Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day of the death

Hello everyone!!! how are you *0*?? I'm well, today is Day of the Death in Mexico! and since I live so close to the Mexican border my school decided to celebrated too!

This is an altar dedicated to all the people we loved or/and admired that passed away. People decorate altars with flowers, pictures, sugar skulls and the favorite food of the deceased person.
They had an special activity in which you could colour a skull in memory to a loved one that passed away, write a little message in the back and put it in the altar. I dedicated this to my dad  :)
And here are some pics with my dad :)

This was the last time I saw him, we went to Sea World to celebrate my sister's birthday
I love him and miss him a lot.  I know he is proud of me :)
Thanks for reading


  1. Ay Nino, no se porque tu entrada me conmovio mucho!
    Se me salieron las lagrimas, que decir, me encantó tu entrada!!

    Yo tambien queria poner ofrenda pero no tuve tiempo =(
    espero que para le proximo año pueda hacerlo =)

    Muchas gracias por tu comment!! <3 Nino linda te quiero muchisimo!!! (^O^)

  2. This is kinda heartbreaking..Your dad is handsome and i can definitly see the resemblence! You such a cute baybay!!

  3. Qué entrada bonita. La verdad que es muy bonito rendir memoria a un ser querido que ya no está a nuestro lado. Es bonito recordarlo de manera positiva. :) Espero estés bien y que las clases vayan de maravilla. ¡Saludos! :)

  4. nino me gisto tu entrada /y las fotos con tu padre son tan conmovedoras n_n!!

    que pases un lindo dia

    p.d te ves bien rara en la ultima foto xd!!!

    xd besos

  5. It seems to be a very sad day, but I am sure it is really important to accept the death and keep all beautiful memories of the passed persons.
    Your father looks very kindhearted and friendly!