff in t he future hahaha XDD

Friday, August 5, 2011

Make your own lower lashes!!! Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I made a tutorial to make your own lower lashes!! It is way cheaper than buying your own. :) these are similar to the Eyemazing No.201
Hope you find it useful :D

And now picture time!!! 
 Me wearing my home made lashes! :P

Thanks for reading!! If you want to share this tutorial feel free of doing so :). If you decide to follow my tutorial and make your own lashes please send me a picture!! I want to see !! and I might post it in my blog haha
 Have a nice day and be happy!