Sunday, August 25, 2013

Los Angeles Trip!! Santa Monica, Hollywood, Little Tokyo, Disneyland!! [pic heavy]

Hello everyone!! I'm alive >.>!! sorry I haven't blog in a whiiiiiileee!! I been working full time for the last 4 weeks @_@ so I hardly have time to do anything. Also I started college last Thrusday O__O!I'll have my Bachelor's degree in 3 years xP!! Yep I'm finally studying what I like 3D animation ^0^8, so I'm super excited! yay.

Oh well, this weekend Danyy came to California!! we've been friends for over 2 years on facebook so I finally got the chance to meet her in person *w*, I was super excited!!
We didn't take many pics cause my friends think they are not photogenic ¬¬U...

 Friday morning Gabby and I picked Danyy up at her hotel and took her to In-N-Out!!
In-N-Out is a super Yummy hamburger place, but they only have it in California xP, so it's like a MUST go for people who are visiting xD! <3
This was her first time ever eating In-N-Out *__* !!!

After eating we went to Santa Monica!!
The pier has a park *__* and the ocean is super pretty!

We also went to the mall and saw a place called "Pinches Tacos"
which means "Fucking Tacos" X'DDDD !!!

After Santa Monica we went to Hollywood, there we found a forever 21 *__*!!
And here is a pic of me  xD!

Then we went to Little Tokyo ^0^!!
After that we went back to Danyy's hotel to rest *__*!!

The next day we woke up early to go to Disneyland *__*
Danyy invited me T__T she is soo kind <3!
We went on a bunch of rides and had so much fun!! I LOVE disneyland!!

Here are some pics of the parade ^0^!!

We also ate CHURROS *w* <3 they aree so yummy!!

Sadly Danyy and her boyfriend had to leave early T0T!! 
Oh well, we had so much fun,  hope I get to see her again soon *w* she is superr awesome!!
That's it for today
Bye bye!!