Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm back!! Lots of fun things! ^__^! Gal slumber party + Nightwish!

Hello everyone!!! ^0^!
Haven't blog in a looooong time o__o! sorry but I was sick for a whole week.. grrr, stupid weather. Oh well last Saturday Kathy and I went to Michi's house in L.A!! Yep yep we had an awesome gal slumber party!!

First we ate lots of nom nom food and candy! Tricia and Kathy made Lasagna!! plus there was also Sashimi, Gyaoza,  corn dogs..?  and I don't remember 
what else cause it was a lottttt!
Michi decorated her house super cute! I could feel the
 halloween spirit everywhere xD <3!!

First we chilled at Michi's place we drank,
 smoked Hookah and talk xD

After that we walked to the karaoke ^0^!
As some of you might know I love Karaoke soo muchhh!!! We sang a lot of songgsss! I think I sang like 7+ songs or something!! I don't remember but it was so much fun!!
We were there for more than 2 hrs xD!

After that we walked back to Michi's and changed into our pajamas!!
Victoria had the cuttest pajama and won a super awesome prize!! ^0^8!

The next day we were all tired @__@! I could hardly open my eyes XD!
I hope we do this more often, is tons of fun ^___^!
Thanks to Michi for everything, the party was a success!

And couple weeks ago I went to see Nightwish *___*!! It was good!, but I was kind of disappointed ;____; I miss Tarja!!
Oh well I had fun ^__^!

My outfit xD everyone was wearing black! I was the golden girl xD!
Couldn't take good pics cause there were tall peopel in front of me ¬¬U
I hate super tall people that block the view xD!

Oh well that's it!!!
I'll review some new CL I got from next post ^0^!

That's it for today
 Bye bye


  1. aaaw looks so cool ^.^ I´ll go to halloween party with a sleepover too :3 I really look forward to it! and I love the golden outfit ^.^

  2. I love your style and you are so beatiful <3
    Looks like it was so fun *---*

  3. sounds like a lot of fun, glad to see you're back :D

  4. woah! Looks like a fun night!! I can't wait too see what you got from Shoppingholics.. hehe

  5. Looks like much fun! ^__^ you look so beautiful!

  6. pero qué wapa te queda genial la diadema de pinchitos!!
    ay a mi también me gusta Nightwish son geniales pero es verdad que sin Tarja desde luego no es lo mismo se echa de menos su pedazo de voz >_<

  7. I love, love, love the idea of a gal slumber party! Looks like it was so much fun and you guys look adorable! I love your studded headband.
    Whoohoo, Nightwish! <3

  8. Nightwish without Tarja is nothing for me :(

  9. Wahhh sounds like you had an awesome time!
    I didn't know you liked Nightwish! I miss Tarja too!

  10. looks like a lot of fun!
    So lucky that you can be together with other gals!
    Unfortunately, I don't know any gals in Denmark D: ~

  11. Wow, this party looks so fun! And I need to say, you're really cute! Kisses :3

  12. So cool! I am really in the mood for a sleepoverparty too now. haha <3

    And nice your well again ;; I am sick too atm! >.<°

  13. awww yeah I'll do the review this week :D!

  14. Siii esa voz de Tarja era lo maximo XD! pero la tipina esta que estaba ya se fue del grupo XD espero metan a alguien con una voz como Tarja! *__*!

  15. Yeahhh it was tons of funn, thank you!! :D
    aww yay for nightwish *__* I'm glad you know them cause they are awesomeee !

  16. ): yeahh Traja was so perfect ;___;! Oh well the girl that replaced her already left the band XD! so hopefully someone that sings amazing replaces her!

  17. OMG, this is so cute! I want to slumber party! >u<