Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gal xmas party!!!

Hello everyone!hope you are all having an awesome xmas!!
I been really busy XD.. now I'm taking some time off to write this entry xD!
We are having dinner in like 20 minutes @_@!! nom nom!
Oh well, we had a gal xmas party at Michi's house ^0^!!

Everyone!! love them all!
 we always have so much fun together T0T <3!!

Me and Dani, I love her so much ;__; she is awesome!

Tricia and I!! we love to dance  *0*8 fun fun fun!
 Her outfit was cute as always XD!<3<3!!

My Cindy and I!!!! *0* we were both wearing the twinkle eye CL *0*
 omg we are supah happy!!!

Michi always decorates everything sooooooo cutee and awesome!!!
 ;____; love her so much <3<3<3!!!
The hot coco was amazinggg!!!!!!! and all the other drinks too XD <3!
A lof xmas candyyy!! I ate most of the fortune cookies Michi made @_@!!!

Sachi brought a super cute xmas cake!!! we ate half XDD at like 2am lol!

Adri and I!!! she is sooo awesomeee >....<!!!!!!!!!!

with Cindy and Adri!!!!!

We went to bed at like 4am XDD.. so the next day we went to eat ramen *__* <3!!!!
I love eating ramen after a long night XD!!
I had so much fun!!! 
Thank you so much Michi for always being super awesome *__*!!!!
And everyone
Merry xmas!!! ^0^!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black friday at South Coast Plaza *0*!!

Hello everyone ^0^!! Hope you had an awesome thanksgiving *_* I ate a bunch of turkey!!!
On black friday I went with my friends to the South Coast Plaza,
 the biggest mall in California *0*!!
And it was also my bday xP!!
We walked a LOT!!!! omg my legs still hurt xD 
but we had a good time despite all the craziness going on!!

My friend Dani got me this perfume at Chanel!
 I love it, it's sweet and perfect for everyday use *_* <3! She is always too nice and positive!

My friend Lydia got me this chocolate mirror with a bunch on cinnamoroll stickers *__*!!
Since she knows cinnamoroll is one of my fav sanrio characters!!

She also made me this cinnamoroll donut xD <3 soo cute. I didn't want to eat it but I did and it was super yummy *¬* <3!!!! plus I love white chocolate so it was perfect

I took some random pics of some xmas decorations at the mall! :3

This store is from some Valentino collection xD, 
it reminded me of Liz Lisa! super girly and sweet!

We also ate at an Italian restaurant at the mall, the food was so good *0*!

At night we were super tired from walking nonstop, so we went to a 
japanese restaurant and had sushi *__*!! nom nomz!

Well that's it for today ^_^!
Bye bye!!