Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween events!! Fun fun fun!

Hellooo!! hope everyone had a great Halloween!! 
 I did lots of things @__@!: 

★★Friday: I went to the Halloween Event at Disneyland! ! we had fun, Courtney was a witch, Kathleen a vampire and Rosie and I  Manba! We wore our Kigurumi, Rosie was
My Melody and I was Hello Kitty. 
★★Saturday: Rosie and I went to a Halloween party at her friends house, we were cats lol! It was fun, we danced the WHOLE nighttt!!! xDD At times we were the only ones dancing xD yay! Plus we told people we were Famous Mexican actresses hahaha and that we came from Mexico in a helicopter!! @__@ one person asked to take a pic with us when he heard we were famous, but he was too drunk so I don't think he'll remember lol!!
★★Wednesday: I went with Christina and her boyfriend to Downtown SD, we were supposed to go to a halloween nigh special at a Hipster Bar xDD,  we got there too early and discovered the event was supposed to start in 3 hrs >.>!! oppps. So we went to another Bar meanwhile,  I got sad cause no one was dancingggg!! WTF?! stupid lame people ¬¬U.. Oh well, we walked around downtown and it was fun seeing all the costumes ^__^!! I want to go to downtown next year and hopefully people will dance.
Now Picture Time!!:

Pics we took Saturday (Me, Rosie, Rich).

I tried decorating my pics as Rosie does, but it takes forever and I'm too lazy XDD!!

"Funny face"

Costume I wore Halloween night to Downtown San Diego XD!!

And here is a page of the Gal-loween special edition of GAL VIP magazine ^__^
here you can DOWNLOAD the magazine
***Password: galvip109
Maybe you can take Halloween ideas for next year >.>!

And a pic of us in Disneyland!!!!

Let me know what you guys did for Halloween!! ??
Did you have fun ^___^??
Bye bye!!


  1. aw! You look like you had a fun Halloween weekend! (We don't celebrate Halloween here so... TT_TT Nothing!) You sound like you would be fun to go out with at night and go dancing! A night of dancing is fun!

  2. yay...i left home <(n.nU \) the elise costume be adorable ºnº <3 <3 and u see so cute on pics <3

  3. So much cute here!!!!! I love everyone's outfits!
    I just stayed home (stupid hurricane >.< ) and dressed up in Fairy Keiヾ(・ω・*)ノ


  4. Seems like u had a lot of fun ! :D And damn, u always look so adoreable ♥ awww~! wish I could be the half adoreable as u are ;^;!

  5. GOOOOD! eres tan bonita nino! me encanta como te ves de marinerita hahaha

  6. Wow! You look super cute! : D : D <3

  7. So many cute looks! :O Looks like you had a really fun Halloween!

  8. Haha, looks like you had a very fun weekend!!
    Hehe, love your outfits! ^3^

  9. Beautiful! so lucky you had that much fun of Halloween. My October was full of work T·T

  10. Where did you get your headband from?!
    So cute!!

  11. I love Halloween too, sadly i didnt wnt out this year ;_;
    i guess nobody of my friends is a weird zombie like me xDD

  12. hay im your new follower. youre so cute and fun, and your blog so kawai :)

  13. Yeahhh I did!!. T__T you should come on halloween, is like the best day ever *__*! <3 and yeah dancing is the bestttttt *__*!

  14. Thank youu!! Awww D: hope everyone you know is well!! I saw it on the news and I almost cry T____T! stupid hurricanes!!

  15. Yeahhh Deniseee!! omgg don't say thattt!! D:< you are superrr adorable and cuteeee *____*!!! <3 seriously I could eat you, but that'll be cannibalism xD

  16. xDDD! aww Miccah ovbio somos gemelas!!!! Gracias *3* <3

  17. Thank youuuu!! Yeahh I can't wait for the next halloween XD! I saw this place in Downtown and it look like so much funnn!! but we didn't go in T___T!!.. so next year for sure *__*! <3

  18. D:!! awwww work sucksssss!!! don't worry maybe next year you'll be able to celebrate it :D!!

  19. Thank youuu! I got it from XDD!

  20. D: awwww lameeee!!!! next year convince themm!, cause dressing up is super fun XD! <3