Sunday, November 17, 2013

I'm back!!! Purikura is always fun [Pic Heavy]

Hello guys!! do you remember me O_O??!! It's me Ninoshka, I'm still alive muahahah!
Soo sorry I haven't blog in a while, I been super busy, but now I'll have a
 little bit more time to blog again :D yay!
Well, on Saturday Lydia and I went to L.A to take some purikura!
Before going to L.A we stopped in Orange county to see if we could find Diamond Lash,
 for some reason we haven't find many designs at the local Japanese cosmetic store ¬¬U..
I already went to 4 different Japanese cosmetic stores in SD and L.A and all they have are 3-6 different designs ;__;... and even in OC they only carried 3 designs .__. so sad.. 
After not being successful we went to a Ramen place ^0^ and then we had
 super yummy dessert :P!! Lydia had macaroons and I had a fruit tart *0* nom nomz!!
After eating we headed up to Round One to meet up with our friends and take purikura!! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
I love camwhoring inside the purikura machines xD the lighting is perfect!:
Look at us, soo cute *0*!!

Funny face :B!!

With Anz! her hair is super pretty *_*! at first I thought she was wearing a wig xD
I want naturally pretty and voluminous hair too *0*!
And she is a great GPS xDD haha!

Lydia!!! Her cat ear hair style was adorable >0<!!!! she is super sweet ;__;!
I'm so happy we live close by now ^___^!!

Allison!! omg so sad I didn't get a pic of her outfit, it was sooo cute >__<!!!
She is so funny, our thing for the night was YOLO xDD

Some Purikura,
we took more xD! Maybe I'll post the rest next time ^__^!!
After taking Purikura we went to Daiso *__* It was soo pink and everything was soo cheap XD!! 
I need to go back and buy more stuff I provably don't need!
 Then we went to get some food!!
I had so much fun,  even driving to Daiso was fun, so happy we didn't die xDD!

Lydia gave me this super cute My Melody purse *__*, so cuutte <3
Thank you so much ;__;<3!!

And a pic of my fruit Tart! So pretty and Yummy :P! 
Oh well! that's it for today ^__^
Bye bye!!