Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gal xmas party!!!

Hello everyone!hope you are all having an awesome xmas!!
I been really busy XD.. now I'm taking some time off to write this entry xD!
We are having dinner in like 20 minutes @_@!! nom nom!
Oh well, we had a gal xmas party at Michi's house ^0^!!

Everyone!! love them all!
 we always have so much fun together T0T <3!!

Me and Dani, I love her so much ;__; she is awesome!

Tricia and I!! we love to dance  *0*8 fun fun fun!
 Her outfit was cute as always XD!<3<3!!

My Cindy and I!!!! *0* we were both wearing the twinkle eye CL *0*
 omg we are supah happy!!!

Michi always decorates everything sooooooo cutee and awesome!!!
 ;____; love her so much <3<3<3!!!
The hot coco was amazinggg!!!!!!! and all the other drinks too XD <3!
A lof xmas candyyy!! I ate most of the fortune cookies Michi made @_@!!!

Sachi brought a super cute xmas cake!!! we ate half XDD at like 2am lol!

Adri and I!!! she is sooo awesomeee >....<!!!!!!!!!!

with Cindy and Adri!!!!!

We went to bed at like 4am XDD.. so the next day we went to eat ramen *__* <3!!!!
I love eating ramen after a long night XD!!
I had so much fun!!! 
Thank you so much Michi for always being super awesome *__*!!!!
And everyone
Merry xmas!!! ^0^!!


  1. Omg where did you guys go to eat ramen? It looks so yummy !

  2. xD I don't remember! but it was really good *w*!!

  3. so much candy XD looks so much fun ^___^

  4. Had so much fun with you!

    <3 Sachiko

  5. great pics, great impressions, great xmas ;D
    and ofc a great nino! *_*

  6. you all look so cute^-^
    ahh the cake looks so delicous*q*

  7. las fotos son geniales! y estabais todas preciosas :_D
    feliz navidad Nino!! <3 <3 <3

  8. Aww everyone looks so adorable!

  9. que guapas todas !!

  10. Happy holidays Nino! <3
    You all look amazing.
    Love those lenses on you ^__^

  11. Everyone looks fab! ^__^ Hope you had a good Christmas!

  12. I knoww me too! lets' hang out again soon *0*!

  13. Muchas gracias Cale :D!!!! Feliz navidad a ti tambien!!

  14. You are so cute. *___* Your blog is interesting. :3