Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OMG I'm legal!!! *0*

Hello everyone! as some of you know my birthday was yesterday *_* now I'm 21!! yay I'm globally legal! now I can get into clubs, margaritaville and all the cool places XDDD haha! omg so excited to go to Vegas next year! *_____* <3. Oh well thanks to everyone that said "Happy Birthday" on facebook,  It took forever to reply to so many nice comments *w*!!! haha but it was worth it! love you all! <3.

So I didn't have an awesome bday ;__; I had to go to college from 8am to 6pm -___-.. grrrr and had a business exam, so yeah.. not fun at all...D:, but after school my family took me to Asia Buffet *¬* and they gave me a free meal XD so yay! I ate a lot, as always, I love to eat nom nom food!!!

Our lawyer came too XD he is awesome!! took pics of him by himself, so It would be weird to post them in my blog XDDDD haha.
Oh yeah and I wore my tiara the whole day *___* ! one person at school asked if it was my bday! and I said Yes!!!
My friend's birthday is today! so we are both going to Disneyland Sunday to celebrate our birthdays together! *---* so excited!!
And I need to dye my hair XD haven't dye it in over 2 months 0__0.. and my extensions too XD they are getting to dark for my hair hahaha. Plus did you notice that I cut my bangs!!?? 
And that's it for today!! have a nice day and be happy!!! *3*

Friday, November 25, 2011

I met Santa!! *_*

Hello everyone!! omg the holidays are near!!! *____* I'm so excited!! .. well not really I'm broke ;__;  and won't have xmas, since I already got my xmas presents wahhh ;____; so saddd!!.
Oh well as some of you know here in the U.S we celebrate thanksgiving! ! so I ate a lot of turkey and other nom nomz ! I think I gained like 4 lbs!!! D: XDD.. Oh well it was worth it lol. So today I went to the museum of Contemporary art XD and after that I decided to go to the mall
I felt the xmas spirit there!!
And OMG!! Mrs Claus and Santa were there *__* so I went and said Hi! and asked for a bunch of stuff :"a pomeranian, a car, a horse and tickets to go to Japan" .. If they don't bring me everything I asked for, I'm going to delete them from my friend's list D:< !

After the mall I went to Seaport Village and this man was balancing rocks 0__0.. yeah no glue,  amazing!!

And I took a pic with the pretty xmas tree! *0*
And pretty San Diego!! <3

And this was my outfit *__*
That's it for today!! and thanks for reading everyone!! *3*  <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank you so much everyone!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Hello everyone!!Today I'm really happy!! *-* and it's thanks to all of you ;___; I reached 400 followers 0.0 ! it means a lot *3* So I made a sign, but I'm retarded and didn't notice it was mirrored until now XDDDD wahhh ! 

And also thanks to the person that made this Valentine *__* it motivates me to keep improving!

So today I had a photo shoot with my friend the leaf XDDD..

:P My nose looks big in this pic 0.0, but I think It's funny XDD

And also I was posted in G_S XDD (the post was weird).. so I want to thank all the people that said nice stuff about me :3 and the person that complain about my teeth, guess what?? I love my crooked teeth  *0* and I'm never fixing them!! XDDDDDD hehe.
Love you all and Thank you so much!!! *3*

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Inspiration post

Hello everyone!! *-* I'm so excited!! why? cause I found my eye make up inspiration!!! 0.0!!! :
Mao Miyashita! she is sooooo cute and her eye make up is love!! I've been inspired by the eye make up of AV gals lately but didn't have an specific one to take as a guide. And Miyashita's make up is so perfect *___* and I'm totally in love with her XD

RE:NO- omg her make up and style are fantastic!! but I'm only inspired by her eye make up since red lips will make me look weird >//< and her style is too playful for me XDD

And as far as outfits, I'm really liking Egg *----* ! T__T but I'm poor wahhhh!! so I'll just have to work it out with the clothes I already have ;____;.
I already spend all my Christmas money and it's not even December!!!!!!  seriously I'm going to start 2012 broke ;___; so sadddd.
That's it for today! so be happy and stay warm, it's getting coooolddd !!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

School girl! :D + Diamond's are a girl's best friend!

Hello everyone!! how are you doing!? hope you all are doing well! *0*. Today I took some pics XD haha.
I always wanted to wear a uniform, but never had the chance ;__; so I bought this pretty outfit a year ago!! It makes me look smart when I go to college XDDD and some people think I go to private school or something.

And this one represents how I feel when I go to school XDDDD

The other day I went to my mom's store to take pics!! *-*
The key chains are swarovski crystals! and they are so shinny !!

Diamonds are a girl's best friends ;)!!  Lots of diamonds.. *___* I want the big  one but it's too expensive and I'm afraid someone will steal it from me XDDD..

I loveee cameos!!! they are so pretty!! wish I could wear them but they are not my style ;__; I have one  and  never wear it wahh..
I took like 60 pics XDDD..It's funny cause I don't like to wear jewelry.. maybe cause I'm afraid I'll scratch it XDDDD. But when I'm 25 I'll start wearing pretty stuff *-*!!!

And this is my outfit!! I usually wear it with my glasses to look smart XD!
And ohhh almost thanksgiving!! so excited, I'm going to eat lots of food!!  *----* 
Anddd OMG! I'm so stocked!! I won a pair of free circle lenses from pinkyparadise !!!!  can't wait to get them! XDDD It's the first time I win something XD hahaha
Thanks for reading my blog!! :) <3

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tumblr+new stuff+thank you ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Hello everyone!!! today it's saturday and it's been raining the whole day!!!  -__- and when it's raining I feel too lazy to do anything XD, so I been doing little polymer figures for my sister's nails, listening to music and on the computer!!
Uhh here is pic of my new computer and desk!! and I built the computer desk by myself!! *-* I'm so proud! hopefully it's doesn't break soon XDDDDDDD

And the other day we went to a weird place and they had these super cute Teddy Bears!! so I had to get one!!! *0* soo freaking cute! love it!

And last tuesday I went to the mall with my sister! I got this sweater !! 0.0 Minnie Mouse+ Huge Bow+British flag+glitter= ♡perfect!
And I also got a coat with fur *-* I seriously love fur!! I think this winter all I'm going to buy has to have fur XDDD!!
Uhh and also I made a tumblr XD I think I'm addicted! so follow me If you want ^_^. Also ! here is my Facebook, some of you always comment in my blog and I would love to get to know you better! so add me there and we can talk *0*!
Thanks everyone for your nice comments I really appreciate it :) !
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm backk!!!! *0*

Hi everyone!! XD ash I been absent for like a week D: sorry, I been busy with school -___- and with my new iMac!! I been installing programs, transferring all the data from my old computer etc etc etc! busy busy! plus other stuff XD
I want to share with you this picture my friend sent me on Facebook!
awwww I want them! they are so cute!!>////<  well they are to high for me XDD I can barely walk in 2 inch high heels XDDDDDDD

Uh and also this song!! XD haha dedicated. Love it!!

My fav parts XD:

"They wait for a negative reaction
To get their satisfaction
And justify their actions
We stay away and do our own thing
Haters keep on hating, we'll just keep on dancing"

"If I had a dollar for every time they stared
It would be worth it, I'd be a millionaire
And if I could pay them in how much I care
It wouldn't get them anywhere"

I listen to that song every time I  feel "attacked" XDDD and makes me happy lol

Well I just wanted to let you know all that I'm still alive XDDD so take care and be happy!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

50th year wedding anniversary!! *0*

Hello everyoneeee!! how are you?? I'm so happy, I'm getting a new computer this weekend!! an iMac wiiiii!! and a new computer desk *0*! so happy!.
The other day I went to 50th year wedding anniversary celebration with my family! Wow! being married for 50 years is impressive XDD!! these are pictures of the couple *0* they were so cute! and the lady was wearing the  same wedding dress she wore 50 years ago  0_0!! 

One of my favorite things about parties and celebrations is the food!!! awwww It was so yummy!! nom nomz

And the cakeeeeeeee!!!!!!! It was really yummy!! and pretty looking *0*

These are the gifts they gave us, so cute and thoughtful :)

And this was my outfit . I love this dress it makes me look  skinny!!! *0* XD

Aww If some day I get married I want to celebrate my 50th year wedding anniversary too XD. I don't know If I would be able  to fit in my  wedding dress again, but it would be awesome if I can XD. But for now marriage it's not in my mind, actually I don't want to get married until I turn 30 xDD.
Tell me if you ever want to get married! *0* and If you would like to celebrate your 50th year anniversary!.
Thanks for reading and be happy!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day of the death

Hello everyone!!! how are you *0*?? I'm well, today is Day of the Death in Mexico! and since I live so close to the Mexican border my school decided to celebrated too!

This is an altar dedicated to all the people we loved or/and admired that passed away. People decorate altars with flowers, pictures, sugar skulls and the favorite food of the deceased person.
They had an special activity in which you could colour a skull in memory to a loved one that passed away, write a little message in the back and put it in the altar. I dedicated this to my dad  :)
And here are some pics with my dad :)

This was the last time I saw him, we went to Sea World to celebrate my sister's birthday
I love him and miss him a lot.  I know he is proud of me :)
Thanks for reading