Thursday, January 26, 2012

New bangs XD +GGA!!

Hello everyone!!!! Ok so today I experimented with my bangs and this was the result o__o! I also tried my hello kitty blush and I think I applied too much XDDD

(my weird pose XDD hahaha)

My friend thinks I look older XD,  what do you think o__o??  Do you like my new bangs?

Also I'm sure most of you know what the Gaijin Gyaru Awards are *__*!!

and you can nominate your favorite gaijin gyaru now!! I already nominated my favorite gaijin gyaru *___*  so excited to see the results!!!  click HERE to nominate  and HERE to stay updated ! :D

That's it for today!!! bye bye!! :D

Monday, January 23, 2012

Got lots of things *__* + gym FTW!

Hello everyone!!! :D hope you are all doing super good!!. Haven't updated in a while, sorry but I been super busy with school (as always ;__;).  So today I'm going to show you some of my new stuff XD <3
This super cute blush my sister got me <3 love it so much!!! *__*
Ok so last week I worked at my mom's store and got paid *___* so I bought new things!:
This perfume for my friend :D!! as a late b-day present ;__; I haven't seen her since last year </3 hope I get to see her soon ^__^

I  bought a Journal!!! I had one 2 years ago and used to write everything in it, so I'm really excited about starting this one *___*8 (especially cause I have a  bad memory, so it's better if I write down everything ><)

this super cute dress!!! *__* can't wait to wear it !

And this gloves to clean the kitchen in style *___* <3  XD

I also want to start scrap booking, so I got all this stuff *//* I'm so exciteddddd!

Today I joined the gym!!!!! yay can't wait, they have tanning beds and a water massage thingy XDDDD.. oh yeah and things to work out lol! so excited can't wait to lose weight, and get a bikini body XDDDDD 
That's it for today and omg I feel so weird seeing my eye everywhere ><, thank you so much for the secret and valentine <3 I feel like big brother, my huge eye looking at you o__o <3 

Have a great week ^//^ <3

Thursday, January 19, 2012

U_U R.I.P ... XD

Hello everyone!! today I'm so mad!! megaupload was shut down  ;____; wahhh!!  for more info click HERE

Some of you now provably know what SOPA is and if you don't here is some info . I really hope that bill doesn't pass!!!
I found some funny images on tumblr XD:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I already contacted my representatives and signed this petition !!

So yeah If the bill passes we can end up 5 years in jail for uploading a song XDDD how stupid!!, and will be arrested for using copyrighted images  XDDDDD. Plus they are saying that tumblr, wikipedia and other sites will be shut down!! D:

Hope that doesn't happen or I'm sure I'm going to end up arrested or jail o___o!! XDDDDDD
that's it and R.I.P megaupload  U__U 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Triple barrel waver *__* + macho man XD

Hello everyone!!! hope you are all doing really well!! I am super happy cause my sister has a bunch of hair styling tools *__* and she lets me borrow them XDD. So the other day she bought the "Ceramic 3-Barrel Jumbo Weaver" by Revlon, and of course I had to try it :3

My thoughts :
-Really easy to use XD (I always thought It was going to be hard).
-Heats up pretty fast
-Gives lots of volume *__*
-Waves last for a long time!

So in the Latin Gal community we are having a fun activity and every week we are going to have a fun theme. This week is "mustache week", to show the macho man we have inside  XDDD. Everyone's pics are so funny lol.

I also want to share this super cute image my friend Hani made of us XD!! so cuteee!
From left to right (Me, Hani and Miccah)

That's it for today!!!
Have a great week :3 <3

Friday, January 13, 2012

yummy food at Beverly Hills and scam! D:

Omg haven't post anything in a week >//< sorry, I been super busy with school XD!
Hope you are all doing well!!
Yesterday I went to Beverly Hills with my sister for an audition thing, so we arrived there and got lost for 40 min -__-.. so we didn't have much time to do fun stuff ;__;. Since we were hungry we went to a restaurant called "Villa Blanca"

Outside (pic taken from the internet)
Inside (pic taken from the internet)

It was nicely decorated, and the service was really good.
I ordered the "Roasted Chicken Flatbread Sandwich". It was a lot o__o, so I didn't finish it -__-. But it was really good :D!
I asked my sister to take pics of me but she sucks at taking pictures D:<! wahh!

Ok so after eating really fast we left to go to my sister's casting thing.  To make the story short, that company is a big scam!! they called my sister for the "final call", but they charge $400 for pics and like $30 monthly!! so yeah she is not going to her "final call", and I just read a bunch of reviews saying they are a scam, plus they lied cause they said the casting was for an specific show (which was not) and didn't mention it was a Talent Agency!!
Ahhhh things like this make me so angry they play with people's dreams of becoming famous to steal their money D:< grrr hope they go to jail or broke soon! Karma will get them :D

And here is pic I took when we came back, I was excited cause my make up lasted 10hrs (without retouching it o__o!, only retouched the lips XD). Secret- Close your eyes and apply hair spray to your face XD

That's it for today! now I have to do tons of homework -__-U
Thanks for reading :D

Friday, January 6, 2012

My 2012 resolutions!★★

Hello everyone!!! 8*0*! hope you are all doing really well!! Next week I start school again -__-... wahhh.
Today I took a pic of my eye makeup XDDDDD

Oh well the real entry is not about my eye XD, it's about my resolutions for 2012!
I was going to write them down in a journal/diary but haven't buy one -___-.. so I'll write them down here :D!!:

★Graduate from College and finally get my degree in Graphic Design !!
★Go to Mexico,  Japan and Chile!!
★Join the gym and lose 15 lbs XDD
★Have more patience when doing my hair -__- (and try new hair styles)
★Put on better outfits 
★Draw more ;__;
★Convince my mom to get me a Pomeranian :3!
★ Be more patient with people and don't get mad for stupid stuff XD
★Be nicer to human beings o__o

I think that's it!!!
and here is a funny/scary pic XDDDDDD

Have a great weekend *__*!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fun fun fun at SD! ♥♥

Hello everyone!!!! *0* hope you are all having a great 2012 so far XDD yay!
Ok so last Friday I went to Horton Plaza to meet up with my new friend Rosie and she also invited her friend Courtney  *w*!!<3
(I look soo tanned in these pics *__* ♥)
So I arrived at the mall suuuper early -__- and while I was waiting a photographer asked if he could take a pic of me XDD, he showed me his portfolio, took the pic and left, but after 20 min he came back and gave me a copy of my picture o__oU...(I think it looks ok XD)

So Rosie finally arrived :D and her friend Courtney too and since we were hungry we went to Panera *0* nom nomz Yummy food!
After being at the mall for a long time we decided to go to the karaoke yay! I sang like 5 songs  and I'm happy no one end up deaf X'DDD. And we took pics :D

Rosie and I! she is so cute and her outfit was adorable *///* (even though you can't see it here -__-)

Courtney and I *0*! she has an angelical face XDD <3

And here is a pic taken and edited by Rosie *___* I love this pic we look soo cute XD <3

And omg Rosie got me a super cute sparkly brush set!! o//o how sweettttt!!  I love it so much that I don't want to use it XDD

I bought these "Kawaii cookies" because the package was cute XD, but the cookies are soo bad D: wahh ;__;
Also I think I'm famous at the mall, since the photographer made my picture huge and it's showing it to everyone there o___oU,  I even got recognized by a random lady wahhh XDD!!
Oh well that's it!! *0* and thanks to everyone that said my sister was pretty in the last entry *__*, she was very happy haha :D!
Have a good day and thanks for reading  :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My pretty sister and yummy food!! Happy 2012 *0*

Hello everyone!!!! hope you all had a great new years eve!.. mine was super boring -__- we went to a restaurant full of old people wahhh ;__;.
I took pics but I look so bored and I'm sure you don't want to see my "blah -__- face", so I'm going to show you my sister's pictures instead XDDDDDD.

I did her eye make up *__* so proud! It looks super good XD (in my opinion) and she loved it! :D

and here is a full body pic with her outfit for new year's eve. Her hair is so long and pretty o__o

So now going back to my new year's eve -__-
Here are pics of the food I ate at the restaurant  XD (the only good thing about the night -__-)
I ordered Filet Mignon *///* it was soo good!

And the dessert was yummy too o__o
And omg!! 500 followers *__* THANK YOU so much everyone!!
Hope you all have a great 2012 *0*!!