Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2012 and giveaway winner!

Hello everyoneee! Today was an exciting day xD the Gaijin Gyaru Awards video is already up *m*!! I won two categories: -Best eye make up -Newcomer: Most Improved I'm soo soo happy!! thanks to everyone that voted for me ;__; I never thought I could win or even be nominated xDD!! and it was an honor being nominated with gals I look up to ;__;! Congratulations to all the winner and nominees! and to Lhouraii Li, who did an amazing job!!
specially with the half time show xD! haha!

Oh well now time to announce the winners of my giveaway!! *0*!! and the winner is!!!: Pinksugarichigo!!
 Congratulations!, I'll send you an e-mail in the next couple hours XD!

And that's it for today!! Saturday I'm leaving to Vegas, so I'll blog about that *0*! Also I have other news, some people on facebook might already know XP.... So see you next time! *0*!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Interview with Jojo!!!

Hello everyone!!!
I had the pleasure to interview Jojo a Gaijin Gyaru from the Netherlands for G.A.L tv!
Here is the interview in Spanish, para los que la quieran leer *0*!|
She is sooo nice, sweet and I love her style *__* She took the time to answer everything even though she is on finals xP! thank you honey :D

What inspired you to become a gal?
-In the beginning I didn’t really understand the style to be honest! Other j-fashions are easily recognizable because of outstanding clothes but with gyaru it’s the whole package: hair, make-up and clothes. But when I saw a picture of Sakurina I fell in love! I wanted to try this style too but I was not sure if I could do it. Then I started reading everyday_gyaru on LJ and I found out that foreigners can also pull it off, that’s when I started experimenting with gyaru style.

How long have you been gyaru?
-My interest in gyaru started January or February last year, but I started wearing the style in July or August.

What are your favorite Gal brands?
-Since I love so many different styles there are a lot of different brands I like! I usually buy different brands too every time, but if I had to choose it would be: liz lisa, onespo, ank rouge ma*rs and yumetenbo.

Who are your biggest gyaru inspirations?
-My absolute number one is Sakurina from ageha magazine! Her hair and make-up are amazing and she’s always able to stand out among the other models. I also like the twins Guri and Gura, their style is so cute! And I like Nemoyayo too ^o^

Where do you get your inspiration from?
-Recently a lot from tumblr, from both Japanese and gaijin gyaru! Also from gyaru fashion blogs and Ageha magazine.

A piece of advice for those that are starting the style?
-I think it’s very important to get the make-up right! Don’t make the same mistake as me to start with cheap ebay lashes, invest in lashes from Japanese brands like diamond lash or jewerich. Even though many people like dolly wink, I think they are overrated! Too pricey and the quality is not so good in comparison. As for hair: watch a lot of tutorials and practice a lot! Invest in good human hair extensions rather than plastic ones, it’s worth it! When it comes down to clothes, a lot of people would tell you, you don’t need Japanese brand clothes, but a mix of Japanese clothes and offbrand clothes work the best for me ^^

★★She is going to make a blogspot soon *0*! but meanwhile you can follow her tumblr
I think I'll do more interviews in the future is so much fun ^_^
That's it for today!
Bye bye

Monday, May 21, 2012

New pretty stuff!!

Hello everyoneee!
Today I got mail *0*!
It feels like xmas everytime I get a package ^0^8
So I got a ma*rs dress and coat :D

Golds Infinity camisole

Tralala camisole

And  pic of an outfit I wore the other night xD!

That's it for todayy!! 
 Bye bye!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Luncheon in Coronado :D

 Hello everyone!! hope you are all doing well :D. Last semester there was a competition to design the cover of the luncheon program of an organization that helps women called "Soroptimist International". And my design won!! so I was invited to their annual luncheon in Coronado Island
 and my design was all over the place *__*.
Pretty table and the program with my design  *0*8

Inside the program they had some biographies of amazing women that 
help women in the community and around the world!!
And they also had my biography and picture *__*, such an honor!!

We had yummy food! but my favorite part was the dessert *¬* nom nomz!

My mom came with me! but we didn't have time to take pics ><U so yeah...

I felt like I was famous @_@ everyone wanted to take pictures with me and made me take pictures with the City Counsel members and a bunch of other people @___@U .. hope I look good in those pics...

Also one of the Soroptimists ladies gave me pretty flowers, so sweet *___*.. 
(my pic sucks ><), 
they are so big and beautiful!! ^0^8

That's it for todayy :D!!
Bye bye and have a happy day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Purikura adventure part 2 !! *-*

Hello everyone!! This is Part 2 to our Purikura adventure!! I been so busy with finals @_@.. Luckily my Graphic Design Final was the best Final ever xD we went to little Italy and ate Pizza xDD. Oh well I still need to study for math...
A week ago we went to a place called Round One in
 City of Industry (Los Angeles, California). 
Here is Part 1 with tons of pics from our Purikura!!!

They had lots of purikura machiness!! *_* (Provably 7!! >0<8)

I also met Christine and Kathleen, they were sooo nice and sweettt *m*

We went Karaokeeee! I sang like 4 songs!! with my angelical voice *0* haha! They gave us 60% off >.> I don't know why but Yay!!! xD cheap Karaoke FTW!

Group pic! Courtney had to take off her make up
 cause her eye got irritated D: !!

Rilakkumaaa and Pink Domo kun!! Next time I'll try to win one xDD!
 they are so cute!!

And that's it for todayyy!! 
I need to study for my Finals xD! 
and everyone that's having Finals this week, good luckkkk! *3*!
Bye bye  and have a nice day 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My first Purikura (pic spam XD!)

Hello everyone!!Hope you are doing well!! :D yesterday I went to a place in Los Angeles called Round one with Courtney, Christine and Kathleen, and we took Purikura!!  It was my first time doing it, so it was so much funn! :D
I'll write more about this trip in my next post! :D,
Meanwhile here are some of my favorite purikura *0*:

Hope you like the pics ^__^
That's it for today :D! Bye bye!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More gets: Skinny lip belt :D yay!

Hello everyone!! Today I got my Skinny lip belt!
It was easy to purchase thanks to Gigi's post:
I love it! it fits perfectly ! I thought it was going to be small xD 
but it's perfect size yay!

I also got another belt from Dream V last week! I really like it :D!!
(sorry for the mess in my room >.>)

 2 days ago I ordered a tanning spray and got it yesterday, super fast shipping!! and I didn't even pay for overnight delivery xDD yay! they also sent me a letter apologizing for the wait lol and a coupon :D I'll make a review on this as soon as I try it on!.. 
my mom wants to try it too xD hahaha!!

Oh well that's it for today! I'll reply to the comments from my last post  as soon as I have time )':,these are my lasts weeks of school and I'm super busyyyy D:!! ;___; too much homework mehhh!
Bye bye!!