Monday, May 20, 2013

Gyaru Fashion Show!! MA*RS, Liz Lisa, Glavil, Tralala, Golds infinity etc!

Hello everyone! Today I bring you Super awesome news ^0^! 
Provably some of you already know cause I been spamming this in a 
bunch of places @_@!! 
Oh well, this year there's going to be a Gyaru Fashion Show at Anime Expo featuring some of the most popular gal brands :D! Yep yep MA*RS, Liz Lisa, Golds infinity etc!! This is the first time ever in history for all of the brands to be officially available in the U.S, you’ll be able to purchase ALL these brands at the exhibition hall!! 
I'll be working at the gal booth the 4 days, so I'll most likely be at the MA*RS booth,  cause as some of you already know I LOVE MA*RS *¬*!!
The days for the gyaru fashion haven't been announce yet, but for what I know there's going to be a fashion show everyday featuring each brand. So buy your tickets for Anime Expo, and even if you live in another State you should come if you love Gyaru Fashion, coming to Los Angeles, California is cheaper than going to Japan right? xDD.
More info HERE
Buy your tickets before the price goes up O__O!!
Hope to see a lot of you there *___*!!
And let me know If you are coming, I love meeting new people <3
Bye bye!


  1. Oh yeah, that's good news! ^-^
    But unfortunately, I will not be able to come. ;P I still hope you'll have a great time.

  2. oh my god i love Ma*rs and Glavil

  3. Can't wait!~ Would you mind if I ask you to take a picture with me?

  4. Lucky You ! Hope to have the same event in France. Maybe Japan Expo... *dream*

    Have a good fun at Anime Expo !!

  5. I'm so upset this is happening in the states :( Nonetheless I hope you have a wonderful time and hope to see a post of snapshots from the event!

  6. awwww surrreee *w*!! <3 <3<3 I'll be happy to >//<!!

  7. Oh myyy that sounds amazing! Where I live there isn't anything gyaru related that I can think of :C

  8. Hey Nino! I am going to be there as well! I cant wait to meet you and the other gals!

  9. O.O I WANT TO COME! But I live on the other side of the world and I can't. TT_TT oh well, Nino have fun and do your best!!

  10. Wow, that sounds so cool! I wish I could go but I live in Ohio, so traveling all the way to California would be really expensive. ;_;

    I guess I'll have to live vicariously through you, then! Make sure you take lots of pictures while you work (but don't let the boss catch you, haha~!), Miss Staff-chan! ^_~

  11. Really!!?? omggg awesomeee <3<3!! can't wait!!!!

  12. I wish I could be there >_____<

    it's so awesome xD

  13. I am going to be running a booth as well! I hope to see you there!!