Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OMG I'm legal!!! *0*

Hello everyone! as some of you know my birthday was yesterday *_* now I'm 21!! yay I'm globally legal! now I can get into clubs, margaritaville and all the cool places XDDD haha! omg so excited to go to Vegas next year! *_____* <3. Oh well thanks to everyone that said "Happy Birthday" on facebook,  It took forever to reply to so many nice comments *w*!!! haha but it was worth it! love you all! <3.

So I didn't have an awesome bday ;__; I had to go to college from 8am to 6pm -___-.. grrrr and had a business exam, so yeah.. not fun at all...D:, but after school my family took me to Asia Buffet *¬* and they gave me a free meal XD so yay! I ate a lot, as always, I love to eat nom nom food!!!

Our lawyer came too XD he is awesome!! took pics of him by himself, so It would be weird to post them in my blog XDDDD haha.
Oh yeah and I wore my tiara the whole day *___* ! one person at school asked if it was my bday! and I said Yes!!!
My friend's birthday is today! so we are both going to Disneyland Sunday to celebrate our birthdays together! *---* so excited!!
And I need to dye my hair XD haven't dye it in over 2 months 0__0.. and my extensions too XD they are getting to dark for my hair hahaha. Plus did you notice that I cut my bangs!!?? 
And that's it for today!! have a nice day and be happy!!! *3*


  1. Feliz cumpleeeeeeee =) qué bueno que la hayas pasado lindo n_n

  2. Happy belate birthday <3

    You look great as always!<3

  3. You look so sweet *-*
    And happy belated birthday <3
    Have fun at Disneyland :)

  4. Happy belate birthday! ^^
    You looked wonderful. <3
    And yummy, the food looks so delicious. I´m getting hungry now. XD

  5. I still find it so odd that the legal age is 21 in the USA. Only because the legal age in Australia is 18 lol [-_____-]
    Anywayyyy Happy Birthday sweetie :) glad to see you had some yummy food with special people !!

  6. aww :D happy birthday.
    you look gorgeous *___* and i also want a tiara for my birthday in march :D

  7. happy birthday^0^!!

  8. omgsh happy belated birthday!!! ♥ how exciting! ^ ^ Im legal in a couple of months too! *0*

  9. Aww You look so pretty. And happy birthday ^_^

  10. happy belated birthday!!! ♥ you look fabulous! have muuuuuuuuu~ch fun on sunday! =D

  11. Happy belated birthday dear ♥
    (btw I hope you don't take it as an offense but I always thought you looked younger lol that's not a bad thing of course! ^_~)

  12. I hope you and your friend have a great time! Asian buffets are the best. You look adorable.

  13. Happy Birthday!
    Had no idea you were 21 :D
    You look so cute with your tiara!
    The food looks yummy :)

  14. Happy late birthday :]
    My birthday was recent also :3
    The food looks super good!
    Take lots of pics at Disneyland! :D

  15. Wooo! Happy birthday! :D You're legal, yay! If only you lived in the UK - you would've been legal for 3 years already ;) hehe, anyway, hope you have a great time at Disneyland with your friend! :) xo

  16. happy belated B-day,honey <3
    u look sooooo beautiful *_*
    hope the celebration will be great ^^

  17. ¡Felicidades atrasadas!

    Pero, como siempre, es mejor tarde que nunca. :P Te veías muy bonita en el día de tu cumple y por lo menos lo pasaste bien en familia, eso es siempre importante. :D

    ¡Espero que disfruten mucho en Disneyland! :)

  18. ow ow, I didnt know bout your BD, sorry sorry! T_____T
    Happy Birthday, beautiful! Or, how we say in Russia - С Днём Рождения! ^_________^

  19. Happy birthday, dear!! :) Sounds like you'll be coming out to where I am! We should try to meet and go clubbin! :P

    Love the tiara, btw!! :D

  20. Love the tiara~ Happy belated, you're an adult now!

  21. Happy Belated Birthday! Nice meal.

  22. pat.hannibal.blackDecember 2, 2011 at 8:11 PM

    omg que rico comiste okashi chan <3 awwwwwwwww y tu siempre tan bella preciosa :D me encanta ya estas sintiendo el inicio de la navidad >w<