Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fake eyelash + cat eyeliner Review! (sponsored by

Hello Everyone!
Today I'm going to review some beauty products!
Kindly sponsored by

Cross Volume Fake Eye Lash #HW-8 


•These have become my FAVORITE lashes to wear to school or work!
•These are SUPER COMFY, I can't even feel I'm wearing fake lashes!
•The band is great, super easy to apply and really strong, I've already worn 1 pair over 15 times and it still looks good XD!
•I'm really in LOVE with these, perfect for everyday use and really natural looking

Get them HERE

Natural Volume Long Tail Fake Eye Lash #B20 


•The design on these lashes is really pretty they look natural but voluminous at the same time! I'm not sure how to explain that xP! but I really like the design!
•The band is a little thick which makes them a little uncomfortable at times!

Get them HERE

Cute Cat Eyeliner Pen 


•Super CUTE packaging!!
•I really like "marker-like" eyeliners! these are great, specially to line over the fake lashes XD!

•I'm giving this eyeliner a 3/5 because it's suppossed to be waterproof >.>! but as you can see in the pic below  it is NOT ):, so I guess it's fine if your eyes aren't watery or if you are not planing on getting your face wet xP!
• I think it works good ^_^!
Get it HERE

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Have a great week :)!


  1. I just recently purchased some items from them ^^ If they turn out good, I'll probably purchase the lashes as well! They look amazing ^^.

    Does the liner dry out? :3


  2. Both lashes look great. They're totally like what I prefer in lashes. What kind of lower lashes do you wear? I love these, too! *_*

    Aww, and that eyeliner pen is just too cute. I think I'll try this since I'm currently running out of eyeliner. xD

  3. love the first pair of lashes!

  4. I love the lashes <3 !!! and the eye liner is so cute (=^ - ^=) !!

  5. Hello could you tell me the name of the song that plays in your video? please tell me.

  6. my e-mail is

  7. Hello! it's "baby cruising love by perfume" ^0^!!

  8. What is the name of these circle lenses? They're perfect! *u*