Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Purikura adventure part 2 !! *-*

Hello everyone!! This is Part 2 to our Purikura adventure!! I been so busy with finals @_@.. Luckily my Graphic Design Final was the best Final ever xD we went to little Italy and ate Pizza xDD. Oh well I still need to study for math...
A week ago we went to a place called Round One in
 City of Industry (Los Angeles, California). 
Here is Part 1 with tons of pics from our Purikura!!!

They had lots of purikura machiness!! *_* (Provably 7!! >0<8)

I also met Christine and Kathleen, they were sooo nice and sweettt *m*

We went Karaokeeee! I sang like 4 songs!! with my angelical voice *0* haha! They gave us 60% off >.> I don't know why but Yay!!! xD cheap Karaoke FTW!

Group pic! Courtney had to take off her make up
 cause her eye got irritated D: !!

Rilakkumaaa and Pink Domo kun!! Next time I'll try to win one xDD!
 they are so cute!!

And that's it for todayyy!! 
I need to study for my Finals xD! 
and everyone that's having Finals this week, good luckkkk! *3*!
Bye bye  and have a nice day 


  1. Wow you all look so cute ! I wish we still had purikura machines where I lived, but they got rid of them a few years ago :( I would probably end up spending a lot trying to win the rilakkuma plushies :P

  2. Those plushies are so adorable! >o<

  3. Awww~ So cute purikura!! ♡♡ I wish we had purikura machines here.. T__T We used to have.. I'll get a lot of purikura in Japan in few weeks then!! XDD

  4. You're soooo preeettyyyy!

  5. cool pictures again ^.^ I wanna do karaoke too someday :D

  6. Aww haha a pink domokun ♥ never saw one in another color than brown before!
    Pictures look like u had a great time ♥

  7. So cute!!
    I'm dying to go take purikura soon >.<

  8. omg pink domokun sooo cuteee :D

  9. KYAAAAAA!! Me ha matado la foto de la legion de Domo kuns rosa!!! >o< los amo!! <3ç
    ya no te digo mas que estas bonitas...que al final pensaras que soy una pervertida XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD PERO TABAIS TODAS MU PERO QUE MUU BONITAS!! jajajaja
    Ains... me gustaria probar a cantar en un karaoke o un purikura de los de verdad T___T Que aburrida es España puñetas!

  10. Aija_WanderHartjeMay 17, 2012 at 8:20 AM

    Aww, you guys are super cute!
    I like the looks of that karaoke place... karaoke is so much fun :D
    Oh my gosh, pink domo <3

  11. God, you're so beautiful! You look gorgeous on every pic I've seen from you <3
    these puris are definitely cute!

  12. Yuzu o(≧∀≦)oMay 18, 2012 at 12:48 AM

    This place seems so awesome! I'd love to do karaoke as well some day☆All of you look very pretty (*^ω^*)
    Good luck with your finals!

  13. haha I knoww I want to try, but then I think that it would provably be cheaper if I buy it xDD! haha

  14. I knoooowww *m* I want them!!

    dammit I wanna live in LA xDDDDDDDDDD ahahaha
    its no worse that japan especially if it has so much good modern purikura!