Friday, May 25, 2012

Interview with Jojo!!!

Hello everyone!!!
I had the pleasure to interview Jojo a Gaijin Gyaru from the Netherlands for G.A.L tv!
Here is the interview in Spanish, para los que la quieran leer *0*!|
She is sooo nice, sweet and I love her style *__* She took the time to answer everything even though she is on finals xP! thank you honey :D

What inspired you to become a gal?
-In the beginning I didn’t really understand the style to be honest! Other j-fashions are easily recognizable because of outstanding clothes but with gyaru it’s the whole package: hair, make-up and clothes. But when I saw a picture of Sakurina I fell in love! I wanted to try this style too but I was not sure if I could do it. Then I started reading everyday_gyaru on LJ and I found out that foreigners can also pull it off, that’s when I started experimenting with gyaru style.

How long have you been gyaru?
-My interest in gyaru started January or February last year, but I started wearing the style in July or August.

What are your favorite Gal brands?
-Since I love so many different styles there are a lot of different brands I like! I usually buy different brands too every time, but if I had to choose it would be: liz lisa, onespo, ank rouge ma*rs and yumetenbo.

Who are your biggest gyaru inspirations?
-My absolute number one is Sakurina from ageha magazine! Her hair and make-up are amazing and she’s always able to stand out among the other models. I also like the twins Guri and Gura, their style is so cute! And I like Nemoyayo too ^o^

Where do you get your inspiration from?
-Recently a lot from tumblr, from both Japanese and gaijin gyaru! Also from gyaru fashion blogs and Ageha magazine.

A piece of advice for those that are starting the style?
-I think it’s very important to get the make-up right! Don’t make the same mistake as me to start with cheap ebay lashes, invest in lashes from Japanese brands like diamond lash or jewerich. Even though many people like dolly wink, I think they are overrated! Too pricey and the quality is not so good in comparison. As for hair: watch a lot of tutorials and practice a lot! Invest in good human hair extensions rather than plastic ones, it’s worth it! When it comes down to clothes, a lot of people would tell you, you don’t need Japanese brand clothes, but a mix of Japanese clothes and offbrand clothes work the best for me ^^

★★She is going to make a blogspot soon *0*! but meanwhile you can follow her tumblr
I think I'll do more interviews in the future is so much fun ^_^
That's it for today!
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  1. I find her advice helpful x)
    thanks for the interview~

  2. wow thanks for sharing ^-^ there are so many inspiring people out there :D

  3. she looks like a real gyaru *0* pretty!

  4. she's so pretty. I've seen her around on facebook and I like her style ^_^

  5. Wow!!She's so pretty!!
    She looks exactly like Japanese girl!!

  6. She's so cute omg ;___;
    I can't wait for her to make a blogspot!


  7. preciosa! me encanta ella vamos!
    un beso

  8. Qué mona! *0* No la conocía!

  9. i followed her on tumblr and she followed back ^^ she's so nice :D
    She is a really pretty gyaru ^^

  10. She's very pretty and very Good Cordinate !!!!!!

  11. aww she dresses so cute!