Thursday, May 30, 2013

I finally graduated!!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ!!

Hello everyone! I'm so happy cause I finally graduated (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))!!
Yayyy!!! hope I never have to take a math class ever again!!
I hate math (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ grrr!!
My graduation was exciting since I didn't go to my middle school or high school graduation xD. So I definitely wasn't going to miss my College graduation ^__^! I arrived at the amphitheater at 3pm then waited for an hour for everyone to check in ( ̄□ ̄;)ノ .. It was super hot and sunny plus there were not chairs T__T.

At 4pm we finally walked to the main sitting area. 
Look at my big smile and dorky walk haha XDD!

After like 2hrs my name was finally called (~_~;)..
omgg I was so hungry luckily the guy next to me had snacks XD! yay!. 
That's me at the stage about to get my diploma ^0^!
My mom and sister said I walked too fast, so they couldn't take a pic of me getting my diploma T__T! but a professional photographer had everyone's pic taken :D,
 so hopefully I get those pics soon!
My parents gave me pretty flowers *__*, my mom made the arrangement (♥‿♥✿).
They aree soo prettyyy!!

And after my graduation we went to a restaurant at Seaport Village.
I had the Seafood Risotto, it was sooo good *¬*!

Oh well I'm really happy, now I can finally transfer and study what I really want!
3D Animation ^0^8!!!! yay!!
I'm so excited!
Oh well that's it for today
Bye bye!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Gyaru Fashion Show!! MA*RS, Liz Lisa, Glavil, Tralala, Golds infinity etc!

Hello everyone! Today I bring you Super awesome news ^0^! 
Provably some of you already know cause I been spamming this in a 
bunch of places @_@!! 
Oh well, this year there's going to be a Gyaru Fashion Show at Anime Expo featuring some of the most popular gal brands :D! Yep yep MA*RS, Liz Lisa, Golds infinity etc!! This is the first time ever in history for all of the brands to be officially available in the U.S, you’ll be able to purchase ALL these brands at the exhibition hall!! 
I'll be working at the gal booth the 4 days, so I'll most likely be at the MA*RS booth,  cause as some of you already know I LOVE MA*RS *¬*!!
The days for the gyaru fashion haven't been announce yet, but for what I know there's going to be a fashion show everyday featuring each brand. So buy your tickets for Anime Expo, and even if you live in another State you should come if you love Gyaru Fashion, coming to Los Angeles, California is cheaper than going to Japan right? xDD.
More info HERE
Buy your tickets before the price goes up O__O!!
Hope to see a lot of you there *___*!!
And let me know If you are coming, I love meeting new people <3
Bye bye!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Prisila Half Wig!!

Hello everyone!!!
Hope you are all doing great!! Couple weeks ago 
after seeing Sari's Prisila hair tutorials
I decided to get my own half wig XD cause her hair 
always looks amazing *w*!
So my half wig finally arrived this week (★^O^★) !!!
I got it HERE

This is how the half wig looks like! 
I got the lightest colour (Liye)!

And this is how it looks on me!
(My "real" hair is at the bottom, you can tell cause
 I didn't curl it really well x__x!)
I LOVE it!! Gives me lots of volume *¬*. Is a little bit darker 
than my hair, but is not super noticeable, plus it doesn't look
 shinny as other wigs do :3!!
That's it for todayy
Bye bye!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

San Diego Zoo Safari Park!!

Hello everyone!! Hope everyone had a happy mother's day 。◕‿◕。!! I think 
my mom had a great mother's day ! We took her to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park , It was so much fun, especially cause my mom loves the zoo. When we were little we used to go to the zoo often, so after not going to the zoo for almost 10 years @__@, I think it was a nice surprise ✿!!
Now we have the yearly pass, so we can go as many times as we want (★^O^★)
 It was superr hottttt, so I wore my cowboy hat XD!! mehehe!

Here are some of the pics I took *w*:

Giraffes!! there were a lot of giraffes and they were soo cutee >0<!!
 Look at the little one, so adorable!!

Elephants!! ^0^!!
The little ones are super cute!

OMG! the gorillas smelled SOOO badd xP!!This one was HUGE!! 
and was posing for the pic *v*, Look at her "I'm so cool" pose lol

The Lion KingxD!.. omgg they aree soo lazyyy, they were
 sleeping when we got to the park, then we saw them again 
after 3 hours and they were still sleeping ¬¬U.. grrr

These are some kind of pale Flamingos, can't remember what 
the tour guy told us they were, cause I was excited taking pics XD!

More animalssss *__*!!
(omg I'm so bad at remembering names @_@)

And a pic of my sister and I!
Oh well it was fun even though I got a headache at the end
 cause it was too hot T__T!!
If you love animals and come to San Diego I definitely 
recommend coming to the Safari!!
Hope you liked the pics I took :D!!!
Bye bye!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Versatile Blogger award ^__^!!

Hello everyonee!!
Today I'm so happy cause I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by:


Thank you soo muchh girls *3*♥♥♥♥
I really appreciate it!  *☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆

Rules rules rules: 
  • If you are nominated, you have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award 
  • Thank the person who has given you this award. That's common courtesy 
  • Include a link to their blog. That's also common courtesy 
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly 
  • Nominate those bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award 
  • Finally, tell the person who has nominated you 7 things about yourself
7 Things about myself:

      1-I still sleep with my teddy bear xD omg how embarrassing, but I've had it since I was born and I can't sleep without it ;__;!!
      2-My favorite fruit is avocado, I think avocado makes food taste better. *¬*
      3-I buy 70% of my clothes online cause is cheaper and I don't have to walk xDD omg I sound like such a lazy ass!
     4-I exercise 5 days a week (Just in case you thought I was a lazy ass)
     5-My favorite Sanrio character is Kuromi, but I don't own many kuromi things cause his colours are black and purple and I prefer pink decorations.
     6-I want a pomeraniann sooooo baddddd!! omggggggggggg!!
     7-I have an angelical voice *v*, so beautiful it makes you wish you were deaf xD!

I nominate:

Miss Neko

That's it for todayy
Bye bye!!

    Monday, May 6, 2013

    DreamV order ^__^!!!

    Hello everyone!!  Hope you are all doing well *w*!!
    Today I'm going to show you some of the stuff I got from DreamV

    This hat in black ^0^! I love hats! and this one is super cute!

    I also got this purse in Black!! soo adorablee omgg *0*8!!!

    These pumps in pink XD..I usually don't get anything pink,
     but I want to start wearing light colours >//<!!!
    Plus they are perfect for spring *¬* and look so cool!!

    These wedges in black x leopard!
    They look soo comfy and I love comfy shoes XD<3

    These super pretty wedges!! 
    ( black and white aka "Black Aravesque")

    And these thighs!! (the ones showed in the big picture *¬*!!)

    Hope I get them soon!!
    Bye bye ^__^!!

    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    Micro Fiber Double eyelid tape Review!

    Hello Everyone!
    Since I made my last  Gyaru eye makeup tutorial a lot of people have been
    asking about the Double eyelid tape I use. Well basically the double eyelid tape gives you a double eyelid lol, but some people use it to even out their eyelids, cause sometimes one is higher than the other one, or to make their eyelids higher!! In my case I use it to make my eyelids higher :D!! The brand I use in Micro Fiber, I bought it at the local Japanese store, but you can also get it on ebay. I use the CLEAR one.

    Here is an image of how it looks!:
    (omgg my circle lenses look soo cool *¬*)

    Application ★★☆☆☆- Not too easy to apply, I usually have to try 2 times to get it right :/, but I guess I need more practice!!
    Durability-★★★★★- You can wear it the whole day and it won't come off, my eyelids are kind of oily so I guess is good even if you have oily eyelids.
    Comfort ★★★★☆-It feels kind of weird @__@!! but it's not something you can't tolerate or really uncomfortable. 
    Overall ★★★☆☆-Works well if you can apply it right xD! the only con is that it looks kind of weird with eyeshadow :/, so if you want to apply some, you have to do it under the eyelid. You can also apply eyeshadow over it but it looks weird and the tape becomes more noticeable when you close your eye.

    **Remember- You have to apply it over CLEAN skin, that means you
     can't have any makeup or primer.

    This is what the package comes with:
    •105 tape thingies
    •1 little scissors
    •1 thing to push the tape and see where you want the eyelid to be.
    (I apologize for calling everything "thingy" >//<, but I don't know the correct names XD)

    It's hard to explain how to apply it so watch my makeup tutorial xD!

    Oh well, that's it for today ^___^!
    Bye bye!!