Thursday, March 1, 2012

Geo flower carnation in grey! sponsored review-

Hello everyone!! the other day Mukuchu sent me these lenses:
  "Geo Flower Carnation in Grey".

Quick info:
Water content:38%
Life span: 1 year disposal

With and without (my eyes look so deform XDD)

Natural light


Without flash

Colour: ★★☆☆☆ - They are too dark for my eyes ;__;,  so they look kind of black :/ (unless I'm out in the sun XD!)
Comfortableness: ★★★★☆
Overall-★★★☆☆ -I really like the design and enlargement, too bad they don't show up in my eyes -__- wahh!

Get yours here! :D!

that's it for today!!
have a nice day and I have a bunch of things to blog about XD! so will do it during the weekend *__*!


  1. I really like these lenses on you but I do agree that they are a little too dark.
    I had the same problem with the puffy grey ones. They looked black on the outer circle but on the inside they didn't change my eyecolour at all ;__;

  2. Es super precioso el diseño de las lenses *o*!! Y el color realmente disimulado. Me encantan!

  3. que bonitas son !, se ve un color precioso

  4. Ya sé que este review es de las lentillas pero...¡¡¡ESAS PESTAÑAS SON LO MÁS!!! *0* No sé si lo habrás dicho anteriormente pero qué pestañas son, si no te importa decirlo? :O
    Y las lentillas están muy chulas, disimuladas pero chulas!! *_*

  5. The enlargement is awesome! The color is dissapointing though heh! I'm so jealous of your makeup<33

  6. These makes your eyes looks super big!!! : D

  7. These lenses look great on you! I like how large they are. Your make up looks great btw :)

  8. That's how my eyes are! Without flash or sunlight, most of the color of lenses just look black on my eyes.
    The design looks really cute though. :)

  9. Very pretty Nina- chan (^______^)

  10. aww gracias :D <3!!! aqui tengo un review!! son las dos combinadas!!! son mis favorita sy duran demasiado!! XDD! Y las de baajo son Diamond princess eye!! :D!!

  11. trtrtrtr me encanta como te lucen!

  12. im looking at the lashes instead ^^ they are sooo kawaii :3