Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm backk!!!! *0*

Hi everyone!! XD ash I been absent for like a week D: sorry, I been busy with school -___- and with my new iMac!! I been installing programs, transferring all the data from my old computer etc etc etc! busy busy! plus other stuff XD
I want to share with you this picture my friend sent me on Facebook!
awwww I want them! they are so cute!!>////<  well they are to high for me XDD I can barely walk in 2 inch high heels XDDDDDDD

Uh and also this song!! XD haha dedicated. Love it!!

My fav parts XD:

"They wait for a negative reaction
To get their satisfaction
And justify their actions
We stay away and do our own thing
Haters keep on hating, we'll just keep on dancing"

"If I had a dollar for every time they stared
It would be worth it, I'd be a millionaire
And if I could pay them in how much I care
It wouldn't get them anywhere"

I listen to that song every time I  feel "attacked" XDDD and makes me happy lol

Well I just wanted to let you know all that I'm still alive XDDD so take care and be happy!!


  1. Your hair looks good! I just thought you'd want to know that~

    WOAH! Those shoes are intense!

  2. Welcome backk!!! Glad that you are back! Those shoes are so pretty!

  3. THOSE SHOES *w* Nino, they remind me so much of the spice girls lol XDDD

  4. Welcome back, pretty! <3

  5. Those shoes are so pretty!
    I bet they would be easy to walk in because of how high the platform is :).
    Hope to see you around more!

  6. youre so pretty! =) goodluck to your new PC =)

  7. if to be honest, erlier I didn't like gaijin gyaru, coz all that I saw was...khm....a bit terrible. but you're my FAVOURITE, I'm so in love with you? you are very similar to japaneese models! so beauty <333

  8. *-* I know there are I want them!! I'll provably make my own version of them XD I'll see

  9. I knowww!! they were always wearing platforms!! XD

  10. Yeah maybe XD I don't know, but I'll provably look like a giant hahahaha XDDD .!

  11. OMG!! you are so sweet ;__; this comment totally made my month! thank you sooo much it means a lot !! <3 <3 <3