Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sephora Haul!! + cute drawings *__*!

Hello everyone!!
Today I got a bunch of makeup from Sephora!!
 Can't wait to try everything *____*!!

[please click image to enlarge]

A-HD complexion Starter Kit (HD primer, HD foundatuon, Kabuki Brush,HD Micro Finish Powder)
B-Sephora Brush Set
C-Sephora Eye Shadow palette Nº10
D-Too Faced Primmed and Poreless (face primer)
E-Urban Decay All Nighter
F-Sephora concealer
G-Makeup Forever Lipstick Rouge Artist Natural N34

And I also got these pretty drawingsss*__*
This one is from Macarena! Is Rosie and I with our Kigurumi *___* <3 sooo cuteee!!

And this one made by Thabasa*__* with my super cute boots omgg<3 <3 <3
I love themmmmmm! so much!! T____T!!
Thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!

That's it for today ^0^!
bye bye!!


  1. Cute drawings! I would love to see a review on the Too Faced Primmed and Poreless and Sephora concealer.

  2. If you could review the starter kit, Too Faced and UD products that would be lovely, thank you!

  3. B-Sephora Brush Set!! =D

    Y de nada por el dibujo, un dibujo no podría ser bonito si la modelo no lo fuera ^^

  4. Sois perfectas tu y Rosie! yo tmb os dibujaría si supiera! T^T me encantan vuestras fotos juntas! ;_;
    No sé cuantas veces habré dicho esto ni en cuantos blogs xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD