Monday, January 23, 2012

Got lots of things *__* + gym FTW!

Hello everyone!!! :D hope you are all doing super good!!. Haven't updated in a while, sorry but I been super busy with school (as always ;__;).  So today I'm going to show you some of my new stuff XD <3
This super cute blush my sister got me <3 love it so much!!! *__*
Ok so last week I worked at my mom's store and got paid *___* so I bought new things!:
This perfume for my friend :D!! as a late b-day present ;__; I haven't seen her since last year </3 hope I get to see her soon ^__^

I  bought a Journal!!! I had one 2 years ago and used to write everything in it, so I'm really excited about starting this one *___*8 (especially cause I have a  bad memory, so it's better if I write down everything ><)

this super cute dress!!! *__* can't wait to wear it !

And this gloves to clean the kitchen in style *___* <3  XD

I also want to start scrap booking, so I got all this stuff *//* I'm so exciteddddd!

Today I joined the gym!!!!! yay can't wait, they have tanning beds and a water massage thingy XDDDD.. oh yeah and things to work out lol! so excited can't wait to lose weight, and get a bikini body XDDDDD 
That's it for today and omg I feel so weird seeing my eye everywhere ><, thank you so much for the secret and valentine <3 I feel like big brother, my huge eye looking at you o__o <3 

Have a great week ^//^ <3


  1. I want that dress! D: *steals it*
    and it's been a long time since I did gym XDDD Work out well nino, and get that sexy body 8D lol

  2. Me encantan los guantes para limpiar la cocina con glamour XDD

    El vestido es precioso !

  3. Where ever did your sister get the blush from? I knew MAC did a line for Hello Kitty back then at some point but I thought they stopped making them. It's so cute! (:

    I've been thinking about getting some stuff for scrapbooking too, mainly because I wanted to stick my purikura pictures in it. Don't think I'll ever actually follow through with it though. ):

  4. Aww you bought so many great things *__*
    I totally love the blush <333
    And the perfume :D

  5. ala me encanta el vestido es precioso!!no tardes en subir la foto con él puesto ^_^

  6. I also wanted the Hello Kitty make-up from mac. But isn't it sold out?
    I like that skyrt too.

  7. Hahaha you're so funny! Try not getting lazy and stop working your body XD dont forget To show us your scrapbook works ^^ OMG this hk Mac make is absolutely CUTE!! Could you please check my blog?? Thank you so much!!!

  8. wow really nice stuf!!! *o*
    I love the "baby" perfume!!

  9. I love your idea to do a scrap book it sounds soo cute ^-^ i hope it goes well x
    From Zoe

  10. OMG! las cosas que compraste hermosa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yo tmb quiero un perfumito harajuku lovers waaaaaa se ve que huelen deliciosos awwwwwwwww si que si *W* me encantaron las cositas que compraste tu muy bien!! ;) ya sabes aca andamos leyendote y posteandote :D *3* tu blog tan lindo como siempre~ <3

  11. Haha, the gloves are sexy. ;)
    And yeah for joining the gym! Go go go. :D~

  12. what cute items!! hello kitty blush is love~~


  13. i want a bikini body too D: how much is the gym?
    and i always wanted those gloves! but i don't want to ruin them :(

  14. wow you got so many cute things!!! <3
    i love the HK blush <3 so cute ^-^

  15. I really hate to be 'That Guy' but the MAC Hello Kitty blush that you were gifted is not an authentic product. MAC released the HK collection back in Feb '09 and I have both the Beauty Powders and the Beauty Powder blushes that were released and they are nothing like that.

    I do love those gloves though; reminds me of the pink house gloves the women from the UK show How Clean is Your House used to wear.

  16. I don't know where she got it from XDD provably internet :/ ... You should do it!! :D! It's going to be worth it <3

  17. uhh the gym is super cheap!!!! o__o $24 a month! and you get unlimited everything (tanning, hydro massage, gym XD) <3 I know I haven't wear them yet , I don't want to ruin them lol

  18. I have no idea where she got it from XD, she told me that her husband got it from someone that got it a long time ago but never used it cause she hates make up or something like that XD lol, but he didn't pay anything for it so If it's a fake it doesn't matter the package is cute XDDDD!! <3 but good to know :)!
    I know the gloves are so pretty, I'm afraid of breaking them ><..

  19. WHAT?! I'm so jealous! gyms here cost over $100 a month! and no tanning :(

  20. Umm, that hello kitty powder blush is a cheep fake. It's not real M.A.C.