Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vassen Rainbow Eyes Grayish Blue Sponsored Review Shoppingholics.com

Hello everyone!! Couple weeks ago I got 2 pairs of lenses from Shoopingholics.com!
They were so kind to sponsor me again and send me the Vassen Grayish Blue, since they know I loved the Greenish Blue ^__^! HERE you can read my review about those!, and they also send me some purple ones from Vassen, which I'll be reviewing soon!

-Colour: ★★★★★ - These are super vibrant! I also have these in Greenish blue  XD!!
-Comfortableness: ★★★★★- Really comfyyy ^0^!
 -Enlargement-★★★★☆-These are perfect if you don't want to make
 your eyes super huge!
 -Overall ★★★★★ Love them as much as I love the Green ones ^__^!

Pics of me wearing them!:

I really love these lenses XD I been wearing them the last couple weeks!
If you like them you can GET them HERE
And as always  Shoppingholics.com packed everything soo cute!
I'm using the boxes as decoration in my room xDDD! <3

For every order of CL you make you get a FREE cute animal case + a face or eye mask!!
And you can also use my DISCOUNT CODE: 1000161850
 To get $2USD off!!

That's it for today I'll review the other lenses I got in my next post!
Bye bye
and have a great Halloween!!


  1. They look great on you *_*

  2. Se ven cute!!! *u* pero creo no estoy acostumbrada de verte con ese color n_n me acomode verte mucho con los verdes

  3. Me encanta como se te ven! *-*

    Y Nino enserio tu make me encanta ojalá yo supierta makillarme tan bien ;__;

    Animo y sigue así *^* eres un modelo que tengo a seguir como gyaru ><

  4. I love the lenses on you, so pretty! + Your make up is nice, is still need to practice more on those looks with falsies.

    xo asnfashion.blogspot.com

  5. Wow. Those look... so nice!!! They blend so nicely too!

  6. They were gorgeous ! <3

    <3 thepandame.blogspot.com <3

  7. I really love how vibrant they look on your eyes!Lovellyyy.

  8. Me encantan!!! Quedan preciosos!

    Llevo queriendo unos desde hace miles de años, tengo los ojos azules, por eso me gustaría probar en color miel...

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  9. Muchas graciass :D!!
    Awww la practica hace al maestro *_____*!!!

  10. Thank youuu! ^__^ yeah practice and soon you'll become a pro o__o!

  11. Yeahh they are very vibrant *____*!!! <3

  12. Graciasss!! aww que no daria yo por tener ojos azules XDD!! siempre se ven tan geniales con CL *__*!

  13. which lashes are you using here? they look awesome