Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life updates :D!!

Hello everyone!! Sorry I haven't blog in a while ;__; I'm super busy with school and work!
And I'm going to be even busier this October T0T!!
Oh well here is a small update of my life.
I'm finally in my dream college studying 3D animation, I'm so happy cause I'm learning a lot. Right now I need to get another A.A in graphic design cause some of the classes from my last school didn't transfer :/, but after I get it I can start the Media Arts program and will provably be getting my Bachelor's in 2 years!!  Ok now updates:

1-I tried a "Happie Nuts" inspired look XD!

2-I went to Kathy's bday loooong time ago XD! I had so much fun eating her delicious food!
We also had karaoke and I went crazy as always, I love karaoke soo much *__*<3<3!!
Here is a pic taken from Christine ^0^!!

3-Last weekend I went to L.A! We went to an event called Garden and it was super fun!
I was happy I was able to get to know Victoria and Dani more!! Victoria is such a sweetheart and Dani is like the hottest person I know xD sadly I don't have any pics with them ;__;!! At night Michi met up with us at Victoria's house and at 11pm we headed up to the club where we met with Steph! We danced a lot!! One of the Dj's was an 姉 AGEHA model! At 3am we went back to Victoria's house and chilled!! The next day Victoria and I went to Little Tokyo and ate Ramen *0*! I always love eating ramen after a long night xP, the decorations of the restaurant were super random, it had a grandfather's clock, an old TV some weird images etc XD!
Here is a pic taken from Michi :D!

4-I already blogged about Disneyland xD but I wanted to post this pic Gabby edited, it's so sparkly xD! Oh yeah and after disneyland we went to our favorite restaurant! when Gabby and I went to College together we would go there after P.E class xD!!

That's it for today
It will provably be a while until I blog again ;__;!!
Sorry :(, but I'm really busy!
That's it for today
Bye bye!

Monday, September 2, 2013

GOOD NEWS! Gyaru brands available at!! International shipping *___*!!

Hello everyone!! Today I bring good news for all gyaru lovers! has partnered with a lot of gyaru brands ^0^!!
Now we can all buy gyaru clothes directly from them, 
I'm so happy cause I hate using shopping services XD! So yay!!!
Everything is 100% AUTHENTIC and Yesstyle is an 
authorized INTERNATIONAL retailer of these brands!!

Bye bye have a great day :3!!

And here is a video of my ma*rs haul from Anime Expo *__*!!
They are selling some of these pieces on as well!
**You can skip to minute 1:18 If you don't want to hear me speak Spanish XD!