Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stop giving me the "look" XD!

Hello everyone!! Ok so today I want to talk about looking "normal" and how society sucks XDD. While reading Sui Princess post she mentioned that "normal" looking girls were being rude to her and her friends just cause they looked different from everyone else.
I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this -___-... unfortunately people are so close minded, and criticize people that look out of the "normal" standards of society.

Here are some of the negative things people have said to me:
-Are you going to a carnival?
-Is not halloween yet!
-Aren't you cold in that little dress?
-You look like Nicky Minaj
-Are you trying to look like Lady Gaga?
-Cheetah girl !!

Fuuuuuuuuu!! XDDDDDDDDD

But at the end I think I get more compliments:
-You are so cute
-I love your lashes
-I like your outfit
-I love your hair
-You are so fashionable
-I like your nails
-You look like a  playboy bunny XDD haha


Still, people should stop saying negative things about our appearance!! -___-... I rather look different than "normal".... so if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all XD!!

Oh well the point is that: I refuse to look "normal" XDD! and people should be nicer and open minded....

and here is a funny pic XD
That's it for today! I'll reply to the comments from my last post as soon as I have time XDD!
I been doing homework.. I feel so smart I received a letter from my school saying that my GPA (grade point average) places in the top 3% of all students from my college *__* ! so they placed my name in the Honor List  *__*!
Thanks for reading!! and please tell me what you think about looking like everyone else  and if someone has called you names because of the way you look XD


  1. Ah people talk like that to me too lol I think in states it's better because there are a lot of blondes . . Different than in Asia =_=
    They even told me that I sold my body, or had couples of boyfriend at the same time, and a slut, blablablabla. Duh c'mon, it's just style lol

  2. La gente es tan ridícula a mi se me kedan viendo tmbn raro y no soy gyaru. Pero al igual k tu ser normal es aburrido, pero tampoco soy anormal simplemente somos diferentes. Keep calm and love gyaru.

  3. Omg your so right....I get the same thing ....people might not appreciate my style but I always defend it. I just say "thats why its my style and I am wearing it not you, if I like it....that's all that matters." You go girl! lol

  4. Your picture is so cute!!! Ahh what is "normal" anyway? It wasn't too long ago that wet look leggings and brightly colored tops were "weird" and now they're popular cause of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry etc.
    My friend who's a photographer usually just tells everyone she's working on her portfolio and everyone stops saying anything XD!

    Congrats on getting one of the highest grades !

  5. lol cute pic! And yeah...that's one thing that scared me about dressing in gal was because of what people might say to me or about me in person but I'm slowly beginning not to care anymore. People are sad.

  6. Creo que mucha gente solo habla de los demás por envidia, tal vez por que ellos no se atreven a lucir así y en el fondo quisieran verse tan bien como tu !!! si me ha pasado sobre todo ahora que estoy cambiando el color de mi cabello, me han dicho porque se te ve el cabello naranja?? --cuando me lo he pintado de rubio y nooo se ve así -- pero pienso que lo hacen por que ellos no se atreverían a un cambio ^^.
    Así que sigue adelante que tienes un gran estilo y ademas una gran personalidad ^^

  7. Well, you know that is the risk for wearing clothes that stand out, but as long as it makes you happy!

  8. I agree Nina. Even here, people give me those mean stare and you'll eventually try to act cool and just say "fuck them." but really.. deep inside, the looks they give you really bothers you and it's not that you want them to like you but it's more of you want them to leave you alone and don't mind you. I wonder if I'm making any sense! Hahaha :D Well anyway, don't mind them, you're really beautiful inside and out and I'm glad I can talk to you. Though we can't see each other, I still feel that you're an amazing person! :* >:D<

  9. Stella I feel you! :| People judge me here too mainly because I have lighter colored hair than them. People here have sucky black hair. Hahahaha

  10. Cuántas cosas que comentar!! Jajaja.
    Lo primero de todo: me encanta esa cara que pones xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Muy guapa! jajaja. Muchas felicidades por tu mención de honor, sigue esforzándote mucho, que hay que demostrarle al mundo (a nuestra familia y amigos sobre todo xD) que aunque pasemos mucho tiempo en Internet, maquillándonos y tal, ¡podemos llegar alto en los estudio! :P
    En cuanto a lo de ser "normal", yo tampoco quiero ser "del montón". ¿Sabes qué es lo peor? Que cuando algo totalmente fuera de lo normal se pone de moda, todos los que nos decían cosas también siguen esa moda. Envidia e hipocresía pura, baby.

  11. Unfortunately it's true that no matter how you look like, someone will still dislike your looks, make-up, clothing ans so on. But haters gonna hate, let's not care about them ! ~

  12. Tu foto es monísima!! *-* (incluso en funny pose XD)
    Yo opino que la gente dice esas cosas horribles porque realmente se fijan en como vas (porque resalta que vas muy mona ) y practicamente es envidia...
    Yo opino una cosa.. cada cuando que lleve el look que guste siempre que no moleste a los demas... La gente "cerrada de mente" me parece horrible T__T Yo soy de un pueblo muy pequeño al Sur de España... y muchas veces no visto como quiero por estas cosas (y encima de todo me siento horrible conmigo misma!!... pero lo voy cambiando poco a poco)
    ¡Animo! lo importante es sentirte bien contigo misma y estas monisima (que lo estas!!)

    PD: Que raro se me hace escribirte en castellano, asi hablo mucho mas XD

  13. Duuh! Totally agree!
    People want to be different but as soon as you look a little different they look as " where the hell did you come from"?

  14. UGH! I agree with you! I've been called nicki minak wannabe, lady gaga wannabe, snooki wannabee, Cake Face, Plastic, A Slut! Just name it! But you're right there will be more people who appreciate your style then ones who don't just keep your head high! There is no fun in looking normal anyway hahah! And congrats on your GPA! Gotta keep the brain smart baby girl! Work hard!

  15. ahh yess this always makes me so self conscious T_T

  16. haha I know what ya mean, give a *PEEEP* on them *_*

  17. Yeeahh.. it seems it is like this all over the world >w>
    Daaaamn annoying!
    .I started to ask people why they are telling us that.... and that is pretty funny, because usually they get very embaressed then |DD

    And awww you're so cute ^-^ ♥

  18. "unfortunately people are so close minded, and criticize people that look out of the "normal" standards of society." i agree with you 100 %! I experience this when i was going to a store...everyone was staring at me...>_< and i was just wearing a pink crown...grrrr...even my own people were laughing and snickering at me... this just shows how people are so close minded and ignorant...especailly in america... :(

    i also refuse to look normal...its so boring and blah!

  19. Since you aren't the "standard" person that everyone think you should be, people say a lot to put you down. Why they are that troubled with others people style? You look freaking cute, they fear you to be better than them =p....What means they really doesn't deserve any of your concern!! A lot of people tells me I wear too much make, too much colorful clothes, too much short clothes, too much accessories, that I waste much time, that I waste much money, but I keep on my style without even being a little touched with their empty words! I already accepted myself I'll always have to front these kind of stuff, so I just ignore what they say, even they are my family, friends or whatever

    Also theres a video from Bubz that helps a little if the people talking shit is special for you, so you just can't erase them from your life
    I do recommend this, it's very interesting for better social life even with dumb boring people around you

  20. Heyy :) Oh I read Sui's post as well and I can totally understand what you mean...Here in Germany, so many girls look the same xD it's horrible!
    But it makes me happy that you don't only see the negative things people said to you but that you mentioned the positive ones, too!
    and congrats :) top 3% students..wohouu!

  21. I know!! I totally agree with you!! I also refuse to look "normal" because I feel so damn bored when looking like everyone else! I hate that.. (=__=) Even though at work I have to look "decent".. I really wanna keep my job so XDD But if I could I would look super gal everyday! I have my "work-gal" make-up which has light brown eyeshadow and luminous change lashes that are not that long but still give a bit of a "wow"! (^_^)

  22. siii! grr ven algo fuera de lo normal y se te queda viendo con cara de "wtf o_o?".. la verdad no me importa si me ven pero que no me hagan caras ovbias XDD hahah!

  23. XDD haha thank you! I know I don't even know what "normal" is these days... but from my point of view is dressing up as everyone else XD so being boring and looking like everyone else could be a definition XD! haha! lol

  24. yeah, I just wish they were less obvious :/ and more educated....I mean I don't like a bunch of things but I'm not rude about it XD I just pretend I'm not looking hahah!. But oh well at least we get attention *0*! yay!

  25. aw gracias guapa!! si la verdad lo que diga la gente no importa, mientras tu te sientas bien contigo misma!! solo me gustaria que fueran menos negativos y rudos.. -__-.. si no les gusta algo mejor que no digan nada XDD! en especial si es gente desconocida que vez en la calle hahaha!

  26. Yeahh!! I actually like getting attention *0*! but people should not be rude and mean ;__;! </3.. anyways as you say, as long as it makes me happy :D!! yay!

  27. XDDDD mi super cara sexy!! :P!! <3 como para la portada de un calendario exotico XDDDDDDD! hahahaha.
    Aww gracias guapa, siii para que sepan que se puede ser bonita eh inteligente *__*!, y con eso de que soy rubia "natural" la gente piensa que soy media tonta XDD! ha! las apariencias enganan o__o!.
    Awwww siiii!! me choca cuando pasa eso! haces algo diferente y luego todos lo empiezan a hacer y se vuelve normal .__.U... te ocmprendo XD!!!
    pero si de gente envidiosa esta lleno el mundo... porque generalmente las tipas que me ven feo no traen maquillaje y su cabello esta todo feo y simple XD!! haha

  28. Yeahh!! you are right!, plus I don't dress the way I do to please people XD!!.. still people should be more polite XD, sometimes I seee super weird weird people and I don't give them "the look" hahaha XD! <3

  29. XDDD hahahaha si la mandare para que me contraten de modelo *m*!! con esa cara nadie podra recistirse XDDDDD!.
    Si aparte ni que les afectara nuestro look XDD, no es como si trageramos implantes de cuernos en la cabezza o maquillaje estilo Marilyn Manson XD!!! Pero si uno se siente un poco incomoda cuando la gente es cerrada y le incomoda ver cosas diferentes :/ .. Pero animooo haslo poco a poco y ya no sentiras las miradas de la gente :D! <3
    aww pues comentame mas en castellano *0*! me encanta cuando escriben mucho XDD! <3

  30. I knowww -___-.. no one has called me Snooki so far XD yay! (I bet someone will someday lol) hahah!. And yay for not looking like 99.9% of humanity *__*! and yeah I always get more compliments than negative comments, and the fun thing is that I always get the negative comments from girls that don't wear any make up lol! so yeah...
    And thank you so muchhh, I really feel smart XD <3 haha

  31. omg just saw your blog! I'm following you! You are gorgeous!!!!! o__o!! I'm sure that the people that say negative things to you are jealous cause you are super pretty!! *///*

  32. hahahahaha censored! XDDDD! yeah!! *peeep* them!, they don't pay my rent so I don't give a "peep" XD!

  33. omg!!!! I should ask next time to make them feel embarrassed *____*, and if that doesn't work oh well at least I tried XDDDD!. But yeah, they are provably mad at us cause they look like everyone else.. nothing special ! :D <3
    and aww thank youuu >//< <3

  34. omg I wore a crown to school and people were calling me names... and I was like "I'm a princess *__*!"... they provably thought I was retarded XDDD but oh well they don't pay my rent so I shouldn't care about them !! hahaha! But yeahh looking like veryone else is nott fun at all D:<!

  35. omg!! I love that video!! it's so funny XD!! haha thank you!! <3
    But yeah I get the same comments as you: "why do you wear so much make up? why do you spend so much time getting ready? etc etc" and I'm like "because I want to!!!" but in my mind I'm going "cause I don't want to look ugly like you XDDD" .. but seriouslyyy annoying people they should let us be!! and mind their own business! :D!

  36. Aww thank you Keki!!. I always though people in Europe were more open minded, but now I know that everywhere is the same XD. But yeah looking like everyone else is soooo boring!! provably that's why I'm so bad at remembering people cause they all look the same... -__-U...When I go somewhere people remembers me *m* and that makes me feel happy XD! <3
    And thank youuu *0*! <3

  37. I knoww looking boring is for boring people with no creativity XD!. Hahaha, when I work at my mom's jewelry store I also have to look "descent" XD, but even looking "descent" you still look different , I don't know maybe our the attitude and the ways we do our make up (even if it's light make up) and hair XD there's just something that makes us different :D! I don't know If I explained it well XDDDD!

  38. omg really o__o!?? rudeeee!!!!
    so If I go to Indonesia people are going to think all of that because of my hair colour!!? that is ridiculous D:!
    specially cause you look sooo cute and innocent, seriously judging someone by their hair colour is soo stupid XD!

  39. D:!! they provably want light hair but can't get it XD! they are jealous of you and Stella cause your hair is different and prettier than theirs XD!

  40. Yeahh!! that's exactly how I feel!!! I get you 100%! :D
    And thank you so much *m* <3 !! I know you are also an amazing person Marion <3 :)!!! <3 lov ya!

  41. I know right!! XDDD!! hahah! thanks for commenting!! :D!